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Mobile Marketing is Your Future


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A presentation I gave at the Marketing Natives event in Vienna on Monday 15 September 2014 looking at the importance of mobile marketing, some innovation in mobile advertising and the job opportunities in the sector.

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Mobile Marketing is Your Future

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing is Your Future A talk for Marketing Natives, Vienna by Helen Keegan ©Helen Keegan 2014. All rights reserved. Images used under Creative Commons Licence
  2. 2. Agenda • Setting the scene • The mobile marketing landscape • Innovation in mobile marketing • Q&A
  3. 3. Who’s here? • Helen Keegan – 14 years experience in mobile media, advertising and marketing – 5 years b2b marketing experience – 10 years fashion retail experience – Blogs at – Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @technokitten – Organiser of Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival, Swedish Beers Mobile Networking and more
  4. 4. Ask questions! This is your session. Get the most out of it  Photograph licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v1.0 / Creative Commons
  6. 6. It’s big • Subscriptions – 7 billion & rising • In regular usage ~4bn – China > 1 billion – India 950 million • Mobile devices now exceed traditional computers in unit sales and revenue – 70% of US device sales are now smartphones • Check Chetan Sharma Consulting & Mary Meeker for more Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting 2013
  7. 7. In 3 to 5 years, with few exceptions, if a company is not doing the MAJORITY of its digital business on mobile, it is going to be irrelevant. Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting
  8. 8. Mobile now accounts for ALL online retail growth Source Mobile Entertainment Magazine
  9. 9. And in Austria • Almost 48% Smartphone penetration • Of those, 98% access the internet daily from their phone • 76% use messaging daily (email, SMS, other) • Typically have 28 apps installed, use 10 of them regularly. Only 5 are paid for. Source:
  10. 10. Room for growth in Austria! Source:
  12. 12. AVOCARROT
  13. 13. What is avocarrot? • A mobile ad network for indie developers who care about user experience. • Instantly make money from your free apps using native ads that don't spam your users and does not interrupt the user experience • Shows only quality ads to users that provide real value. Users get discounts from shops they love or suggestions for apps that they might find interesting. • Average eCPM over the last six months was $2
  15. 15. What does Future Ad Labs do? • Innovative ad formats that offer far more than anything else out there • Turn sources of frustration on the web into delightful experiences • Generating incremental new revenue streams for websites
  16. 16. PlayCaptcha 300 million opportunities to generate revenue daily
  17. 17. Some of the brands using this Click here to play Click here to play Click here to play Click here to play Click here to play Click here to play
  18. 18. PlayRoll Click here to play 100 million opportunities to generate revenue daily
  19. 19. Proven results 91% Agreed that our games are more engaging than banner ads* *Source: OnDevice Independent Research, 2014
  20. 20. A glimpse into your future as marketers MOBILE MARKETING GROWTH
  21. 21. 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Mobile Marketing Growth US 2012 2015 US $ Billions Predicted growth $10.5bn Overheads Advertising Direct Response CRM $30.4bn $19.8 bn $10.6bn Overheads=agency fees, PR fees, media measurement, metrics services Source: MMA Economic Impact Study 2013
  22. 22. Employment Impact of Mobile Marketing: USA Year Number of jobs 2012 524,000 2015 1,400,000 Growth rate 44% Source: MMA Economic Impact Study 2013
  23. 23. Employment Growth Source: MMA Economic Impact Study 2013
  24. 24. Mobile: essential skill
  25. 25. Email marketing is dead. Long live email marketing • 36% open rate on mobile in 2012 • 65% January 2014 • Email is now a mobile first environment
  26. 26. The future is mobile – are you prepared? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR YOU?
  27. 27. • Be aware of your own mobile usage and that of your friends and family. Learn from it. • Think about the mobile apps and services you use and why • Access more content on your mobile. Critique the experience. • Consider mobile first. • Teach yourself. Your teachers cannot teach you this stuff.
  28. 28. It’s time to create your own future The future of mobile marketing is in your hands.
  29. 29. GOOD LUCK!
  30. 30. Contact Helen Keegan @technokitten