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Pirates, Princesses and Trains, Oh My! Folsom Public Library Picture Book Reorganization


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Inspired by public libraries with similar projects, the Folsom Public Library reorganized our large picture book collection during the summer of 2012. Project was coordinated by Debbie Centi and Kathy Nemes of the Youth Services Department. For more information contact

Presentation at Bay Area Regional ELF 2.0 Networking Meeting San Jose Public Library March 5,, 2014.

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Pirates, Princesses and Trains, Oh My! Folsom Public Library Picture Book Reorganization

  1. 1. Pirates, Princesses and Trains, oh my! 5 Reasons for Themed Browsing in Picture Book Collections Folsom Public Library, Folsom, CA Kathy Nemes and Debbie Centi
  2. 2. A little background:  Picture Book Collection growing larger (12,000 items)  Increased patron demand for easy location of materials.  Inspired by other libraries with similar projects.
  3. 3. Reason#1 Highlights variety of collection.  Picture books divided into 12 sections. Bedtime Celebrations Concepts Favorites Growing Up Nature (Animals) Poems/Rhymes/Songs Read Along Stories Tales (Folk & Fairy) Things That Go! Wordless
  4. 4. Reason#2 Increases circulation.  Adding age appropriate nonfiction titles increased their circulation.  Overall picture book circulation has increased.
  5. 5. Reason#3 Everyone can help patrons locate popular titles/subjects.  Library staff  Volunteers  Other patrons
  6. 6. Reason#4 Opportunity to evaluate services for kids and families.  Highlighted areas for expansion.  Adults needed more directional signage.  Children needed visual clues.
  7. 7. Color signage matches color labels.
  8. 8. Kids needed more visual clues. After seeking feedback from patrons, we began adding pictures of iconic characters and popular subjects like dinosaurs, pirates and princesses.
  9. 9. Reason#5 Happy families!  Patrons empowered to self-serve.  Kids now share the browsing experience!  Lots of positive feedback.
  10. 10. Positive Feedback  I really like it. It’s much more fun to browse.  Love you constantly improving the experience at the library!  I like that the books are easier to see and sort through now.  I would say it’s easier for the kids to find books. I’m still getting used to it. But, it looks great and is very user friendly!  I think it’s a good system for my kids, it’s easier for them to find their own books – just a learning curve for me!