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A mobile health idea exchange and collaboration hub facilitating all healthcare stakeholders (e.g. providers, payers, physicians, therapist, caregivers) to develop applications and systems to care for their patients no matter where in the world they are when they need the care.

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mHealth Hub

  1. 1. A mobile health idea exchange and collaboration hub facilitating all healthcare stakeholders (e.g. providers, payers, physicians, therapist, caregivers) to developapplications and systems to care for their patients no matter where in the world they are when they need the care.
  2. 2. According to recent analysis byPricewaterhouseCoopers for the GSM Association, mobile-enabled services will become integral to healthcare delivery by 2017, creating a global market worth ~$23 billion.
  3. 3. An App A Day Keeps THE DOCTOR AWAYWhether it’s to: • quit smoking, • lose weight, • reduce stress, or • manage a chronic illness,consumers around the world are using their smartphones astheir own personal health & wellness coach.According to the latest Pew Research, 60% of smartphone usersare downloading apps to track or manage their health.
  4. 4. An App A Day Keeps THE DOCTOR AWAYPwC’s 2012 Emerging mHealth Industry Report found
  5. 5. 2013: The Year of Scale for mHealth TOP MOBILE HEALTH APP CATEGORIES ON IPHONE AND ANDROID BY DOWNLOADS Weight Loss Women’s Sleep and Pregnancy/ Tools and Reference/ Emergency/ and Exercise Health Meditation Prenatal Instruments Knowledge disaster BENEFITS TO PATIENTS Easy access to Self motivating Better personal Fewer Lower health information and diagnosis health and quality doctor visits treatment costs of life BENEFITS TO HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS Optimum resource Improved service Coverage to a larger Better patient Lower costs utilization and efficiency population monitoring per patient
  6. 6. 2013: The Year of Scale for mHealthmHealth is the channel of today to stimulate patient engagement and enhance the patients abilityto communicate with his or her provider without having to come into the office for a face-to-face,thus lowering the cost of care and maximizing preventive discussions. No longer is “point of care” aparticular location but due to mobile health, the “point of care” increasingly means wherever thepatient is currently located in the world.Meaningful Use Stage 2 roles out with a major guideline for hospitals EHRs protection of PHI where theHHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) will be auditing for HIPAA-compliance targeting mHealth issues likeBYOD security.Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and risk taking is going to require taking advantage of anddeveloping a strong mobile health strategy as a part of the over all ACO business plan.Mom’s Are Even Doing It – a Cincinnati-area mother is on a mission to help children and familiesbreak through some of the daily challenges faced by those with autism and Aspergers Syndrome.She launched “Training Faces,” an application for iPads, iPhones and Android phones designed tohelp people like her son, Jack, with emotion recognition.
  7. 7. The Payer PerspectivePayers have the greatest potential for changing paradigms inhealthcare by instituting mHealth and they represent the fastestpath towards adoption of the best that this mHealth has to offer.• Payers hold the purse strings; they will pay for the use of mHealth in chronic disease management because they have a vested interest in keeping the costs of medical care down, especially within the 20%ers – the segment of patients most responsible for 80 percent of healthcare dollars spent;• Payers change physician behavior through reimbursement policies;• Payers will use mHealth to expand their patient portals and incentives to encourage members to engage in healthier behaviors.• Payer sponsored patient engagement decreases costs by having data come directly to the payer and the provider improving patient outcomes.
  8. 8. The Payer Perspective• Payers are the largest users of patient portals. Patients entering and correcting their own data serve the patient as well as the payer. Patient-derived health data from mHealth tools may be tracked directly by the payer and the data may be used to assess patient adherence, treatment effectiveness and adherence to practice guidelines by the provider.• One of the biggest opportunities that payers can afford to sponsor is mHealth clinical research. Implementation of mHealth in ACOs or vertical organizations in which the payer is also the provider (Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger) is ideal for such evaluation of mHealth technologies, and indeed some have already illustrated positive outcomes.One of the biggest challenges lies in the lack of connectivityamong provider medical apps, insurer portals, and EHRs;this is where the mHealth Hub can take a lead!
  9. 9. mHealth EcosystemMeasurement Treatment• Sensor sampling in real-time Chronic disease management ●• Integration with health data Disaster response & support ● Consumer Remote clinical trials ● Physicians Providers Ancillary Global ServicesDiagnostic Clinical service access ●• Clinical decision support Remote treatment ● Wellness• Point-of-Care Diagnostics IT & mHealth mHealth Dissemination of health info ● Providers• Portable imaging Disease surveillance ●• Biomarker sensing Systems Strategy Medication tracking & safety ● Patient Prevention & wellness intervention ● Data & Research & Security Development
  10. 10. mHealth Hub Innovation Process Keeps Idea Owner Business & Stakeholder If a Go then on to Stage 1 Informed Driven Innovation Employees Clients Idea Screen Gate 1 Competitors IDEAS Idea Vault & Consultants Focal Think Tank Dissenters Gateway Person Go to Stage 1 Trouble Makers On HoldPeer Community No GoOther Industries Focal Person Group Dynamics Innovation Brokers • Online • Expertise • Oversees Staging Process Submission Needed • Keeps ideas alive • Oversees Idea • Size of Tenure • Imagines new uses of old Vault Group ideas • Chairs Think Tank • Training Time • Captures Ideas • Manages • Standing — ImagEngineering Company Meetings — Mind Mapping wide and Global • Location & — Brain Storming/Writing Knowledge Assets Space — Morphological Analysis — Story Boarding Others — Excursions — Market Gap Analysis in Company — Tinkering Divergent Talents White Spaces
  11. 11. mHealth Hub Research & Development Idea Business Market External Launch Continuous Research & Case Analysis & Project Internal Promotion Time Managed & Development Gated Validation Modeling Discovery Exploration
  12. 12. Long Tail of Digital Product Life Cycle Launch Takeoff Saturation 34% 34% 13.5% 16% 2.5% Chasm Long Tail Innovators Early Early Early Late Laggards Adopters Followers Majority Majority Source: Geoffrey Moore, Inside the Tornado
  13. 13. mHealth Hub Initial Product Portfolio•Physician-to-Patient secure communication application:  HIPAA and HITECH compliant application connecting physicians with their register patients through secured text messaging, appointment scheduling, payment processing, medical history form, assessment videos, order compliance reminders, and two way secure mobile video consultations.•Patient tracking and triage connecting EMS-to-ED  HIPAA and HITECH compliant mobile application capturing vitals, medical complaints, injury details, and medical history through point-n-click, voice recognition, pictures and video, and/or text data entry for continuous feed to destination emergency department and trauma centers.•m911 application connecting Citizen-to-First Responder  a cloud based mobile platform that opens a direct line of communication between the citizen and emergency first responders (augmenting the initial call to 911) including safety guides educating and preparing citizens to report emergencies and crimes saving lives in 911 situations.• Others in the queue – teletherapeutics, feeding disorder therapy, oral motor therapy, speech, occupational & physical therapy…
  14. 14. A Proposal to StakeholdersmHealth Hub is a multi-stake holder effort involving consumers,employers, investors, universities, startup companies and thehealth care community to create a mHealth innovationecosystem from research and development to deployment.We are inviting all stakeholders interested in participating increating the best mHealth applications and services to join themHealth Hub collaboration center.Please contact Dr. Gordon Jones at toinitiate the discussion.