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So gelingt Digitale Transformation – Kernaussagen einer Capgemini/MIT-Studie


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Vortrag zum Thema “So gelingt Digitale Transformation – Kernaussagen einer Capgemini/MIT-Studie“ von DI Bernd Bugelnig anlässlich des Unic E-Business Breakfast am 24. Oktober 2013 in Wien.

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So gelingt Digitale Transformation – Kernaussagen einer Capgemini/MIT-Studie

  1. 1. So gelingt die Digitale Transformation – Kernaussagen einer Capgemini/MIT-Studie Business Breakfast 24.10.2013 DI Bernd Bugelnig Transform to the power of digital
  3. 3. Compared to previous industrial revolutions digitization is mainly driven by consumer behavior and demands Digital Transformation Facts Business perspective Tipping points 50% 141 billion searches each month on Google More than of all workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2014 e-commerce revenues in 2012 (+19% year on year growth expected in 2013) Facebook exceeds the population of Apple announced in April 2012 that its App Store has reached users (at end 2012), thereof 960 million in China and 880 million in India 80% of American consumers rely on their social networks when searching for products to buy With 1.1 billion members the user base of Europe > 6 billion mobile > $1 trillion global Digital usage 25 billion app downloads 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube announced in May 2011 that it is now selling more electronic books through Kindle than printed books 425 million of these users access the service with their mobile devices Mobile data traffic will 26-fold grow between 2010 and 2015 Sources: Press releases; company websites; Cisco Visual Networking Index; JP Morgan; International Telecommunications Union Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Renewal of business model might be an imperative for not being oust by new entrants taking advantage of digital innovations Example: Blockbuster’s lack of adaption EXAMPLE Market valuation (million USD) Blockbuster (established in 1999) Value Proposition  Started as an online DVD rental company in 1999  Launched personal movie recommendation system in 2000  Introduced streaming service in 2007 Operations/ Customers (established in 1985)  Traditional DVD rental business  DVD rental through brick and mortar stores and online 8400  Launched online DVD rental business in 2004  No physical presence  More than 6,000 stores in 2010  900 employees  48,000 employees as of Jan. 2010  26 million streaming members as of Dec. 2011  2 million online subscribers in 2006 Valuated at $4.9 billion as of April 2012  Decreasing physical customer base 24 1994 2010 Bankrupt in 2010 Sources: Capgemini Analysis; Company Websites, Annual Reports Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Digging deeper: In a joint study with the MIT we achieved a better understanding how companies leverage Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Study 157 Interviews 50 Companies Billion-Dollar Companies 15 Countries IT and Business Executives Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Key findings (1/5): Common pressures « It’s hard to imagine the brutality of the change in consumers’ behaviour » COO of a global CP company Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Key findings (2/5): Broadly common activities – the building blocks of Digital Transformation Customer Experience Customer understanding • Analytics-based segmentation • Socially-informed knowledge Top line growth • Digitally-enhanced selling • Predictive marketing • Streamlined customer processes Customer touch points • Customer service • Cross-channel coherence • Self service • • Unified Data & Processes Analytics Capability e Operational Processes e Digitally-modified businesses Process digitalization • Performance improvement • New features • Product/service augmentation • Transitioning physical to digital • Digital wrappers Worker enablement New Digital Businesses • Working anywhere anytime • Broader and faster communication • Community knowledge sharing • Digital products • Reshaping organizational boundaries Digital Globalization Performance management • Enterprise Integration • Redistribution decision authority • Shared digital services • Operational transparency • Data-driven decision-making Digital Capabilities Business Model • • Business & IT Integration Solution Delivery Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. Key findings (3/5): Different results – Key challenges on Digital Transformation Limited Transformative Digital Vision Missing Digital Capabilities Missing skills “(Only) 40% of the companies (in focus) envision a radical transformation.” Unclear Business Case 77% Culture Issues 55% Ineffective IT 50% Ineffective Coordination Central coordination 40% 18% Global 18% Hub 24% Silo Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. Key findings (4/5): Best practises - Focus on the “How” more than on the “What” DIGITAL GOVERNANCE THE “HOW” DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT DIGITAL VISION TRANSFORMATIVE DIGITAL VISION THE “WHAT” DIGITAL INVESTMENT SKILLS INITIATIVES ITERATIVE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Key findings (5/5): Digital maturity matrix 13% FASHIONISTAS 17% DIGIRATI • Many advanced digital features (such as social, mobile) in silos • No overarching vision • Strong overarching digital vision • Good governance Digital intensity • Underdeveloped coordination • Many digital initiatives generating business value in measurable ways • Digital culture may exist in silos • Strong Digital culture BEGINNERS 50% CONSERVATIVES 19% • Overarching digital vision exists, but may be underdeveloped • May be carrying out some experiments THE “WHAT” • Management skeptical of the business value of advanced digital technologies • Few advanced digital features, though traditional digital capabilities many be mature • Immature digital culture • Strong digital governance across silos • Taking active steps to build digital skills and culture Transformation management intensity % sample of MIT study THE “HOW” Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. We have delivered projects across most domains of the Digital Transformation framework... Customer experience Operational Processes Business Model BMW Finance BMW Retail Digital Strategy Copyright © 2013 Capgemini Consulting. All rights reserved. 11