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A brief introduction shortly after the //Build conference to help share what information we had on Windows 8

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Windows 8

  1. 1. Windows 8for the professional developer
  2. 2. Introduction/ Windows 8 Developer Preview/ DP > BETA > RC > RTM/ ETAs Unknown/ Builds on top of Windows / Benefit from “Min-Win” / Benefit from drivers for Win7 etc…
  3. 3. User Experience/ Inspiration from / Windows Phone 7: Metro / Internet Explorer 9: Just a stage/ Both a Metro Style UI & Desktop UI/ Touch is a first class feature / Tablet play/ Sample apps are NOT shipping
  4. 4. Key Features/ Performance is better/ Min res: 1024x768/ Sensor Platform / Magnometer, Accelerometer etc… / NFC
  5. 5. Key Features cont./ Reset & Refresh options/ Hyper-V/ Built in ISO support/ ARM support / Win32 will need re-compile/ Run From USB
  6. 6. Security/ SmartScreen Filter is an OS feature/ Windows Defender/ Secure Boot/ Many claims based improvements / User + Device / ACL based on expression / Audit based on claim
  7. 7. Live/ Windows Live Skydrive / 25Gb storage / Free / API/ Core for profile sharing/ Live machine browsing and sharing
  8. 8. Browser vs. Browser/ Internet Explorer 10/ Metro Styled Version & Desktop Version/ Metro Styled does NOT support plug-ins / Flash / Silverlight/ Other differences in them too
  9. 9. Application Development/ Two styles of applications / Desktop Apps built on Win32 or .NET / Metro Style built on WinRT/ Windows Phone 7 apps, not native but can be “tweaked” to run / Most of the controls people use aren’t there
  10. 10. Metro style Apps Desktop Apps HTML / View XAML CSS JavaScriptController Model C/C++ C#, VB HTML C C# (Chakra) JavaScript C++ VB Windows Runtime System Services Communication APIs Graphics & Devices & & Data Media Printing Application Model Internet .NET Win32 Explorer SL Kernel Windows Kernel Services
  11. 11. WinRT/ New base for Metro Style development / Seen as the future replacement for Win32/ HTML 5 OR XAML based for UI / HTML 5 as in Web 2.0 / JavaScript++ (Win.js) / XAML for C#, VB.NET or C++/ App-to-app contracts (charms)/ Isolated Storage/ Brokered Access to system / Cameras, GPS, files etc…
  12. 12. WinRT cont./ Most of API is Async / Anything over 50ms / Threading via ThreadPool is possible/ No GDI+ only DirectX/ Apps can be suspended/ Full screen and docked screen modes/ Windows Push Notification Service
  13. 13. Store/ Can publish all apps: Desktop & Metro Style/ Metro Style buy/install integrated into Windows / Desktop only via web/ Store will test apps, similar to AppHub does/ Telemetry / Downloads, Revenue, Usage, In-App Transactions, Ratings, Crash & Hang data
  14. 14. Start Demo Microsoft Microsoft User Experience Demo! Visual Outlook Studio… 2010Internet Explorer Microsoft Xbox EmulatorDesktop
  15. 15. :(Your presentation ran to the very end, andnow it is time for questions and answers.You can contact the presenter online: