Read Amazon Kindle eBooks Without a Kindle


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Read Amazon Kindle eBooks Without a Kindle

  1. 1. Read Amazon Kindle eBooks Without a KindleRead Amazon Kindle eBooks Without a KindleI often find interesting titles published by Amazon as Kindle eBooks and I often wonderedwhether I really needed to buy a Kindle in order to access this interesting set of books.Then I found an interesting article on the ComplicatedtoSimple website that explains how youcan read Amazon Kindle eBooks also with other devices and, since I think that the subject couldbe useful to many more people I have re-published it below for your convenience.How to Read Kindle eBooks Without a Kindleby Robert Seth on August 25, 2011 The Amazon Kindle is the bestselling eBook reader in the world. It’s also thebestselling item on But did you know that you don’t need a Kindle e-readerto read Kindle eBooks?Before I tell you about this, let me explain a few things. First of all, Kindles can read books in theKindle, PDF, and a couple other formats. They cannot read books in other eBook readerformats. This is done intentionally in an attempt to prevent you from reading the competition’seBooks. Amazon does not want you buying Barnes and Noble eBooks. They only want you tobuy Amazon eBooks.This is the same for Barnes and Noble and Apple and pretty much anybody that sells eBooks.Their e-readers will read the standard PDF format and some other formats not specific toanyone else’s e-reader. But nobody wants you buying the competition’s booksWhat I find amusing about this whole issue is the fact that you don’t even need an e-readerto read these eBooks. Amazon tries so hard to keep you from buying the competition’s books. 1/3
  2. 2. They also try hard to keep you from reading your Kindle eBooks on anyone else’s e-reader.They do this by publishing their eBooks in proprietary formats that only their devices can read.But then what do they do? They turn around and write an app (software program) called theKindle App, that can run on any device except the competition. This Kindle application can runyour Kindle books on your computer, smart phone, tablet, iPad, or any other device; just as longas it’s not the competition’s device.What does this mean to you? It means that if you don’t want to buy a Kindle, or just don’twant to buy one now, you don’t have to. You can buy all the eBooks you want from Amazonwithout laying out the cash for the Kindle. This is very handy if you don’t like the currentmodel of Kindle or you have some other device that will work already.Personally, I’m waiting for a color Kindle. Not like the Nook with the color LCD screen. I meanone that uses color e-paper, just like the current Kindle uses black and white e-paper. Colore-paper has been invented and works, it’s just not in production for low priced consumermodels yet. Anyway, back to the point at hand.Now here’s another thing you might not have known. Pretty much everybody else has an Apptoo. So if you have some Barnes and Noble eBooks, you don’t need a Nook to read them. Youcan download the Barnes and Noble app and read those books anywhere you want. Except ofcourse, on the competition’s e-reader.I have an iPad as my eBook reader. Prior to buying it, I tested the Kindle and the Nook. Ipurchased eBooks for both of them. Now I have the Kindle and the Nook apps on my iPadso I can read all my eBooks regardless of where they came from.Now here’s my last treat for you. Did you know that you not only don’t need to spend moneyon a Kindle, there’s a good chance you don’t even need to spend any on the books! I’m notsuggesting theft, piracy, or anything illegal here. The truth is, there are millions of free eBooks.The last official count I was able to find was in 2008 when there were over 1.8 million freeeBooks. These were not all Kindle books but the total of all free eBooks available online. Thereare many free eBooks available offline too. Like at your public library. Many e-readers have theability to read the format used at public libraries.According to Amazon, there are over 950,000 free kindle items just on their site. Thisincludes books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. That’s enough to keep you busy for a longtime! Many of the free eBooks on Amazon are publications in which the copyrights have run out.This makes them public domain works which is why Amazon can give them away for free.Another source of free, public domain books is Project Gutenberg. They have over36,000 free eBooks. These are old classics that were originally published by reputablepublishers. Since the copyrights have run out, they have been able to scan the original booksand offer them online. They offer their books in many different formats so you can use justabout any e-reader you want. You can visit their website by clicking here. 2/3
  3. 3. Going back to Amazon for a moment, I should mention one more thing. Amazon’s free eBooks are not just limited to public domain works. They constantly have specials where they offer books by today’s authors for free. For example, I wanted to purchase Steven Pressfield’s book “Do the Work.” When I arrived at Amazon I was surprised to see that the Kindle Edition was actually free. The hardcover edition was around $13.00. As of this writing, they are both around $6.00. So if you visit Amazon fairly often and watch closely, you could accumulate quite a library for not much money So there you have it! Now you can have an entire eBook library without having to spend a dime on an e-reader. Or, in the case of this article, an entire Kindle library without having to own a Kindle If you enjoyed this article or have additional information to add, please feel free to leave a comment. If you’d like tips on using your computer better and making it run faster, click here to get instant access to our free video e-course on how to turbo-charge your computer. In about an hour you’ll be able to tune up your computer like the pros and do it for free! You can also share it with your friends and then YOU can be the expert! Thanks for visiting! Are you interested in not only reading eBooks, but writing them too? Could your hobby or small business benefit from having an eBook or eBrochure in addition to the standard business card? If so, we have some resources to help you do that. You can start with our free report that will help you get past some of the most common barriers most writers experience when starting a writing project. The free report is available by clicking here. About Robert Seth Robert Seth is a CPA in the Clark County, Washington area who has been serving individual and small business clients for the last 25 years. His business includes a growing number of remotely serviced customers throughout the United States. He’s also a writer and technology expert. He has a passion for improving the lives of others by helping them simplify the complicated stuff in their lives. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (