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Emolior Acedemy Brochure


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Emolior Acedemy Brochure

  1. 1. WHAT MAKES EMOLIOR ACADEMY In UNIQUE Emolior students participate in an advisory Their group (12-15 members) with specific focuses on college preparation and character development. Own Emolior students each have an individualized instructional plan to target specific Words: Emolior Academy is a neighborhood instructional goals. Emolior students complete a yearly college exit project with specific focuses on college entrance, preparation and successful practices. 6th – 8th grade school committed Emolior students visit a college campus every year that is supported by pre and post to ensuring that all of our students advisory debriefs about the visit. achieve at the proficient or advanced Emolior students receive a college style planner as a guide to each class subject. level in each subject and develop the Emolior students complete three community strong character qualities to prepare service-learning projects as a graduation requirement. Emolior AcAdEmy 1330 Bristow street. Bronx, nY 10459 for and be successful in college. Emolior students receive peer mediation (corner of Jennings & steBBins) 718-589-3126 (office) 718-589-3803 (fax) Through engagement in Emolior’s training. rigorous academic program and Emolior students receive 2 years of Latin language study in middle school. exposure to active, hands-on learning Emolior students are prepared to take and in the classroom, our students gain pass the Integrated Algebra Regents exam by the end of 8th grade. the skills and knowledge necessary Emolior students and families receive for success in college, careers and professional development and counseling in college preparation. life.
  2. 2. Emolior Academy prepares it students for success by utilizing 7 key strategies: 1) Be productive community contributors 5) Exposure to elevated and consistent expectations At Emolior, students, teachers, staff and families work At Emolior, we firmly believe that every child in every together to create an atmosphere of generosity and circumstance can accomplish the highest levels of mutual respect. We want our students to turnkey their academic success and personal achievement. We learned capacities for leadership, responsibility and seek to expose our students to elevated expectations OUR VISION accountability to promote positive change in their own through frequent goal-setting matched with daily Is that all of our students will graduate from communities. accessment to ensure that graduation expectations are college and possess the necessary skills to measurable, consistent, and attainable. accurately prepare them for the challenges of 2) Development of strong character the 21st century. It is Emolior’s goal to equip students with the necessary 6) Effective teaching tools to be confident, responsible leaders. We firmly Emolior seeks out dedicated, talented individuals, who OUR MISSION believe that respect for the individuality of each child is possess a relentless drive to see their students succeed. the foundation for building authentic, lasting relationships, Emolior educators persistently challenge themselves Is to ensure that each of our students achieve at the proficient or advanced level in each to inspire the growth of leadership qualities and strong to answer the question “why is this impor tant to a subject area, and develop strong character character development that prepares students to be child’s learning” and “why does a child need to know qualities for the preparation to ultimately successful in college. this.”. to reinforce student achievement and teacher gain admission to and be successful in accountability. college. 3) Data driven decision-making Emolior is committed to a system of data driven 7) Family suppor t and involvement OUR RESPONSIBILITY decision-making centered on guiding school instruction At Emolior family plays an integral role in the and administrative practices for a targeted plan of action success of our children and school community. At Emolior Academy it is our responsibility to continually improve student achievement. Emolior relies on active parental par ticipation in to provide children with a safe space for the growth of ideas, learning and overall every facet of their child’s education. Parents character. Emolior strives to expose 4) Preparation and faculty adhere to an agreement of shared students to an environment of high Emolior’s mission is to prepare our students to enter, responsibility in setting clear expectations, goals expectations, rigorous curriculum and succeed and graduate from outstanding Colleges. We and responsibilities that we obligate ourselves to in student centered learning focused on the believe early and consistent exposure to collegiate intent to develop confident, self-motivated, suppor t of student progress. critical thinkers. atmospheres give students the necessary preparatory skills to achieve success in college and beyond.