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Linked Open Data for cities at SemTechBiz 2013 (San Francisco)


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Showing how to use open source tools to create linked open data. Provided a first view into the Linked Data Orchestration process that is easy to use and support the triplification process including the publishing of datasets as SPARQL endpoint.

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Linked Open Data for cities at SemTechBiz 2013 (San Francisco)

  1. 1. Daniel Hladky, Ontos AGLinked Open Data for CitiesIncrease transparency and enable new servicesTuesday, June 4, 201303:45 PM – 04:30 PMLevel: Business/Strategic
  2. 2. Agenda•  Motivation•  Based on a real story•  Why (L) Open data•  Transformation “Triplication to 5 star”•  Proof of Concept “Demonstrator”•  Tools and Next Steps
  3. 3. Moving from Morges to Biel•  Which is the best neighborhood to live If I want to have:•  A Child care center•  Bilingual school•  Handicapped parking for visiting friends•  Closest from work•  What are the taxes in Biel compared with Morges?•  How much are the housing prices compared with Morges?MorgesBiel
  4. 4. Child care centers
  5. 5. Child care centersl  7 child care centers on google mapsl  17 child care centers on pdf from
  6. 6. Elementary Schools
  7. 7. Elementary Schoolsl  1 bilingual elementary school on google mapsl  9 elementary schools in ? bilingual
  8. 8. Community Taxes
  9. 9. Community Taxesl  Found 2011 statistics for Families having a 80,000 annual revenuel  Manually compared Morges (11.4%) vs Bienne (12.2%)
  10. 10. Data exists but ...l  In several of different placesl  Googlel  Biel-Bienne.chl  Homegate.chl  www.bfs.admin.chl  Most in a format that cannot be reused, or needs to be adaptedl  Google mapsl  Documents (html, pdf, xls)l  At different granularity levelsl  Data ownership
  11. 11. Access to
  12. 12. Open Linked DatamarketingculturepopulationORPsports...educationwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww WWWBFSWikipedia(dbpedia)WWWWWW
  13. 13. Access Open Linked datamarketingculturepopulationORPsports...educationwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww WWWWWW
  14. 14. Why (L) Open Data of Reasons•  Sharing of Data•  Transparency•  Meet regulatory compliance•  Initiate Innovation (and new economy)•  Build new Apps that help people (Hackathons)•  Engagement (Collaboration)More on (J. Holm)Guidelines and Formats
  15. 15. Transformation “Triplication”Do you think people fromthe city understand allthe technical jargon?
  16. 16. Creating Linked Open Data•  Getting the data•  Modeling your data – schema•  Transforming your data•  Create applications
  17. 17. Data Sources•  Local government data Biel/Bienne website - 1 star data•  Marketing, Sports, Events, etc.•  Most of data not open or in PDF•  Swiss statistics – 4 stars data•  Open data in excel•  Moving to 5 stars•  Web data –five stars data•  Open street maps•  Wikipedia•  295 open datasets in 2011
  18. 18. Transforming your dataFree and open source tools:•  LOD2 stack•  D2R[Q]•  LIMES•  …•  Biel/Bienne use case : LODGRefine•  Extension of Google Refine for LOD•  Import data from cvs, xls•  Clean/Refine your data•  Associate data with chosen vocabularies•  Link your data with other open datasets•  Export to RDF
  19. 19. Triplication ProcessVocabulary(Ontology,schema)Refine,Clean,LinkInsert,ExposeRDFSPARQLEndpointTools:OpenRefineRDF Refine (DERI)Google Refine (old)Publish the Data CatalogueWe use “OntoQUAD”(…there are manyRDF graph databases)
  20. 20. Ontology Model based on
  21. 21. Clean data and link to ontology stackZRH, Zürich, Zuerich, Zurich
  22. 22. LODGRefine
  23. 23. Summary Iq Collect data from Web and store in XLS (CSV)q Model Ontologyq Clean data using OpenRefine / LODRefineq Connect CSV colons to RDF(ontology)and Reconcile (link to other data) “5 star”q Export the RDFq Load RDF to Graph database (OntoQUAD)and publish the data as SPARQL endpointand/or on a datacatalogue
  24. 24. Orchestration of Linked (O) DataUsing as many as possible Open Source Tools-  From the LOD2 stack (LIMES) “EU FP7 project”-  D2RQ from FU Berlin and DERI (and others)-  NLP engines-  RDF Store (OntoQUAD, Virtuoso, etc)OntoQUAD – BSBM May 2013
  25. 25. Proof of Concept “Demonstrator”Biel/Bienne demo of what can be achievedwith open linked data•  Which is the best neighborhood to live If I want tohave:•  A Child care center•  Bilingual school•  Handicapped parking for visiting friends …•  How much are the housing prices compared withMorges?
  26. 26. Open (Linked) Data for City Biel-Bienne
  27. 27. Open (Linked) Data for City Biel-Bienne
  28. 28. Open (Linked) Data for City Biel-Bienne
  29. 29. Open (Linked) Data for City Biel-Bienne
  30. 30. Open (Linked) Data for City Biel-Bienne
  31. 31. Future VisionStructureDataStructureDataPrivate DataSourcesPublic OpenData (LOD)Convertto RDFLinkingFusionMultiLingWebPublishExposeRDFSPARQLEndpointTransforming & Triplication for 5star Linked Open DataOrchestration
  32. 32. Imagine other scenariosl  Companies settling in Biell  Students needsl  Small and medium companies marketingl  Public health needsl  ...
  33. 33. Benefitsl  Data accessibilityl  Create useful and dedicated applicationsl  Understandable datal  Transparencyl  Statistics of the cityl  Analysis of data
  34. 34. QuestionsThank You