Fractional CFO Brochure


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Fractional CFO Brochure

  1. 1. Does your organization need the expertise of a It takes a professional Chief professional Chief Financial Officer, but not the Financial Officer (CFO) to expense? FRACTIONAL CFO is the answer. stay on top of important financial issues that affect CFO your company’s bottom line. Dave for a $20 million FRACTIONAL CFO development, Lemon, CPA construction and property management company. VP Finance for two Fortune 500 companies and an international telecom start-up. M&A Led efforts to close and integrate 12 deals in Top 50 MSAs, helping Dave Lemon is an grow business from $100 PROJECTS experienced financial million to $3.5 billion professional with a over nine years. diverse background including Big 4, VP Controller responsible for all corporate finance BUSINESS financial functions and corporate audit including management CFO VALUATIONS experience. of 95 employees in several regional OUTSOURCING locations. Qualifications: Proven Success If you need an effective in both large • CFO alternative to a full-time chief company and start-up environments. • Business Valuations financial officer, consider • M&A Fractional CFO. “Dave has done an excellent job • Controller providing quality valuations for • FP&A both sellers and buyers.” FRACTIONAL CFO • CPA CFO Outsourcing –Mike Anderson Owner • Big 4 Corporate Ventures, Inc. & Business Broker 12020 Shamrock Plaza • Corporate Risk & Suite 200 Audit Business Valuations “When creating a start-up Omaha, NE 68154 • Sarbanes-Oxley business, Dave provided the expertise and CFO support I office: 402.778.5198 • Successful Recruiter cell: 402.679.9680 needed to make responsible • Bankruptcy Dave Lemon, CPA financial decisions. “ Consulting –Mike Bellamy • Litigation Support National Sales Manager/ COO Driveway Financial Services, Inc. Vehicle Finance Company
  2. 2. Projects CFO Outsourcing Business Valuations • Valuation & Due Diligence: • Cash Flow Improvement • Contemplating a Sale Before Listing • Financial Business Partner with • Gift & Estate Taxes a Business for Sale Owner(s) & Executive Team Before Buying a Business • Generation Transfer • Prepare Business for Sale • Acquisition Integration • Buy-Sell Agreement • Budgets & Forecasts • Benchmarking to Peers • Recommend Every using Sageworks Private • Month-End Close 3 to 5 Years or After Company Industry Data & Balance Sheet Reviews a Significant Event • Bankruptcy Workouts • Staff Recruiting & Training FRACTIONAL CFO Expert financial guidance at a fraction of the cost. We're ready to PROJECTS help your company put all the pieces BUSINESS together. CFO VALUATIONS OUTSOURCING Dave Lemon, CPA | FRACTIONAL CFO | 12020 Shamrock Plaza, Suite 200 | Omaha, NE 68154 | |