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Slide 1 - Intro slide. IC1112 assignment

Slide 2 - Insight

With this project, we decided to create something entertaining and fun that we would have fun putting together and something that we would want to take part of ourselves. We’d also like for it to display themes from our course at Interactive Communication, so it ties in with our topics at school.

We thought that it should bring young people together, be easy to understand and interactive.

With all this in mind, we started talking about social currencies and thought that likes are outdated and no longer reflect any real opinions. It is now just a number and doesn’t communicate any real value.

Slide 3 - Name + Claim

So we have come up with an app which acts as a new social currency: a physical, fun challenger of the like button; AirFive.

Slide 4:

AirFive is a phone app with three features:
The main feature is the AirFive Love, which challenges the like button
We also have AirFive Fight and AirFive Point as bonus features. We are going to explain those functions later.

So, AirFive Love is where you can show your love for just about anything. Here we have a little video about is:

Slide 5:


Slide 6

The app registers air fives and works by moving the phone in a swift air five motion.

Slide 7

The Love function:

So how does our love functions work?
Select your Love or add a new one if it doesn’t exist yet and high five it as many times as you want to show your love for it. You can also search for things you want to love to see how much love it has received on your phone.

Slide 8

Other functions:

The point function is a check-in on a map in Airfive format. Through GPS, your location is recorded and you high five to ‘check in’.

The Fight function allows you to settle any bet, challenge or argument in 20 seconds. Open the app, select ‘Fight’ and enter what the High-five fight is all about. It can be for example Berghs vs. Hyper Island or blue vs. red.

Your friend receives an invite in their AirFive app to take the challenge and fight it out. The participants are asked to take a side and high five for their cause. The fight starts and for 20 seconds the participants high five with their phones as hard as they possibly can to accumulate the most high fives.

Slide 9

The search function allows you to love a current place or thing, or add it if it doesn’t already exist. For example, if you love carrots and no one has loved them before, you can add it.
The same goes for fights and you can search and add them as well.

Slide 10

The website On the website we will show information about the Air Five project, the class behind it, sharing options and top lists.

Slide 11

Soon everybody will be doing it!

Slide 12


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