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About Daniel. Now with pictures!


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About Daniel. Now with pictures!

  1. 1. Howdy. My name is Daniel Jean Pierre Riveong. Oh, I know. It sounds ridiculous.I like going for the old eccentric professor look.
  2. 2. I studied war strategy in university. My biggest moment was interviewing Harlan Ullman, co-author of Shock & Awe. I was accepted at King’s College of London for their graduate-level War Studies Program, but opted to battle technology & media instead.
  3. 3. A!ter doing web development, design, analytics, corporate training in my +10 year career, I became the BOSS (GM of Asia) for a digital marketing agency called estorm international. I love BOSS co!fee. Within that time, I also went to Stanford University for Risk Management & Strategic Decision Thinking.
  4. 4. When not thinking about war strategy or media & technology, I get obsessive about design. I’m keen on everything about design: Hello Kitty aesthetics to Bentwood Chair 214 (the first mass- produced chair) and industrial design approach to innovation. I like getting whimsy at Hello Kitty Town.
  5. 5. I love venturing into new worlds by writing about them… Strategy Unit (2005-2006) Wrote over 100 articles on war strategy and security studies, especially energy security, fourth generation warfare, and terrorism. Emergence Media (2006 to 2009) Wrote over 140 articles on digital marketing and was syndicated on two marketing websites. Parivartin (2013 to Present) Just getting started on this one. I’d like to see how global trends connect – technology, media, warfare, urban planning, and socioeconomic upheavals. Wonder where this goes?
  6. 6. So that’s me! Daniel Riveong. I’m interested in building teams, conducting market research, doing risk management, applying phenomenology to design thinking for analysis to brainstorming, and being devoured by my own promethean lust to know everything. Talk to me at: I also love Berlin! This photo is from Mitte.