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A Developer Lap Around Windows Phone 8


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1 - A Developer Lap Around Windows Phone 8

Washington DC Windows Phone Jumpstart

March 2013

Published in: Technology
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A Developer Lap Around Windows Phone 8

  1. 1. Wireless: MSFTGUESTUser: usmsguest pw: D48ueaad
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  3. 3. WP8.0 Games DirectX/Direct 3D & C++• Managed app dev using the WP8.0 XAML & C#/VB with Direct3D Graphics + C++ WP7.1, WP8.0 .NET and Windows Phone Runtime WP8.0 XAML & C#/VB + C++ APIs WP7.1 XNA & C#/VB• Native app dev using WP7.1 XAML & C#/VB Windows Runtime and Win32• Games dev using the WP7.1 .NET API for Windows Win32 & XNA framework Windows Runtime COM• Games dev using Direct3D Phone or DirectX Managed Managed & Native Native
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