Peter Bjørn Larsen - Öresund Smart City Hub


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Peter Bjørn Larsen - Öresund Smart City Hub

  1. 1. Øresund Smart City Hub & Öresund Smart City Hub International examples of Open Data PlatformsProject Manager: Peter Bjørn Larsen, ÖresundskomiteenKick-off meeting for Big Data VIZ, Danish Design CenterCopenhagen March 12, 2013 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. The Global, European and national innovationagenda Focus on: Ø  Grand challenges Ø  Demand-driven innovation •  Role of the cities and data? Ø  Test and demonstration •  Role of the cities and data? 3
  4. 4. EU’s Smart City Philosophy4
  5. 5. BUT,……. Ø  How do we identify the demand (challenges)? •  Smart city approach concrete challenges Ø  How do we ensure innovative procurement/tenders? •  Knowledge in municipalities new technologies Ø  How do we form innovation partnerships creating innovative solutions, regional growth and export opportunities?5
  6. 6. Aim of the projectØ  Find the answers! – and test/create a model for a permanent platform where we: •  Use the challenges related to sustainability goals in the municipalities as a driver for economic growth with focus on smart city solutions •  Create a common cross-border platform for identifying opportunities for collaboration •  Data an important element •  Make the region a leading smart city test-bed region for smart cities and ensure that the local competences are used in full6
  7. 7. spurring innovation with public sector dataA Creative Dublin Alliance project Supported and Powered by IBM Technologies
  8. 8. What is Dublinked?An initiative of Dublin City Council, DunLaoghaire-Rathdown,South Dublin, Fingal County Councils, and NUI Maynooth, aspart of the Creative Dublin Alliance, Launched 2011Strong political backing!An innovation network focussed on economic developmentusing public-sector dataA portal for the discovery of static and dynamic data aboutthe Dublin Region, from public and private sources.A single-point-of-contact for new companies and users whowish to engage with the public sector for data requests andproject proposals
  9. 9. What is Dublinked? Dublinked MNCs, SMEsIndependent Academia, DataStores SEARCH Public Sector, Citizens Federated DataStores, with a unified discovery engine All data to be directly machine accessible (RDF, URI) Usage supported by workshops and training events
  10. 10. Planning Data Public sector data - A good place to start as the data is already available Committed person at the data provider is important Two types og data (Open vs. Restricted) In theory it should be easy, all 4 local authorities used the same system and captured similar data......... But, It took at least 6 months to actually manage to produce a common output format. Problems arose such as: -  projections -  export formats (eg: CSV vs SHP vs KML) -  same content but different titles -  different software versions causing problems
  11. 11. Events & Activities
  12. 12. Dublinked – Activities Ø  Data Access and Requests Ø  Project Proposals and Partner Search Ø  Innovation Events and Thematic Workshops Ø  DubMeets Series Ø  Technical & Legal 12
  13. 13. Lessons Learnt Data quality is critical and is difficult to achieve The process of releasing data from organisations is slower than one would expect – often for perfectly valid reasons The process of encouraging people to innovate with public-sector data is equally slow – an education process Database needs to be located in a neutral location Unexpectedly many different forms of public sector data can offer diverse opportunities for new businesses Large interest from different types of regional actors
  14. 14. Thank you!! E-mail: Tel: +45 31316844 Links to international examples: Dublin: Helsinki: Amsterdam: data?lang=en London: