COBWEB, AIP-6, and Access Management Federations


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Presented at the Geo European Projects Workshop, 15-16 April 2013, Barcelona

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  • 15 mins not enough to cover all this
    Some references provided for those wishing to followup. Also, please feel free to contact self or Andreas
  • Just in process of completing setup phase and technical Work Packages starting
  • If intererested in participating or finding out more about AIP, contact:
    Bart De Lathouwer <>
  • This diagram adapted from the Switch website
  • Ones in blue are those we are currently planning to cover in AIP-6
  • Workplan under development. First version going out in the next week or so
  • This is going to expand (in unanticipated ways!)
    MoU with other FP7 projects
    Possibly pairing participants in countries with existing federations
    Challenge for COBWEB is keeping this manageable
  • COBWEB, AIP-6, and Access Management Federations

    1. 1. COBWEB, AIP-6 and Access Management Federations Chris Higgins, Project Coordinator, University of Edinburgh. Andreas Matheus, Technical Coordinator, Secure Dimensions GmbH.
    2. 2. Citizen Observatory Web (COBWEB) • Research project started Nov 2012 for 4 years • Crowdsourced environmental data to aid decision making • Introduce quality measures, reduce uncertainty • Fusion crowdsourced data with reference data… • Spatial Data Infrastructure - like initiatives -
    3. 3. University of Edinburgh UK (Scotland) University of Nottingham UK (England) Aberystwyth University UK (Wales) Welsh Assembly Government UK (Wales) Environment Systems Limited UK (Wales) Ecodyfi UK (Wales) Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Limited UK University College Dublin Ireland Technische Universitaet Dresden Germany Secure Dimensions GmbH Germany University of Western Greece Greece OIKOM – Environmental Studies Ltd Greece GeoCat BV Netherlands
    4. 4. Name Lead Institution Topic CITI-SENSE Nilu (Norway) Air quality WeSenseIt University of Sheffield (UK) Water Management Citclops Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic (Spain) Coast and ocean optical monitoring Omniscientis Spacebel (Belgium) Odour monitoring COBWEB UEDIN (UK) Environment FP7-ENV-2012 observatories
    5. 5. GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot • One of the means by which GEOSS addresses interoperability issues and GCI extension work • Led by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) • All contributions are in-kind • Phased approach • AIP-6 kickoff 28/29 March 2013 in Washington • Still options for participation…
    6. 6. SP SPIdP IdP IdP IdP SP SP SP SP SP SP SP SPSP Coordinating Centre Federation Service Providers Identity Providers Users Organisations IdP SP SP SP Authenticates here Single Sign On
    7. 7. Why put effort into federated access control? • Authentication is the process of verifying that claims made concerning a subject, eg, identity, who is attempting to access a resource are true • Frequently, SDI content and service providers need to know who is accessing their valuable, secure, protected data • The ability for a group of organisations with common objectives, ie, a federation, to securely exchange authentication information is a powerful SDI enabler • Even more so if removing some of the barriers to interoperability…
    8. 8. COBWEB’s need for Federation technology • “…addressing questions of privacy…” • COBWEB about environmental, not personal data • Some kinds of protected data that may be encountered during the project: • Personal information to assign unique identity • Location protected species • Reference data from European National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies • Conflated data • Testbed for research and development
    9. 9. GEOSS’s current need for SSO • From previous AIP’s, identified need for all users to authenticate so can gather metrics • Concept of a “GEOSS-User”: – any authenticated participant from the GEOSS AIP-6 Access Management Federation • Access Management Federations enable SSO
    10. 10. AIP-5 “Use Cases” in scope for COBWEB AIP-6 work • Registration for Authentication via OpenID • Registration as OpenID user for Authentication via SAML2 • Organizational user for Authentication via SAML2 • Identification as "GEOSS User" During Registration • OpenID-Protected Data Access via OpenID Authentication • SAML2-Protected Data Access via OpenID Authentication • OpenID-Protected Data Access via SAML2 Authentication • SAML2-Protected Data Access via SAML2 Authentication • Registering and Modifying a New Identity or Service Provider
    11. 11. GEOSS AIP-6 Data Sharing and COBWEB • Plan is to setup a federation of GEOSS members to establish SSO • Not currently concentrating any particular SBA’s, however SBA Water is participating • Support Single Sign On • Reliable identification of a “GEOSS-user” • Desired outcome for AIP-6 is answers to: – Can AMF’s meet COBWEB requirements for privacy? – Do AMF’s meet GEOSS requirements?
    12. 12. Current list of organisations indicating strong interest in participating: – ESA (European Space Agency) – NASA (North American Space Agency) – INPE (National Institute for Space Research) – Tufts University – Secure Dimensions – EDINA (University of Edinburgh) Will expand: – Other FP7 projects? – Existing academic sector federations? {COBWEB partners
    13. 13. • Sept 2013: Demo of COBWEB AIP-6 outputs at OGC Technical Committee meeting at ESA/ESRIN • Jan 2014: AIP-6 results demonstrated at GEO Plenary in Geneva • Feb 2014: Completion of AIP-6 activities • Post AIP-6, COBWEB will respond to feedback from stakeholders, eg, GEO, in framing next steps, maybe: – Electronic licence negotiation – Authorisation – eCommerce – …? AIP-6 Results / Future Work
    14. 14. Links to Previous Work regarding AMF • OGC White Paper • Engineering Report from the OGC Web Service Shibboleth Interoperability Experiment • INSPIRE Conference 2011 Paper • Authentication workshop at the GEO-IX Plenary, Brazil, 2012