LS PPT Shamini Nilamegan (Shah) Marijuana


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LS PPT Shamini Nilamegan (Shah) Marijuana

  1. 1. Name : Shamini Nilamegan (Shah) Student ID : 201420013 Term : May 2014 Date: 11 July 2014 Lecturer : Ms.Dot MacKenzie Title: Advantages and Disadvantages of Marijuana
  2. 2. Legalization of Marijuana
  3. 3. Contents What is marijuana? What does marijuana do to us? Why Marijuana should not be legalized Why Marijuana should be Legalized Conclusion
  4. 4. What is MARIJUANA? Often called • pot, grass, reefer, weed, herb. • greenish-gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of Cannabis sativa—hemp plant.
  5. 5. • The aim of this presentation is to give more details on the pros and cons of marijuana and the real facts of marijuana. • Marijuana has always been an illegal product in most countries, except for Uruguay.
  6. 6. What does Marijuana do to our body? - As tetrahydrocannabinol or (THC ), the primary psychoactive agent found in cannabis (marijuana) plant )enters the brain, it causes the user to feel euphoric — or high — by acting on the brain's reward system, which is made up of regions that govern the response to pleasurable things like chocolate, as well as to most drugs of abuse. (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012)
  7. 7. Why Marijuana Should not be Legalized • Marijuana is often used as a stepping-stone drug, leading to heroin, cocaine, or other harder Drugs. (Balanced politics, 2011) • Legalization of marijuana could eventually lead to the legalization of harder drugs or all drugs altogether. (Balanced politics, 2011)
  8. 8. • It's extremely addictive for some people. - People who have experienced marijuana find it impossible to quit and side effects are certain. • Marijuana can destroy your future. - Studies shows that people lose interest in daily life and a few even have suicidal thoughts. • Marijuana causes serious health problems. - Five time more likely to have a heart attack and causes lung disease. Memory problems can also occur. Rehab Programs. (2011, December 28).
  9. 9. Why Marijuana should be Legalized • Marijuana has never directly killed anyone. Excessive amounts of THC never kill anyone. • Crime rates related to marijuana can be reduced. Jacques, R., & Van Luling, T. (2013).
  10. 10. • Marijuana is safer than legalized drugs or alcohol. • Treats many dangerous disease • Very effective medicine. • Helps people who have loss of appetite due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. • Helps relax muscle tension and chronic pain. Jacques, R., & Van Luling, T.
  11. 11. Conclusion • Marijuana has both good and bad effects for society and people. • We should be rational to identify between them and always think before we act. • It depends on a individual whether to accept or ignore the facts about marijuana.
  12. 12. Thank you
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