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Are you tired to working 9 - 5? Do you know that most people have 20- to 40-year plan in life - work for 20 - 40 years and retire? By 55, 65 or 75, when most people retire, would it be the same as travelling in the world at the age of 20s or 30s?

Why waste your life away in the office, when you can achieve your financial goals within 3 - 5 years.

In this short presentation, you will learn how to LEVERAGE YOUR TIME, EARN EXTRA INCOME alongside your full-time work and ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM with ONE OF THE BEST GLOBAL E-COMMERCE COMPANIES.

Our company is now operating in more than 150 countries with over 50 offices around the world and 8 million customer worldwide. Join our family

We have an amazing support system and training materials that will help you achieve financial success.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to give us an email at thebeginning2012@hotmail.com

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  1. 1. QNET{Raise Yourself To Help Mankind}
  3. 3. CREDIBILITY CONTINUE Do you know Sir Richard Branson? Founder & Owner of Virgin 2010 – Qnet entered into partnership with Virgin & sponsored Formula 1
  5. 5. OVER 100 DIFERENT PRODUCT  Watches and Jewellery  Telecommunication Holiday and Vacation memberships  Water Filtration  Education Bio Disc and Chi Pendant {Wellness}
  6. 6.  Watches and JewelleryAll Bernhard H. Mayer® watches are Swiss made inaccordance with Swiss standards of quality and assurance.
  7. 7.  Watches and Jewellery ContinueBernhard H. Mayer® offers selections of fine jewellery thatpresent exquisite sparkle, colour and design.
  8. 8.  Telecommunication Based in London
  9. 9. Key Benefits of INVOICE Invoice calling rates are very cheap; you save up to80% on your telecommunication expenses. (dependingon the country) Invoice to Invoice is Free via Internet Call Service No Roaming charges Invoice can be used on mobile phones, landlines,with or without internet and laptop for Internet calls.
  10. 10.  Holiday Vacation Around 3000 Resorts either partnered with or owned by QNET around the world
  11. 11.  Holiday Vacation ContinueExmple:1.1What‟s the average you spend on resort(s) per night anywhere in theworld when you travel?Let‟s look at the following comparative study for a  (3 stars) Resortaccommodation: South East Asian India Unite State Europe Countries Room Tariff per day for 2-4 persons $100- $150 $150 $200 One week stay $700 $1,050 $1,050 $1,400Annual inflation not accounted for. Hotel accommodation prices goup by 20% + every year. Now let us look at what Qnet has to offer: • Qnet has 2 Main types of Vacation plan: • Long Term: 30 Years, 10 Years, 5 Years • Short Term: 3 Week, 2 Week, 1 Week
  12. 12.  Holiday Vacation Continue Exmple:1.2 Short Term: 1 week vacation must be used within 2 years. 7 DAYS = $770, Usage Fee = $200, Xchange Fee = $118 Total: 770 + 200 + 118 = $1,088 Now 1,088 / 7 Days = $155 $155/ 4 People = $38 Per person {For 4 People} for 2 People = 155/2 =$77 Per person Amazing Savings isn‟t it? Now let us consider the features:1. You can Rent it 1. No Annual Maintenance charges2. You can Sell it 2. No seasonal restrictions3. You can Gift it. Consider your nephew is getting 3. Inform just 45 days in advance for booking (Subject married, and you gift him a week’s free stay at one of to availability) the exotic resorts around the world. A wonderful gift! 4. Usage fees of just $200 US per week for 4 people (to Isn’t it? be paid only the year vacation is availed)4. You can Will it 5. Choose from over 3000+ destinations online5. You can Split your week to visit multiple destination www.xchangeworld.com within a year 6. Exchange fees of $118 US when going to a non QVI6. You can Advance and Accumulate your week and use resort. it the next year.
  13. 13.  Water Purification / Filtration  Purifies the water in 7 different stages
  14. 14.  Water Purification / Filtration Continue It gives you safe and clean water, 100% bacteria free. Good minerals pass through, contaminants are kept out. Gives you good-tasting, odourless water. Home pure is Pi water. User friendly design. Easy Installation and Filter Cartridge Replacement. No electricity needed. 7- Stage filtration system. World class quality- German Engineering, Japanese technology, Koreanmade.
  15. 15.  Education
  16. 16. Water Water is one of the most important elements for Life. The hydration and the quality of the fluids of the body that surround the body’s trillions of cells, affect our overall health and wellbeing.Every living organism needs water tosurvive 17
