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Natalie Harrower - DRI, RDA and Ireland


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From "A National Approach to Open Research Data in Ireland", a workshop held on 8 September 2017 in National Library of Ireland, organised by The National Library of Ireland, the Digital Repository of Ireland, the Research Data Alliance and Open Research Ireland.

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Natalie Harrower - DRI, RDA and Ireland

  1. 1. ____________________ Dr. Natalie Harrower Director, Digital Repository of Ireland @natalieharrower DRI, RDA and Ireland RDA-NORF workshop on Open Research Data Friday 8th September 2017
  2. 2. Ireland and RDA: Events, Participation, Coordination @natalieharrower
  3. 3. • Local hosts for 3rd Plenary in March 2014 • Co-organised with Australian RDA (ANDS)
  4. 4. Irish participants in RDA: 130 individuals 7% 54%8% 23% 8% Growth over the years 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Global members: 6,070 Individuals from 130 countries 50% from Europe RDA Third Plenary Meeting, Dublin, Ireland 26 to 28 March 2014 Figure: Timea Biro
  5. 5. Irish participants: breakdown by profession Journalist/Editor/Copywriter 1% Policy development manager/Policy Consultant 2% Advisor/Consultant 2% CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive 2% Student 12% IT Specialist/IT Architect 8% Librarian 11% Professor 3% Programme Manager/Project Manager 8% Other 16% Researcher 35% Figure: Timea Biro
  6. 6. Irish participants: breakdown by organisation type Figure: Timea Biro 2% 1% 2% 2% 1% 4% 6% 82% Press and Media Policy/Funding Agency Large Enterprise IT Consultancy/Development Small and Medium Enterprise Other (please specify) - obligatory Government/Public Services Academia/Research
  7. 7. Why is DRI part of RDA? • Global alignment of best practices in data sharing and reuse. Interoperability, beyond geo-boundaries • Can be part of shaping outcomes • Networks of experts in data science, data curation, data archiving, data preservation, data policy, research data • Continual connection and awareness at the European & Global levels to emerging research, trends, policies • Access to collaborators, funding opportunities • Grassroots working groups with governmental and funder support @natalieharrower
  8. 8. RDA Europe role • Coordination and support activities are funded by the EU • Ireland involved in RDA3 and RDA4 • Two Irish partners: DRI and NLI • Focus is on library, archives, and digital humanities areas • RDA3 (2015-2018): work packages in practitioner training, communications, and policy advocacy • RDA4 (2018-2020): DRI leading Ambassador Programme; NLI serving as National node @natalieharrower
  9. 9. Adoption of RDA Outputs • DFT Core data model (PIDs on publication, widely accepted metadata standards, certification of TDR, checksums, and FAIR data compliant) • DSA/WDS integrated approach to repository certification (2017) • Metadata Standards Directory (eg. Dublin Core) • In progress: RDA/WDS Publishing data @natalieharrower
  10. 10. How does DRI align with RDA pursuits? Four key aspects to DRI’s work: 1. Trusted digital repository – long term data preservation, access, reuse 2. Education & Outreach 3. Research active: projects, technologies, publications 4. Advocacy, community building, policy input @natalieharrower
  11. 11. Trusted Digital Repository • A national data infrastructure • Certified (DSA 2015; renewal in progress) • Long-term digital preservation, access, discovery • Ireland’s social and cultural data (digital collections) • Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts (research data) • Curated collections; cross-searchable metadata • Open Source, Open Access (minimum: open MD) @natalieharrower
  12. 12. Education & Outreach • Ongoing training in data prep, digital collections, metadata and ingestion • Collaborative events (e.g. CC licences & Wikimedia) • Conferences & workshops (DPASSH; EOSC visit) • International conferences (OR, PASIG) • Guest lectures, internships, service-learning collaborations @natalieharrower
  13. 13. Research active • Research Projects • Official Samvera partners • Implementation of new protocols (e.g IIIF) • Code is open source, on git-hub • Publications in journals, conference presentations • Series of guidelines, reports, fact sheets @natalieharrower
  14. 14. Publications
  15. 15. Metadata Guidelines
  16. 16. Research Projects • Digital Cultural Heritage Platform with custom front end • Data preserved in DRI and pulled via API • Atlantic Philanthropies Archives Project • Collaboration with Cornell University Library towards interoperable metadata, shared standards, PIDs • Research Data Management in DRI • Started as DAH legacy project for complex digital arts and humanities data types • Continues with requirements specification phase over next 12 months
  17. 17. Advocacy, networks, policy input • OECD Global Science Forum: Sustainable Business Models for Data Repositories • Open Repositories 2016 (TCD HPC hosts) • PASIG 2017 Programme Committee (Sept 2017, Oxford) • Hydra/Samvera Official Partners • DARIAH Ireland Steering Committee • Chair ALLEA e-Humanities Working Group • Digital Preservation Coalition, Comms & Advocacy Committee • Research Data Alliance Europe Project (H2020) • DPASSH 2017 at Sussex University (June 2017) • Hosted first EOSC Chair national visit event (Barend Mons, June 2016)
  18. 18. How can we facilitate truly open research? • National infrastructures that are properly supported so they can continue to serve changing research. Ease of access to these. • Grant models that encourage and support the entire data life-cycle – e.g. data preservation as allowable cost • Data deposit, preservation, open access mandated by funders • Experts to review DMPs • Interoperable data that is FAIR and follows international standards • Copyright reform that reflects current digital realities • Recognition of data stewards in the research ecosystem • Recognition of data efforts by researchers (e.g. in promotion & review) • Widespread training in data management as well as education about the value of openness and sharing @natalieharrower