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Moving Beyond the MVP - PMF2015


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MVP is great for new products with no established users. But when you have a product in the market, your users expect more than just what is viable. How do you ship new features quickly without alienating your users? How do you move from VIABLE to VALUABLE?

From the Product Management Festival in Zurich, Switzerland, 19 Nov 2015.

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Moving Beyond the MVP - PMF2015

  1. 1. MVP Moving beyond the Emily Tate @thedailyem
  2. 2. Roadmap: A Moving Target
  3. 3. Ship Frequently Measure and Iterate Deliver Value Incrementally
  5. 5. Follower View Goal They See I See
  6. 6. Requirements Grew Quickly • Add a Following tab • See the traveler name • Make it easy to share • Pull from my phone contacts? • Desktop? • Follow it myself? • Search for trips? • Send a note back to the traveler?
  7. 7. MVPMinimum Viable Product
  8. 8. M@!#
  9. 9. MVPMinimum Valuable Release Point R
  10. 10. Move beyond the VIABLE and into the VALUABLE
  11. 11. Break a feature down as far as you possibly can, and then break it down one more time.
  12. 12. Deliver value to customers quickly Manage project scope Learn from early phases
  14. 14. What happens to items below the line?
  15. 15. They go into the backlog
  16. 16. They go into the backlog blackhole
  17. 17. • Added Uber functionality to TripCase. UBER
  18. 18. Tap Targets
  19. 19. ??And they lived happily ever after
  20. 20. DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK © AFP 2013
  21. 21. What We Wanted: Action Stream
  22. 22. What We Built: Action View
  23. 23. We Came Back
  24. 24. Result: Increased Message Clicks
  25. 25. pple Watch Glance 20% Increase in overall watch activity
  26. 26. If you have to build new features, build them right.
  27. 27. Break it Down Measure and Verify Don’t Forget to Come Back
  28. 28. Move beyond the VIABLE and into the VALUABLE
  29. 29. Emily Tate @thedailyem