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5.   How does the water structure look like before and after it is exposed to
     Biodisc™ ?

Due to the free movement of water through the cells walls, water is being efficiency and
rapidly absorbed :
a) Enhancing t...
10. I need to lose weight - how can Biodisc™ treated water help me?

     The minerals embedded in the Biodisc™ create 'sc...
> Improved health of animals: positive effects on fertility, decreased death rates,
increased bio- mass and general health...
12. How to use the Biodisc™ ?

•   Pour the water or any liquid over the disc. The water will instantly be energized and
My grandmother is 93 YEARS OLD. At this age, one can expect her to be
                           weak and mobility is grea...
I am pleased to extend and share my experience on using bio disc for the last
                  couple of weeks. The disc ...
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Biodisc Booklet


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The Miracles Of Nature’s Healing Power

Amezcua Bio Disc is made through heat fusion and nano technology. 13 Natural minerals have been re-engineered and structurally bonded in glass at the molecular level. The combined processes accelerate a molecular conversion within the minerals’ natural resonance (the rate at which it absorbs energy). The improved
natural resonance of the minerals is then embedded in the Amezcua
Bio Disc.
When any liquid is passed through the bio frequency created by the
Amezcua Bio disc, gets its molecular structure reformed to a peak
condition, thus becoming energized liquid for consumption.

