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Why I like to play with her hair? That’s easy. Because her hair is long, so    anyway. And she was only eleven year old. S...
“Whatever you want.”                                                           “Of course I am.” Emily crooked her eyebrow...
At school and after recess                                                              “Don’t worry.” He suddenly said. “...
Home sweet home                                                                          Emily looked down at her mother’s...
Emily looked at him. In her head she was imagining of hitting him             When the whooshing sound has gone, she opene...
Dear Diary,                                                                    Dear Diary,

I was wrong about yesterday. ...
PUSHED ME OFF MY SWING. MY NEW WHITE SKIRT GOT DIRTY                                      “Lily!”
Emily could feel hot blood swarmed around her face. “What do
you mean by that?”
           He laughed to the sky. “I like ...
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When comes the rain part 1


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When comes the rain part 1

  1. 1. Why I like to play with her hair? That’s easy. Because her hair is long, so anyway. And she was only eleven year old. Sooner, she will find a perfect long you wouldn’t able to resist yourself from pulling it. Like this long, friend that love to be with her. She believed in that kind of miracle. waist long and brownish, light brownish. Oh it’s curly too. Small curls and Cold winds suddenly came and it blew her hair and her floral skirt. cute, like very, very… very… cute. Alright. In other simpler word, her hair She placed her hand hard on her lap, to avoid her skirt from flying upwards is beautiful. Did I mention she looks cute when she cries? She does. – Ryan and show what inside. There was no one there but still, it was embarrassing. Harrison. Along that chaos, she then heard a loud annoying noise behind her back. It was him. She knew it. It was Ryan Harrison. Damn it Ryan I hate him. I hate everything about him. His mischievous evil smile. His Harrison has come, she thought inside her heart. green ugly like dark creepy frog eyes. His messy uncut hair. Who does he “I saw your panty. It was pink. Light.” thinks he is? A rock star? Not even close. He is a monster. He is very “What are you talking about?” Her cheeks burned red. “You don’t annoying and naughty like the evilest kid on earth. He is a stupid boy too. see anything. You’re not there in front of me. Impossible.” He doesn’t even know how to answer Miss Adams question number four in He jumped in front of her and smiled his famous evil smile. “Tell Math’s paper. He got that one wrong. Very stupid. – Emily Nichols. me it’s not light pink then.” “It’s not.” She said and looked other way. Her hand pulled him Autumn, Year 1999 away from her sight. “Move over.” “No way. It’s pink. I saw it.” Her favorite park “No. It’s not.” Emily said. “And you don’t see anything.” Autumn is finally here, much to her excitement. She loves autumn. It is her “Then why are your cheeks red?” He laughed. “Be honest with me most favorite season. And sunset in autumn is the most magnificent thing Lily, it is pink. Light pink.” that happens in the world. It is the most important thing to see in autumn “Are you insane?” Emily shouted. “I’ve told you it’s not pink and and she promised herself she won’t ever miss it. my name is Emily. Not Lily.” Emily was now sitting on a swing at the park, so ready to watch “It is pink.” Ryan said, sitting on the ground in front of her. “And the view of sunset from there. It was her favorite spot because from that your name is Lily.” swing, she could see almost everything; everything that happen down the Emily sighed as she tucked her waist- long light brownish hair hill, and everything that happen up the sky. Unfortunately, there was no one behind her ear. It was no use fighting with him. His head is thick. Fighting around her that she could share the view with. Other kids had gone to their with him is useless. home as night nearly put on its cloak. But never mind. She used to be alone “Am I right?”
  2. 2. “Whatever you want.” “Of course I am.” Emily crooked her eyebrows. She stood up from “I knew it!” He snapped his finger and laughed. “Lily’s panty is the swing, straightened her skirt and pushed her hair on her right shoulder. pink. I think every boy in our school want to know that.” “No.” He protested as he jumped up from the ground. “You wouldn’t.” She warned him. “Why not?” “Of course.” Ryan grinned and to her, he looked stupid. “It’s my “Not before this.” Ryan suddenly pulled her skirt up. Before Emily secret. Make me more special than them. I know things about you that could do anything, he ran away after that and shouted “It is pink! I knew it! others don’t.” Light pink!” And laughed hysterically. Emily rolled her bright hazel eyes around. She doesn’t understand “You’re insane Ryan! You’re insane and crazy and I hate you!! anything he was saying but it was loud and clear. His words would be stuck Did you hear me?? I hate you!!” in her head for like at least a century and she hates it. “Here for the sunset again?” Night time “Yes.” She nodded her head. “And you better shut up because the After she had done taking her long shower, she wrapped her body with a sun will set down at any second now. Zip your mouth or I will shove it with soft big comfortable towel and walked out from the toilet to across her my shoe.” bedroom. She glanced at her wide opened window where cold soft winds “Sure, princess.” coming through. There she could see a bright crescent moon shining Emily’s eyes moved down at him. He was sitting on the ground in brightly with twinkled stars around it. She smiled to herself. Twinkle, front of her by her feet. There were a lot of questions inside her mind that twinkle little star. What a magical view. she wants to ask him at that time. One of it was, why did he want to stay Emily walked to her wardrobe and opened the drawer. First there of all other places? It was confusing. drawer, she took out her favorite white pajama dress with pink rabbit on it. Then her cheeks could feel a warm comfortable heat. Her eyes Second drawer, she took out her rabbit slippers to match it with her pajama. moved from Ryan’s back to the sky in front of her. The sun was setting But her body froze when she opened the third drawer. It reminded her of the down and it was beautiful. She couldn’t believe she watches that view with thing that Ryan did to her that evening. It disgusted her. In the end, she took her enemy and that enemy really did shut his mouth. She chuckled a bit. out a white instead of light pink. Ryan heard that and he turned around. “What so funny?” Stupid idiot Ryan Harrison, I swear I would kill him one day. “Nothing.” Emily lied. “The sun is down. I better get back home.” “No you’re not.”
