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Freench revolution - the new Freebox by Free

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Freench revolution - the new Freebox by Free

  1. 1. Freench Revolution How France became world leader in Internet access Arnaud LEMPEREUR & David METGE –January 28th 2011
  2. 2. History (1/2) Minitel 56k modems ADSL modems 2001: Local-loopunbundling
  3. 3. History (2/2) 1st Box: 2002 (Freebox) Innovation Revolution Blue OceanStrategy Followed by otheroperators
  4. 4. 2010: Revolutionyear Several years to prepare Teasing for several months “The only way this works is to make a revolution” X.Niel
  5. 5. Freebox Revolution
  6. 6. Revolution Part I
  7. 7. Connectivity Switch Gigabit Opticfiber Wifi 802.11n ethernet port 450Mbps
  8. 8. Features DECT GyroscopicTo Frontal 2 speakers compliant uchscreen USB port
  9. 9. Icing on the cake 250 GB NAS hard disk Seedbox
  10. 10. Revolution Part II
  11. 11. Where everything begins… ...with power finally adapted to the use and low energy consumption
  12. 12. Let’s watch a movie Blue Ray Reader (to profit from HD on TV) High Definition 1080p / 3D Dolby Surround sound Compatible with all video and audio formats
  13. 13. TV channel Pre-visualization
  14. 14. Theater encyclopedia with AlloCine
  15. 15. Surf on the internet through the TV Remote controller as a mouse… … and it’s still comfortable!
  16. 16. Gyroscopic radio remote control
  17. 17. Let’splay!
  18. 18. Just beforebuying
  19. 19. Questions?

Editor's Notes

  • Minitel: best thing FT has made… ever! (1978) Now: 2 millions french people usingit. But in september 2011: endHow about a date on theseevents… or at least on the minitel…
  • Why NOT POOL several services (telephone, internet access, television….) => boxThenfollowed by french operatorsIsn’t Free (Illiad) a French firm? So you have to say « other »… but the otherwordsaren’treallynecessary… Instead of 5 wordsnowyou have 4.
  • Strange Invitation « Major innovation »Severalyears jobThis doesn’twork. Sinceusingyear as an adjective «  The only way this works is to make a revolution »
  • Design by StarckFuturistic and vintage design at the same time (wordstalking about string theory and quantum physics)« This is not a box »Democratic (cheap for whatitdoes)Revolutionnary ( the onlylimitisour imagination)2 boxes:Freebox ServerFreebox Player
  • Wifi: 802,11n 3X3 =>only box to dosoI animated the texts…
  • NAS: Network Attached StorageUpNpprotocolSeedbox: private dedicated server used for the uploading and downloadingF*CK HADOPISeedboxes are also used to circumvent speed throttling by ISPs or evade national laws such as the HADOPI law in FranceBecause of the mentioned high speeds, seedboxes tend to be popular inside private torrent trackers, where maintaining an upload/download ratio above 1 can be very importanGigz are you sure? 250 GB or 250 Gig
  • Find any movie’s data sheet
  • No need to take aim at the Freebox anymore with radio wave remote (and you can put it in the corner of the room out of the way)+ possibility to control the freebox with a smartphone or a computer
  • Joystick included in the pack
  • Freebox’sappstoreIn your conclusion give us a quick quick run through of what you told us… and then finish with 3 points…. (for example )“So this is the new Freebox:….. that provides a new, better and innovative user experience. It lets you watch TV and movies and includes a DVR (digital video recorder), it lets you surf on the internet, and it lets you play video games. It clearly merits its name…The revolution Freebox! The Free-ench Revolution.Perhaps you have some questions or comments?”
  • Appels mobiles illimités