3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog


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Find out the three main reasons why businesses must have a blog.

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog

  1. 1. Here are three great reasons to add a blog to yourbusiness marketing strategy:Stickiness – When you buy a yellow page ad for $10,000you know it has a stickiness of one year.When you buy an ad in the newspaper, it has a stickinessof one day, or as many days as you place ads in thenewspaper, and when you buy an ad in the monthlymagazine, your ad has a stickiness of 30 days, or possiblea bit longer if the magazine get’s kept or put into awaiting room.
  2. 2. When you publish a blog post, it sticks for as long as youkeep the website or blog hosted…I have blog posts which I wrote 2 years ago thatstill get 10 – 20 visitors a day!The stickiness of good blog posts, which are welloptimized, for a specific subject matter can providebusiness leads infinitum…or as long as you keep thehosting account going.I’m not saying abandon the other methods if they areworking for your business, but certainly add a blog to yourmarketing arsenal!
  3. 3. Credibility – Blogging allows you to become anauthority in your business niche, because over time, ifyou blog consistently using WordPress, you WILL start torank for searches on your subject matter.What most people don’t realize is that every timeyou publish a post, you are effectively publishinga mini one-page website, which can be ranked onits own merit by the search engines.
  4. 4. So continuously creating content and adding value topeople who are searching for information on yoursubject, will start to find more and more content whichyou’ve produced, by default you look like a specialist onthe subject.If someone searches on “mortgage broker training” andyou have 3 blog posts ranking on the first page, thenpeople will notice and will start to put their trust in you.Trust means sales in a very basic way. Post regularly andyou’ll get results!
  5. 5. Relevance – The number one thing Google is looking foris highly relevant content, so it is important to write bothunique AND helpful content on your business blog.The more you can provide help and usefulinformation, the more and higher you’ll rank.
  6. 6. But the knock-on effect of creating and publishing newcontent is to make sure to intra-link your content. Thisback-linking is one way in which Google judges thevalue, or relevance, of your site.So what you’ll do is write a few pieces of truly pillararticles, so if you are into finance then write an article oninterest rates, then every time you use the term “interestrates” in any other blog, you’ll create a hyperlink fromthose words in the new post which links back to the pillarpost on “interest rates”.
  7. 7. Slowly but surely, your pillar articles will start torank better because of all the contextual backlinks point to it.This process does take time, but can be very powerfulfor the long-term business blogger!The reasons why you should have a business blog farexceeds these three obvious ones, so I cannot stateenough the value of starting a business blog now!
  8. 8. So if you want to improve the stickiness of yourcontent, and improve your credibility as an authority inyour niche while also building a back lined empire ofrelevant pillar articles, then you should start a businessblog today!Special Tip – Sign Up with HostGator to Host Your NewBusiness Blog and Use the Promo Code Word –“WordPress” – and You’ll Get Your First Month for $1Written by Your SEO Coach
  9. 9. Get Your Business Found Faster!