IAB - 2012 année du développement de la pub sur mobile


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IAB - 2012 année du développement de la pub sur mobile

  1. 1. 2012 Digital Advertising Growth: Mobile and Video Lead the WayApril 16, 2013
  2. 2. 2Macro Themes in Online Advertising in 2012• 2012 was the year of social marketing as category leaders were acquired by digitalmarketing and enterprise software leaders, paving the way for broader application acrossthe advertising and marketing landscape• Mobile and tablet growth continued to drive considerable investment and strategicactivity− Advertisers played catch up to the consumer in 2012, investing considerableresources to adapt broader advertising objectives to the small screen• Digital video continued to be fueled by changes in consumer behavior− Mobile Consumption + Growing library of TV quality content = Big drivers ofonline video growth• RTB continued to gain mindshare across all digital channels as underlying technologiesmature− A number of leaders emerged in 2012− In 2013, we expect to see multiple IPOs in the category that will help bring greaterclarity to the market
  3. 3. 3Social Has Broad Reaching ImplicationsSocial will increasingly play a role across the digital ecosystemCommerceAdv/Mkt. ContentPayments• Infrastructureunderlying socialcommerce stillprimitive• Facebook alone representsabout 1/3 of total impressionvolume• Facebook now a dataprovider outsider to enhanceadvertising outside offacebook.com• Developing modelsthat tie socialconnectivity into thepath to purchase• Maturing modelsaround advertising inuser generated content
  4. 4. 4Key Factors Driving Mobile Growth - UnderlyingDynamics Remain StrongMobile AppsMobile Smartphone and Tablet ShipmentsSource: Flurry, Apple, Google (Android) press releases.• Explosion in smartphone andtablet form factors continues todrive underlying growth of themobile ecosystem• Mobile app environmentcontinues to grow and mature asbusiness models develop andadvertising budgets grow tosupport the market200mm800mm2009 2012180k1500k2009 2012Source: Gartner, Strategy Analytics.
  5. 5. 5Key Factors Driving Mobile Growth - BroadeningApp Universe• “Killer apps” no longerconcentrated in one or twoniche verticals• New sources of inventoryand context will drivecontinued growth in mobilePaymentsLocalServicesSocialCommunicationsUtilities
  6. 6. 6Key Factors Driving Mobile Growth - DistinctEngagement Environment for BrandsNativeEngagingLocation based• Mobile is creatingfundamentally newways to reachconsumers• Marketing strategies arebeing re-imagined toincorporate new formsof consumer marketing
  7. 7. 7Strategic Interest Has FollowedDigital marketing leaders have been acquiring capabilities across the mobile ecosystemLocation-basedservicesVirtual wallets MobilemarketingIn-storemarketing• New marketing channelsbeing developedorganically and throughM&A• New media opportunitiesbeing created as digitalmarketing leaders acquirebest of breed capabilities
  8. 8. 8Key Factors Driving Video Growth - Shift inConsumer BehaviorSources: Flurry Analytics, Comscore; Monthly minutes include tabletsMonthly Video Minutes on Mobile per Active UserConsumer behavior is leading alarge shift in online video• Digital video has become akiller application for mobileform factors• Streaming digital videocontinues to grow thebreadth and quality ofcontent onlineOver the Top Revenue$2.0bn$8.2bn$20.0bn2009 2012 20153396562009 2012
  9. 9. 9Key Factors Driving Video Growth - FinallyBringing Offline Budgets to Digital VideoSources: GFK research., 18-49 years old for TV viewing; Adapt.tv and Digiday Q1 State of the Industry in Online Video.US Primetime Live TV ViewingIncreased onlinebudget• Advertisers are following users to digital channels• Large content producers are participating in this growth, bringing more TV qualityprogramming online1Q’13Re-allocatedfrom TV% of re-allocation83%82%64%2004 2008 201272%39%11%
  10. 10. 10Continued Influence of RTBSources: e-Marketer, Forrester Research research commissioned by SpotExchange.Technology and transparency leading to greater buying efficiencies for advertisersOnline Display and Video RTB spend ($mm)• RTB continues to gaintraction across channels• Is RTB helping to increasethe pie for digitaladvertising?− 22% of online video spending through RTB− 19% of total digital display ad spending throughRTB2013:$968.0$1,948.0$3,363.0$190.0$387.0$667.02011 2012 2013E
  11. 11. 11• New York now consistently #2 tech hubbehind SF Bay Area− $5.6 billion invested in Digital NYcompanies since 2006− ~200 Digital NY companies haveraised $5 million+ of outside capital− ~150 investors focused on DigitalNY• Leading digital/internet companiesmoving into area− Twitter opens office in late 2011– eBay building an innovation centerin the CityA Word About the New York Scenewww.gridleydigitalny.com
  12. 12. 12Digital Dealings – 2012 in Review and Outlook• Facebook fallout• Mixed bag from others• Investors favored B2B modelsIPO• Social  Enterprise• Tech & team by “new kids”M&A• More $ volume at higher valuations• Market leaders clarified and raisedthe stakes through new moneyFundraising• Lots of IPOs of all sizes comingif market holds up• LOTS of tech & team, smallerdeals• Continued premiums paid forperceived market leaders• $50 million is the new $20 millionand $20 million is the new $10 million• High valuations paid for experiencedteams in uncrowded markets2012 Predictions for 2013
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