Ontos Talk at LSWT 2013


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Semantic Web Day 2014 in Leipzig about Triplification of Data into RDF and the orchestration of the process.

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Ontos Talk at LSWT 2013

  1. 1. LinkEASY (Prototyp) Linked Data Prozess Orchestrierung LSWT2013 – 23.9.2013 (11:15 – 12:45) Daniel Hladky, Ontos AG/GmbH 1
  2. 2. OntoQuad SPARQL RDF Store Structured data sources like CSV, XLS, RDBMS Unstructured text document sources like HTML Extraction and conversion tools “LinkEASY” Data storages LOD Cloud SPARQL endpoint Datasets RDBMS BI, Reporting, Analisys OntosMiner / Eventos
  3. 3. Sales Process Phases (Roles) Key Activities (*Required to move to next Phase) Result Identification (Sales/PS/BSPM/Reg. Mktg.) Qualification (Sales/PS) Cover-the-Buying Center (Sales/PS/Services) Proposal (Sales/PS) Qualified OpportunityAppointment Obtained at the Right Level Personalized Proposal Submitted Relationships with all BC-Members Order/Contract Signed and Booked PHASE 1 Decision (Sales/PS/Services) o  Proposal presented to all key members of the Buying Center o  Evaluation committee has recommended us (formal) o  Build trust and credibility within top mgmt. o  Solicit feedback from influential Buying Center members o  Closely observe and respond to competitors activities o  Restate value propositions o  Decision-maker says we have won (formal) o  All business and legal issues resolved (Approvals obtained & date set for contract signing) o  Perform win/loss analysis (with customer) PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 PHASE 5 o  Collect information and organization chart about customer (Internet, Annual Report) o  Target clients defined based on Target Customer Profile o  Identify other sources of new opportunities (contact list, by customer, by partner, ..) o  Define the best procedure to contact this prospect (cold call, letter, exhibition, …) o  Obtain appointment o  Prepare meeting agenda o  Prepare appointment o  Execute initial visit (Michelin structure) o  Identify opportunities and check with PQP to identify strengths and concerns - Strong need/pain - Feasibility - Budget - Management support - Competition/USP - Decision criteria - Timeframe - Buying Center - ROI - Turnover vs. effort - Reliable Coach - Joint Action Plan - Cross validation o  Define strategy (use Opportunity Roadmap if project size requires) o  GO/NO-GO Decision o  Set up OIAG Team selling after GO-decision (if applicable)à („YES“ decision)* o  Gain access to all roles in the Buying Center o  All Technical issues resolved (Bus. Req. identified) o  Understand individual - Degree of influence - Perception of urgency - Business and personal goals - Decision criteria - Opinion o  Identify at least one Coach o  Define a win:win solution and convincing value propositions o  Select reference site (if necessary) o  Lobbying at the right level o  Understand and neutralize competitors o  Submit preliminary contract (if appropriate) o  GO/NO-GO decision („YES“ decision)* o  Personalized presentations based on individual needs o  All technical issues resolved or proof step completed (final review) o  Develop proposal (value proposition, solution) - Team o  Validate proposal contents and ROI statement (final review) with coach o  Fix date for presentation of proposal o  T&Cs submitted o  Solve open questions o  Monitor activities of competitors o  Evaluation Committee has recommended us/ Decision maker says we have won (verbal) Note: Go to Qualification & Cover the Buying Center if project is identified late Project submitted to Pipeline Project submitted to Forecast (‘Mandatory’ Activities in bold print)
  4. 4. Verkaufsprozess - Informationsmodel 4 related_to related_to has has consists_of consists_of consists_of CRM: MS; SAP, SugarCRM, etc
  5. 5. Verkaufsprozess und Quellen 5 Information Sources
  6. 6. LD Prozess Orchestrierung „Triplifizierung - Information Integration “ “LinkEASY Prototyp” 6
  7. 7. Herausforderung “Komplexität” 7 D2RQ
  8. 8. LDP Orchestration Framework Object Link DiscoveryOntology mapperMiner / MiniDix Ontology to RDB mappings Ontologies LOD Discovery Results Meta Information Database OntoQuad RDF Database Ontology Editor Ontologyto RDBMapper Instance Editor SPARQL endpoint D2RQ/R2RML Automatic Link Discovery Manual Editing and Correction External Relational Database WWW Download Ontologies Create and modify Ontologies Edit RDF Objects Open Data Set - 2 Open Data Set - n Open Data Set -1 Link RDF Database Objects to Open Data Set Objects Map Ontology to RDB and generate RDF dataset OntoQuad plays role of the central Storage for the collected triplified RDF data LDP Orchestrierung “Vision”
  9. 9. 1. Ontologie / Vocabular 9 ! ! OntoDix
  10. 10. 2. Binding Data Set 10 ! !
  11. 11. 3. Mapp Ontologie to Dataset 11 ! Mapp and create RDF dataset
  12. 12. Linking (LIMES)
  13. 13. CRM (SugarCRM) 13
  14. 14. CRM - News 14
  15. 15. CRM – ERP Data 15
  16. 16. CRM - DBpedia 16
  17. 17. Zusammenfassung 17 CentOS Android
  18. 18. LDP Orchestration - Outlook ¤ Web Applikation ¤  Linking, Fusion ¤  Monitoring ¤  WorkFlow / Customizing ¤  Widgets ¤  “Easy to Use” ¤  ToolBox - LIMES, SILK, etc - D2RQ, Sparqlify, etc ¤ Research Project 2014+ ¤  Interested ? Contact me 18 !
  19. 19. Q&A Daniel Hladky Ontos AG / GmbH Schweiz / Leipzig T: +41 32 33292-50 M: +41 79 35350-43 E: daniel.hladky@ontos.com 19 OntoQUAD (free non-commercial use) http://www.ontos.com/products/ontoquad/ontoquad-registration/