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Biodisc Booklet

  1. 1. Exclusively distributed by Proudly prepared by GenGold Intl. • What is Biodisc™ ? Biodisc™ is a NATURAL ENERGY producing device. The energy it produces is called Scalar Energy 2. What is in the Biodisc™ ? the Biodisc™ is made of 13 technically Engineered natural minerals fused together, bonding the minerals at a molecular level using nano fusion and high heat. The combination minerals in fusion produces catalytic conversion resulting in scalar energy and long lasting scalar resonance. 1. What does scalar energy do? Scalar energy /resonance rejuvenates molecular structure in all liquids. The molecular structure of the liquid to scalar energy will restore its natural molecular structure and chain. Based on Jon Barron, the World-leading nutraceutical researcher, that, Scalar energy can improve immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies; Scalar enhanced products effectively cause every single cell in your body to detox. 4. How does Biodisc™ work? Biodisc™ treated water mainly consist of a special composition of natural minerals (nano- crystals). They create an harmonising and ordering paramagnetic resonance field that enables the water to restructure its molecules. The result is re-vitalised water. That is water comparable to spring-water, with highly improved physical and biologigal qualities. The reason for these new qualities is a change in the molecule structure of the water. The Biodisc™ restructures the water.
  2. 2. 5. How does the water structure look like before and after it is exposed to Biodisc™ ? DISTILLED WATER STRUCTURED WATER TAP WATER STRUCTURED WATER UNTREATED BIODISC TREATED UNTREATED UNTREATED 6. Where else can you find structured water? You can find structured water in: a) Amniotic fluid (fluid in mother’s womb) b) Healing spring water FOUNTAIN OF LOURDES, FRANCE SPRING WATER IN (THE FAMOUS “HEALING” WELL) SAIJO, JAPAN c) Water treated by the Biodisc™ 7. How does structured water work in the human body? In the human body, there are 2 basic types of water: Bound water (regular water) & Structured water. Structured water a) is smaller clusters opposed to normal, larger clusters of water molecule b) is infused with life enhancing frequencies (like healing spring water) c) has Perfect crystal shape form enabling rapid absorption into the cell. Because of these features, movement of water in and out of the cells is at optimum. Bound Water (regular water), on the other hand, is water that becomes physically bound to other molecular structures and is unable to move freely through the cell walls. It can linger around the cells and create bloating and water retention.
  3. 3. Due to the free movement of water through the cells walls, water is being efficiency and rapidly absorbed : a) Enhancing transport of nutrients b) Improves waste removal c) Maintains proper communication between cells. Our cells are responsible for making energy (ATP), repair proteins and amazing array of bio-chemicals. Proper hydration and absorption of nutrients into the cells is a key concept of healthy living. 8. Diagram showing the effect of structured water on cells. BLOOD CELLS BLOOD CELLS BEFORE AFTER STRUCTURED WATER STRUCTURED WATER ( 28 YEAR OLD ATHELETS NOT ( 63 YEAR OLD MAN DRINKING DRINKING STRUCTURED WATER BIODISC STRUCTURED WATER ) 9. Why do I need energized, Biodisc™ structured water? (even I’m healthy and fit) As the human body grows older, it is subjected to stress, contamination, pollutants, free radicals, poor diet and other various lifestyle choices. The body begins to dehydrate (thus those wrinkles). The structured cell water with which we are born with begins to destabilize and loses its efficient shape. The result is that our ability to absorb water decreases all the time. Studies show that dehydration is both a cause and a result of the disease process. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and we don't even know it. From the biological point of view it is essential to drink good, i.e. alive water. Only then the metabolism, i.e. transport of nutrients into the cells and detoxification) works optimally. Normal town water is not alive. Technical treatment and pumping through strait pipes under high pressure for long distance cause a break-down of the internal tension and vitality of the original water. Scaling, bad smell and taste and less biologically important vital energy is the result. That is the reason why normal water should be re- vitalised to restablish the fundamental biological properties of water. The Biodisc™ is an innovative solution that works with the principles of nature, f.e. uses the restructuring ability of certain minerals and nanocrystals to revitalise water.
  4. 4. 10. I need to lose weight - how can Biodisc™ treated water help me? The minerals embedded in the Biodisc™ create 'scalar energy‘, Based on the studies, “Scalar energy” able to cleanse the blood improving chylomicron levels (protein / fat particles floating in blood) and triglyceride profiles and fibrin patterns hence, the Biodisc™ treated water will be able to cleanse and will help you detoxify your body cells. 11. Benefits of Biodisc™ treated water The water becomes softer (without the need of using chemicals like softeners, anti- oxidants, stabilisers or reduction) Improved taste and smell (also reduction of chlorine smell etc.): People enjoy drinking water. Wellness effects: Assisting detoxification, stabilising the immun-system and hydration. Harmony and energy levels are improved. It will enhance taste of food and beverages It helps to improve sleep It has the ability to balance ying and yang and create a CHI Life force It helps to create energized water by placing drinking water on top of it By drinking the energized water created from Amezcua Bio Disc will help you detoxify and hydrate all body cells It enhance your immune system of the body It reduces stress levels It increased take up of nutrients It increases oxygenation of the blood It has calming effects of the resonance increases mental Cognition Other benefits: > Significant increased plant growth (bio-mass, health, colour, shelf-life etc), even in brackish or saline water It is a fact that natural spring water generates W BIODISC ith significantly better plant growth than normal town water or saline water. Biodisc™ treated water has physical and biological Without BIODISC properties that are comparable to spring water. This means better root growth which is followed by increased nutrient uptake. Better growth, healthier colour, increased biomass and extended shelf-life are the visible and measureable result. We have even astounding results with saline water: Untreated water causes the death of the plants. The same water that is treated with Biodisc™ produces wonderful plant growth.
  5. 5. > Improved health of animals: positive effects on fertility, decreased death rates, increased bio- mass and general health state. These effects can also be transferred to animals. Be it cattle or fish - the animals react very possitive.on vivified water, too. Reduced stress levels and improvements in health, biomass, fertility and even appearence are the result of Biodisc™ water. Fish farmer in Nigeria is using it for fish farming, the fish hatching rate has improved from 60% to 96% after using the energized water My cat has been with me for the past 19 years. She must be around 20-21 years in age, very old and dropped alot of fur. However her vision is still good and teeth still intact. I have been letting her sleep and drink with Bio Disc close to a month now. I noticed the following changes:- 1) She sleep longer hours 2) Improved in appetite 3) Less fur has dropped BIODIS C ~ Linda Mohd ( Singapore )