  17. 17. Approximately 75% of the Human Body is Water☺Aiding Digestion ☺Healing wounds☺Transfer of nutrients and ☺Aids Lymphatic andoxygen Blood systems☺Regulating Blood ☺Lubrication of jointsPressure ☺Accelerating body’s☺Balancing body metabolismtemperature ☺Eliminate waste from☺Multiplication of cells the body The quality and structure of the water you drink is critical for the correct operation of these functions 18
  18. 18. The Healing Power of WaterDr Masaru Emoto 20
  19. 19. Typical Water Treatment SystemWater with Life Energy Chlorination & Fluoridation Unstructured Water has no Life Energy 21
  20. 20. Health Concerns about Water SuppliesMost water supplies containharmful chemicals includingthose used forChlorinationand Fluoridation. Many of these harmful chemicals are ingested when drinking water or absorbed while showering. 2
  21. 21. BioDisc - A 21st Century Health Miracle 25 years of research and development by Dr. Ian Lyons BioDisc is made in Germany using nanotechnology and high heat fusion processes Natural minerals are structurally bonded at a molecular level within the BioDisc to generate bioenergy (also known as Scalar Energy)Dr. Ian Lyons 23
  22. 22. The BioDisc - A Scientific Breakthrough The BioDisc has a spinning resonance that generates bioenergy to energise and restructure water thereby neutralising its acidity and the effect of chemicals in our water.Bioenergised water and food helps to improvethe transfer of nutrients into, and waste out ofour body‟s cells.The BioDisc‟s natural bioenergy helps toenergise and recharge the body‟s cells. 24
  23. 23. BioDisc changes „dead‟ water to „living‟ water Water poured through the energy field of the BioDisc Tap or Bottled Water not treated by the BioDisc Becomes energy enhanced Water treated with BioDisc structured water ready for your body to use Test Result Images courtesy of Dr. Masaru Emoto - I.H.M. Institute 25
  24. 24. The Science behind the BioDisc Tap, Filtered or Bottled Water (H2O) Poured over the BioDisc Becomes Angle of Life: 109.5º Energised Water The angle between the Hydrogen atoms of the water molecules changes from 104.45º to 109.5º thus changing the structure of the water. 26
  25. 25. BioDisc Benefits Increases energy levels Can improve sight and eye pressure. in the body. Has a calming effect and Increases absorption of increases mental nutrients. cognition. Helps detoxify and Enhances the taste of rejuvenate all body cells. food and beverages. Balances and harmonises Helps reduce stress the body‟s life force levels. energy. Increases oxygenation of Helps to improve sleep the blood. patterns. Enhances the body’s immune system. 27
  26. 26. From Dead Unstructured Water to Living Structured Water o o oFrom 104.5 to 109.5 to a 120 Angle
  27. 27. Effect of Water in Cell Penetration
  28. 28. Life Blood Analysis Blood sample image from Blood sample image from a a Person who drinks water Person who drinks water that that is – Not Bioenergised. has been – Bioenergised by the BioDisc. Image Source: Dr Carlos Orozco. The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences 30
  29. 29. Growth Rate of Plants “A” “B” BioWater Tap water Conclusion: After a 7 day trial we found that the growth rate of plant “A” is double that of plant “B”.28 August 2012 31
  30. 30. Commercial Biotechnology - Vivifier - Dr. Lyons Lettuce grown with Bioenergised Water increased in Biomass by 32%. Available for harvest 4 days earlier than normal. The DNA does not change. Bioenergised Not Bioenergised 32
  31. 31. Word of Mouth Let’s say you went to the MOVIES and saw the new SPIDERMAN!! WOW, you LOVED the MOVIE, so what do most of us do after the MOVIE? We tell our friends: “Hey, Harry and Lisa… wow the Spiderman movie was great!!! Let’s go see the Spiderman this weekend” So, you took your friends to the MOVIES… but would the PRODUCER give you any $$ for bringing your friends? OF COURSE, NOT… WHY? FREE MARKETING!
  32. 32. Let‟s say you want to go on a week‟sholiday to HAWAII. Instead of buyingit from the Travel Agency for $1000, HAWAIIyou buy it from QNET for $700!!The moment you buythe holiday productFrom QNET, you get:1.HOLIDAY @ valuedprice THROUGH QNET2. AN OPPORTUNITY TOBE PARTNERED WITHTHE BUSINESS!
  35. 35. How can the company pay you? 40
  36. 36. How to get started? Registered: For only $10 you get :IR ID, Personal Website, Virtual office. Qualify: Purchase minimum 1 BV whatever you like. Activated: The moment you recommend 1 person on your left and one person on your Right you are activated Training : Following the system
  37. 37. How to Register Go to www.qnet.net Click on “enrol” on the top right hand corner  click “Agree and Register” Input “HG280548” for the IR ID No. of my referrer Input your country and enrol as “individual”, then click “Next” Fill in the form – special notes:  QA Pin: Password for when you start receiving income in your virtual office  Password: for when you login into your Virtual Office with your IR ID
  38. 38. Websites to Visit: www.qnet.net www.youtube.com And type Welcome Qnet