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Task 3b british indie film project


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Task 3b british indie film project

  1. 1. Task 3a: British Indie Films 1. Choose a British Indie film 2. Produce a research project on your chosen film 3. Split your research into three sections (production, distribution and exhibition) 4. Include the points below in each section 5. Use PowToon (or something similar)
  2. 2. Task 3b: British Indie Project1. Choose 3 low budget British Indie Films 1. Screen shot key images 2. Analyse the images stating; What makes a British Indie film?2. Storyboard the opening/trailer 30seconds of your British Indie film 1. What conventions are you using? 2. Are you in groups of min3&max4?3. Film over the half term4. Edit your film on Imovie Deadline 26th November 2012