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L. the film process


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L. the film process

  1. 1. 12A MB Brogan George Dan Michaela Sophie Luke Jasmine Hannah Holly Jade Sam TJ Alex Jodie Chris Charlie
  2. 2. 12D MS Kat Lauren Christelle Georgia Fran Rebecca Leah Mollie Heather Remi Max Dan Keely Leah Jessica F Jess Damiell e Dilan
  3. 3. 12B MS Hollie Matt Kristina Lucy Abi Elise
  4. 4. The Film Process How are films produced?
  5. 5. Using your films •What is the film industry process? • What are the roles in the film industry process?
  6. 6. The Film Process • Production • Marketing • Distribution 1 • Exhibition • Distribution 2 • Exchange
  7. 7. The Film Process: Roles The Main roles • Producers • Directors • Camera operator • Editor Other Roles • Researchers • Runners • Location scouting • Art director • Continuity • VT recorder • Sound operators • MANY MANY MORE
  8. 8. Film brief ONE • A Relationship comedy/drama made by a British production Company, aimed at 16-25 year olds. • Example: Submarine
  9. 9. Film Brief TWO • A psychological thriller that will appeal to male audiences ages 16-30 year olds. Produced by a main hollywood company. • Example: Taken
  10. 10. Film Brief THREE • A superhero film aimed at males and females. Ages 15 – 25 years olds. This should be based on an existing comic. • Example: Kick Ass
  11. 11. Film Brief FOUR • A film that is based on real events from the last 10years. Both male and female audiences, ages 15-35 years old. The film should be funded by an independent company. • Example: 127 hours
  12. 12. Film Brief FIVE • A romantic comedy based on ‘boy meets girl’ type of story. This should be a high end Hollywood film with A-List stars. The audience is mainly females afed 15-30 years. • Example: How to lose a guy in 10 days
  13. 13. The production process • Using the film briefs • How would you make the film? • What is the process to get the film out there?
  14. 14. The Marketing process • How do people find out about the film?
  15. 15. The Distribution 1 process • How does the film get to the cinema?
  16. 16. The exhibition process • How is the film watched?
  17. 17. The Distribution 2 process • How does the film get to the audience?
  18. 18. The Exchange Process • How do people tell each other about the film? • How do people talk about the film?
  19. 19. The Consumption • How to people share the film (legal and illegally)?
  20. 20. Your task • Choose a production company • Think about your genre • Make an idea for your film • Create a pitch • Crew • Audience • Genre • Budget • Actors • Location • How will you market your film? • Consider exchange • How will you distribute your film? • Mainstream • Arthouse cinema (think about where?)
  21. 21. How did you create your film?
  22. 22. Your film ideas • What production company did you choose and why? • What is the synopsis of your film? • What actors would you hire? • What is the budget of your film? • What marketing campaign have you created for your film? • What cinema will you be exhibiting you film on and why? • What areas will you screen you film? • How will you distribute your film for audiences to consume after release? • How will you get people to exchange and talk about your film?