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Bsc Biochemistry Certificate


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My bsc in Biochemistry certificate

Published in: Healthcare
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Bsc Biochemistry Certificate

  1. 1. Ànambra ótrit,e Univers: P. M B. 02 TJIi. Our Pefi ..1{*ï#..9.S/ 9.:,!: §it........ I|EFÀRTHE}TT OF tslOCIï*ï4ϧTRT ɧÀFïBRÀ S?ÀrE m§ïYER§IIï, U]ï ïL is my pleasure, to informrvou LhaL Lhe losults of the 2OO5l2O0b Degree/trrofessional [xaminaLions lhow that you have .satisÍiecl all the academicrequirements for the avard oif)egree of Biicïl:j,l,cF, i;i' cl1lr iil*rtÉL)J l- ll{t l-u h - tro**u*t**, *itÍruecaun ci,us* soss (tffi* fthe furambraótnteUnivcrsity, Uli The Unireroity óenate hao approved i-he results, and the Degree wíl be confeneC onyou at the nexL coflvocaLio r ceremoÍy of the University. Àccept cur coÍEraluÍa[ions. i'í.U ? i,:"obike §;SIÀGHO PÀTTEI{C§ . ó/No:..oogg:r.......... Offiae of tte §egiatmr (IxnÍdnntioo6) Datq,TgR r...9. r.. .?.QQ?.. ótnÍ,e.megt. of Pesult fot Qe,lic trar CCI'jS CCrii:Jil,,l ;' . :1..