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Top tv installers – south africa


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Top tv installers – south africa

  1. 1. Top TV Installers – South AfricaThe major satellite TV providers such as DirecTV and Dish Network are keen to make it easy to get set up with asatellite TV system in your home. Because of this, they offer free standard professional installation when you order asatellite TV service from them or from any of their retailers. So you dont really have to look for other Satellite TVinstallers.When you order your free satellite TV system, you will usually get DirecTV or Dish Network receivers setup in up to 4rooms including HD and DVR receivers for free. They also offer free shipping and handling because the equipment isshipped to a certified local satellite TV installer who then brings all the equipment you need to your home forinstallation.DirecTV and other satellite TV providers have a nationwide network of local satellite TV installers. During theinstallation of your satellite TV system, some providers also allow you to make changes to your order. For example,with DIRECTV, you can add a DirecTV service to another room or upgrade to DVR or HD while the Satellite TVInstallers are at your home.Top TV Installers South AfricaThe Free standard professional satellite TV installation from both Dish Network and Direct TV usually include:- Mounting of the satellite TV dish on an outside wall with all the required hardware and equipment.- Enough cable for standard receivers and for advanced product installations.- The hardware that is needed to mount and ground your satellite antenna.- Routing of all cables to TVs and connection of receivers to the phone line.- Connection of the TV, Satellite TV Receivers, VCR and DVD player and activation of satellite TV programming.- Installation of additional receivers and custom installations may also be available for a chargeOnce your Satellite TV System is installed, the satellite TV installer will demonstrate how to use the System, includingprogramming you’re remote, and any services associated with your satellite TV.If you prefer installing the satellite TV yourself, then you wont need satellite TV installers. To receive Satellite TVprogramming, your home needs a clear view of the southern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. If youre rentingyour property, you need your landlords permission before proceeding with installation.