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WinkBall - Digital Leaders Presentation (23.10.2011)


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Published in: Business
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WinkBall - Digital Leaders Presentation (23.10.2011)

  1. 1. Capturing the passion of the people
  2. 2. WinkBall Video Content WinkBall digital content provides the digital marketplace in the UK with video interviews and video content creation services to connect citizens, government and business. To engage with the public and businesses to ensure effective communication, digital delivery needs to harness the emotional power of video. When shifting to online channels, it is vital that businesses harness video: for its efficiency of communication, rich expression of ideas, and its accessibility via channels such as mobile, internet and interactive TV.2 Made in Britain
  3. 3. WinkBall Video Content WinkBall is the British video network that specialises in capturing the public’s passion at events - as they happen - and providing vox pop and video services to clients worldwide. Now the UK’s no. 1 video website, WinkBall’s interactive Video Walls, Blogs, Forums and Messaging technologies create the ultimate online presence by engaging with the people who truly matter. This provides a dynamic, mass media, social and participatory experience to connect with the public and targeted communities.3 Made in Britain
  4. 4. WinkBall Video Content Services include vox-pop creation, consumer interviewing, market research, event coverage, video reporter hire, and business and product videos. Right now, the emotional power of video is a vital part of any organisation’s interaction with its in-house and public users. WinkBall is the only company in the UK that specialises in crossing the real-world and digital marketplaces.4 Made in Britain
  5. 5. WinkBall Video Content Use WinkBall’s branded reporter network to engage clients, interview supporters, distribute merchandise and communicate with citizens. This unique interaction with the people that really matter to your organisation delivers valuable video assets for your flexible use in a way no one else can. Relevant events WinkBall has covered include: national campaigns including Faces for the Forces: to collect 1 million goodwill messages for the troops, joined by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.5 Made in Britain
  6. 6. Summary • For business to innovate in a new and effective manner, it is important that they have access to the creation of video content & video services. • WinkBall captures, edits, digitally processes and hosts all video on a powerful and highly interactive technology platform. • WinkBall has over 300 video reporters ready to cover your events and support your marketing objectives. • WinkBall video reporters undertake more interactions between citizens and government than any other UK business. Since its launch in August 2009, WinkBall has interviewed over 3 million people at over 5,000 events. • Branded vox pops, video walls, video reviews, event montages and virals drive Search Engine Optimisation and creates compelling content for your online and social media communities. • WinkBall offers agencies and their clients a unique space for 360 degree, offline meets online viral marketing.6 Made in Britain
  7. 7. Services to Government Agencies links National Digital Leaders Conference 2011 Transport for London: Cycle Hire Launch Mayor of London: State of London Debate London Development Agency / London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games: London Ambassadors Recruitment Day7 Made in Britain
  8. 8. Services to Government Agencies links continued Labour Party Conference: 2011 Conservative Party Conference: 2011 Liberal Democrat Party Conference: 2011 Kent Council Conference: Applying Technology in the Public Services Nationally Please note: A web connection is required for the links above8 Made in Britain
  9. 9. Services to Industry Links Olympic Team GB / Telegraph: video diaries Marketing Week Live: Olympia Viewtalk Faces for the Forces, a national campaign to collect 1 million goodwill messages for the troops, joined by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. Do You Know Who You’re Voting For? London Loves Business9 Made in Britain
  10. 10. WinkBall Clients10 Made in Britain
  11. 11. Thank you Contact details Pamella Bisson Client Manager 07723 407 724 Waterside House 9 Woodfield Road Direct: +44 20 8962 3035 London W9 2BA +44 20 8962 303011 Made in Britain