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Packaging Is Essential Zintro Blog Article


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Packaging is Essential - Zintro Consulting Blog

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Packaging Is Essential Zintro Blog Article

  1. 1. Packaging is essentialPosted on January 27, 2012 By Maureen Aylward When a product is created or shipped, packaging is involved. We asked Zintro experts to comment on the trends in packaging: design, manufacturing, materials. Edward Martin, a consultant to the packaging industry, says that good packaging protects the product, promotes the product, enhances distribution and builds on the product message in a sustainable way. “Great packaging does all the above plus drives consumption of the product. Today, the issue of sustainability has become a significant issue with regardto packaging. Packaging producers have to respond to the importance of sustainability or risk the loss to businessto more sustainable packaging options,” Martin says.The result appears somewhat mixed. While many more professional packaging suppliers have embraced cradle tocradle approaches and life cycle analysis, many suppliers have not. “They tend to go to market with broad,unquantified, compartmentalized claims like ‘made from recycled material’ or ‘recyclable,’” notes Martin. “Goingforward, I see stakeholders like CPG marketers, retailers, and ultimately consumers demanding high performancefrom packaging while requiring packaging suppliers to address sustainability in a transparent, consistent andcomprehensive manner.”Richard Seale, a machinery specialist, says that product appearance at both point-of-sale and wholesaledistribution is becoming increasingly important as it is interpreted as being significant to perceived productquality. “Perceptions based on color, texture, firmness, and vacuum tightness all contribute to the decision topossibly leave the product package on-the-shelf and thus stale-date the consignment merchandise, which is a totalloss to the manufacturer,” says Seale. “Bin based point-of-sale is being transformed to peg-board presentationswith sealed rings for peg board handing displays. There are many pluses for manufacturers in this retailpresentation.”Seale says that packaging materials evolution is being driven by increasing valued best-before elongation as thesupply-chain represents untapped geographic market potential, especially for ethnic or novel foodstuffs.Boris Zubry, a specialist in engineering and packaging, says that the old-timers would say that you have noproduct if there is no package. “Even the best product in the world needs a package for marketing, storage, andshipping operations,” he says. “In many cases, packaging is equal or even more important than the product.Packaging tells the client, customer, or buyer what you have and what it can do. You can display information inmany different ways using clear windows, colors, print, barcodes, different materials, and whatever else may beneeded.” Follow
  2. 2. Lubry says that information on the package allows a company to store and dispense products in warehouses andretail outlets. “Packaging has to provide a high degree of protection to the product during the storage andtransportation. It also has to provide protection to people from the product. Many packages guarantee sterility,freshness, and quality of the product for as long as the package is not damaged.”Our experts would love to hear from you! Post your question for industry experts here. Are you a subject matterexpert? Sign up as a Zintro expert to start generating free leads for your business.Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, someof the following topics have seen a inquiry activity: ■ Packaging design experts ■ Environmental expert ■ Exporting-experts ■ Emr experts ■ Mvno consulting ■ Reengineering consultants ■ Pva experts ■ Structured finance expert ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENTShare this: ShareLike this: Like Be the first to like this post. About zintro Zintro connects Clients (expert-seekers) with subject-matter Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). For Clients (expert-seekers): Companies & professionals want an easier way to find consultants (by searching on their areas of expertise), contact them, qualify them, and engage them without having to sort through a lot of profiles, send a lot of e-mails, or make a lot of calls. For Experts: Independent consultants (and firms) are looking for cost-effective ways to market their services and source new clients. View all posts by zintro →This entry was posted in Packaging and tagged materials, packaging, packaging design, point-of-sale, recycled materials, sustainable packaging. Bookmark the permalink. Follow
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