  6. 6. 12. How to use the Biodisc™ ? • Pour the water or any liquid over the disc. The water will instantly be energized and has better taste and higher oxygen level • Place in refrigerator to energize all consumables for better nutrient uptake and for extending shelf life of food • Place under a bottle of drinking water to energize within 20 minutes • Place in a bath of water to improve body energy • Carry on the body to stop jet lag and improve energy levels • Put 4 (four) bottles of energized water under the bed, one at each leg of the bed to absorb negative energy and emit positive energy hence to improve quality of sleep My mother is 54 years old. She has always had this problem of not being able to sleep. At 2am, she would still be wide awake and by 5am, she would be awake. It used to drive my father crazy as it disturbs his sleep too. So I decided to place four bottles of energized water at the four corners of her bedroom. Only after a month, my mother now sleeps the whole night through. Not only that, she has gained strength as in the past, she was not able to walk even for 200meters without catching a breath. Now, she is really active and is able to do her gardening. Bio Disc has really helped my family! Miss Nattrah Mohammad • Carry in you pocket or bag to improve your aura and avoid jetlag as well as minimize the effect of E-smog (electro-magnetic field caused by mobile phones, microwaves, computers, etc) • Simply reflect the sun rays through the lens onto the area with pain, hold the disc 21cm from the affected area and spin the disc counterclockwise
  7. 7. My grandmother is 93 YEARS OLD. At this age, one can expect her to be weak and mobility is greatly reduced. On top of that, she is very detached from what was happening around her. Unable to respond to people's greeting much. It's a normal progress of aging. Then we started drinking water treated with Bio Disc. Only after a month, my grandmother has regained strength to walk on her on and is very alert. She is even greeting all our guest coming to the house and can have a good conversation with them! I am just amazed, but Bio Disc really works! Miss Nattrah Mohammad (Melaka, MALAYSIA) My daughter who suffered from MIGRANE for many years until panadol doesn’t have any effect on her pain anymore, and to the extent that the doctor need to give her jab whenever her migrane attacked. And Thank God, after drinking Bio Disc water, now, she has no more migraine for the past few months. Ms. Asha (Nairobi, KENYA) Having suffered 2 massive HEART ATTACKS, James D’Cruz, a specialist mechanic from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has only 22% of a normal functioning heart pumping blood around his body. After Bio Disc, he is not only back to work, but now walks between five to seven kilometers per day. “I don’t want to make any claims”, says D’Cruz, “but I have carried the Bio Disc with me since I was first given it. I cannot tell you what the effects are. All I know is that the recovery time has been amazing. I feel strong and I feel full of life.” Mr. James D’Cruz (Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA) CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND IQ My daughter is now 10years old. However sh e is a SLOW LEARNER. I noticed that age of 3 years, she could only speak 2 words, "bu" for mother and "cucu" for milk. As oppose to my other kid, who as already able to speak at 1 year old. Until recently, she still had difficulty reading. She could pronounce the syllables but not the entire word. As malays, my children studies the Quran with the imam but she could not even finish the first volume after a very long time. My whole family drink Bio Disc vivified water including her. After only about 1 month, to my amazement, she asked to buy her a comic book when the family went shopping. She usually just ask for candies. Even better, she has almost finished reading the entire 80 pages of book by herself. She was able to also progress with her Quran studies so much faster and has finished volume one. Recently, she wanted to go to a camp. However, I felt that it was not suitable for her and rejected the idea. She was really upset and I sent her to bed. Then found that she left a note for me on my computer. It says "Dad, please let Alang go camping, please?" It was the first time ever that she had composed a paragraph. I was totally overwhelmed with joy! ~Mr. Zainal Abidin Ismail
  8. 8. I am pleased to extend and share my experience on using bio disc for the last couple of weeks. The disc actually purifies the water I drink daily and enhance the taste significantly. As a result, I feel more energetic and less tired compare to the past. Out of curiosity, I applied my skin care on the disc in a small circular motion before applying it on my face, and was thrilled to see the immediate effect on my complexion after 3 days. My skin now feels smoother, softer and more hydrated. Thanks to my husband for purchasing the disc and think, it is really worth to purchase another one for my personal use. ~ Mabel, ( SINGAPORE ) ASTHMA, 36 YEARS OLD (SENEGAL) I was suffering form several asthma since 6 years with my 12 year old daughter. We have been going to many hospitals for treatment but we couldn't find any answer for a good treatment for me and my daughter to relief our sickness, but when i and my daughter started using the biodisc water for the first 3 days, we could see a better changes in our bodies and within 1 week we became better and our bodies have improved very good. So today i encourage people to use the biodisc . TIREDNESS AND UN ABLE TO EAT .37 YEARS OLD (SENEGAL) I usually get tired when i do my house hold and becomes very weak and also i couldn't eat after preparing meals, but when i took biodisc water for some days, i saw my body became normal and i had a lot of energy to work hard. Today i eat like normal, so biodisc is a natural healing miracle . ASTHMA. 35 YEAR OLD WOMEN (SENEGAL) I was suffering form asthma for the past years and i have been going to see doctor for check up. But when i started to use the biodisc water, i saw a lot of improvement in my body for the first two days. Later when i continue using biodisc water, today i feel better and i can't express how the biodisc works and I am feeling active now . DIABETIC AGE 43YEARS (SENEGAL) I am a diabetic patient since 5 years with a lot of medication from the doctor, but when i started drinking bio dics water for a few weeks, to my surprise, when i went to my doctor, he told me now my health has improved a lot and the medication dosage have been reduced . WEAK, LUNG PROBLEM & GET TIRED VERY FAST,56YEARS (SENEGAL) The first day i took the bio dics water, i started urinating a lot and felt lighter in weight whereby before that, i felt heaviness. Before Biodisc, i did not sweat even when I did a lot of hard work, but after i took the Biodisc energised water, i sweat and now i am very active and eat a lot. I was operated at the hospital when i was young with 13 years lungs problems and hard pains all the times, but when i took the Biodisc energised water for some days, the problems disappeared including constipation; and now i sleep very good in the night. My sister who is 54 years old who had a seriously high blood pressure but when i gave her the Biodisc energised water to drink for two days, she became normal. So Biodics is very amazing and helpful.