MW08_Employment Opportunities for Mature Workers


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Barbara Jaworski B.Sc. MBA
Workplace Institute

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MW08_Employment Opportunities for Mature Workers

  1. 1. Nov 7 , 2010 CAPLA Ottawa, ON Barbara Jaworski B.Sc. MBA Workplace Institute 416- 470-0069 x 210 Employment Opportunities for Mature Workers
  2. 2. The Best Employers Award for 50 Plus Canadians™ Recognizes and rewards innovative and/or effective programs or initiatives within organizations that lead the way in best practices with 50 Plus workers while achieving organizational goals
  3. 3. The Best Employers Award for 50 Plus Canadians™ Some Previous Winners: Seven Oaks Hospital Home Depot RBC Metasoft Systems Avis Rent A Car Merck Frosst Statistics Canada Catholic Children’s Aid Society City of Calgary
  4. 4. International Approaches • Marginalization / relegation • Integration / reintegration • Maintenance • Rejection / maintenance
  5. 5. Response to global recession Priority Employment Areas Local Employment Coordinators Help for redundant workers Jobs Expos
  6. 6. Mature age workers • unemployment rate for mature age people is around 2.8 per cent, compared to 11.5 per cent for those aged 15-24 • average duration of unemployment for mature age people is 61 weeks, compared to 22 weeks for people aged 15-24 • around 60 000 mature age job seekers are classified as discouraged workers
  7. 7. Employment services Centrelink JSCI Assessment Centrelink JSCI Assessment Job Services Australia Job Services Australia Stream 1 J Stream 2 J Stream 3 Job Capacity Assessment Job Capacity Assessment Disability Employment Services Disability Employment Services Stream 4
  8. 8. Job Services Australia • assistance tailored to individual need • Employment Pathway Plan • Employment Pathway Fund • emphasis on skills training and meeting the needs of employers
  9. 9. Help to start a small business • New Enterprise Incentive Scheme—assistance to help a job seeker establish a new small business Australian Apprenticeships • Payment incentives to remove barriers and to encourage up- skilling of adult workers through an apprenticeship
  10. 10. • Disability Employment Services • immediate access, no waiting list • ongoing support in the workplace • Employment Assistance Fund • workplace assessments, modifications and adjustments • sign language interpreting • disability awareness training • specialist support for learning disability or mental health
  11. 11. • Helping mature age workers • make informed career decisions • successful transition into new roles • keep their job if it is at risk • increase their capacity to supervise or mentor apprentices and trainees
  12. 12. Career Advice Career planning—results in a plan of action to achieve goals Résumé appraisal—advice on résumé development and presentation
  13. 13. Job Transition Support Support through Job Services Australia to help construction and manufacturing workers move to less physically demanding roles
  14. 14. On the Job Support Intensive support to help a person who is at risk of losing their job due to a health condition, injury or disability
  15. 15. Experience+ Training $4950 training grants for employers to increase the capacity of mature age workers to supervise or mentor apprentices and trainees
  16. 16. WORKPLACE INSTITUTE 45+ ENGAGEMENT MODEL Financial Guidance Cycling Retirement Communication Total health Worklife Balance Meaning Flexibility Training Career Development Adaptation Equal Opportunity Recognition Motivation Productivity ENGAGEMENT Profitability
  17. 17. Plan For The Future- Now!