  3. 3. At school and after recess “Don’t worry.” He suddenly said. “Your secret still saves with me. “Did you hear? Allison gave Ryan a love note. She put it inside his locker Oh. I have another secret of yours.” and Megan saw it. She told the whole class.” Emily looked at him with a confuse face. “What is it?” “Allison likes Ryan?” Emily could have swear she nearly vomit “You sing in the shower.” He laughed. “I heard you last night. It when she heard that news. “That’s disgusting. Why him?” was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Her friend, Eliza paused for like a minute before she continued Emily didn’t know how to react. That was true. She did sing talking again. “Obvious reasons. He’s cute and funny and good at drawing. twinkle little star last night while in shower. “What, how, what…” His works are all over the school. It’s cool.” “Weird.” He said as he pushed her forehead with his index finger. “He’s evil.” Emily cut her quickly. “And not to mention annoying “Next time, sing something not too childish.” and bad and… disgusting. Do you know he likes to see girls’ underwear?” Allison is crazy. Eliza crooked her eyebrows. “Never heard that one before. How do you know about that?” Note : “Some… sources.” Emily mumbled. “Anyway, tell Allison don’t Her day in school that day was like any other day – a nightmare. She spent waste time. Like someone else instead of him.” her time looking for her notebook which Ryan hid it inside the boy’s “You sounded like you hate him.” Eliza said. “I don’t understand washroom and she had to beg to every boy that went inside the washroom why. Are you jealous of him, Nichols?” to take her notebook back but no one helps her. Emily stopped walking and watched Eliza walked inside their She also had to spent her whole English class sitting in front of class. “That’s ridiculous.” She mumbled to herself. “I don’t feel jealous of Ryan and had to hear him sing ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ to her ear until him. He’s stupid. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Blind by Mr. Gibbs threatened him a detention if he doesn’t stop. That warning only those… not even cute face.” came up five minutes before the class ends. “Who?” He pulled her hair again today, which was hurt and gave her light A familiar voice talked from her back. She turned around and yes, headache. he was there. Smiling and standing behind her. He kicked a ball to her head during PE, intentionally but of course “No one.” She said. “What do you want?” Coach Jefferson said it was an accident and no one scolds him. She nearly “Light.” He whispered. “Pink.” cries again at the end of the school day but luckily, could still hold herself She looked at him with her mad eyes. He smiled and rose up his and stay steady. eyebrows. Oh. She didn’t get her notebook back even after school had ended.
  4. 4. Home sweet home Emily looked down at her mother’s garden. She couldn’t believe Emily chucked her school stuff on the bed and loosened her school bag her eyes when she saw Ryan Harrison was standing there with his blue shirt from her shoulder to the floor. She then took a thick book with blue cover and jeans. and a pen on her study desk and sat at the edge of her bedroom’s window. “What do you want from me?” She screamed back. She looked down at her mother’s rose garden. They still blooming big and Ryan laughed, as usual. “I want nothing from you. The question is, healthy even on that autumn season, which was to her pretty amazing. do you want this back?” He took out something from his bag pack and waved it on the air Dear Diary, with his hand. It was her notebook. Her notebook with lots of words and pictures she had drawn and if she doesn’t get that back from him, she has to I would like to have a garden full with white daisies one day. I want to see re-do every single thing again. them bloom healthily in autumn season like my mom’s red roses. I can “That’s my notebook!” She shouted. “Give me back!” imagine that view in my head. They must be very beautiful. “Won’t until you come down here and get it.” He shouted back. “I’ll wait by the street.” PS : Ryan acted like a jerk again today. He hid my notebook in the boy’s Emily immediately ran out from her bedroom, down the stairs and washroom. I won’t ever get that back so now I have to re-write everything outside the house. She didn’t realize that she brought her diary with her and that I have wrote in that book. Ryan is a small monster with toad’s skin eyes that she didn’t put any shoes on. Doesn’t matter. She has to get her and invisible evil horn. He has invisible fangs too. Like the creepiest fangs notebook back and before Ryan changes his mind, she better hurry up. in the whole world but only me who can see it. Others are blinded by his When she reached the street in front of her house, she saw Ryan cute (not!) face. smiling at her with her notebook in his right hand. He was sitting on her turquoise bicycle. She hates that thing. He still calls me Lily! “Give my notebook back to me.” She said, shoving her hand to him. Still mad at Ryan, “Is that how you ask people to give stuff to you?” Emily. Emily sighed. “What do you want me to do? Besides, you didn’t ask me nicely for my book. You snatched it.” “Hey Lily!” Ryan laughed again. “Good point Lily. But you can’t snatch this thing from me so you have no choice. Ask nicely.”
  5. 5. Emily looked at him. In her head she was imagining of hitting him When the whooshing sound has gone, she opened her eyes and with a car. Yes. An eleven year old girl like her is driving her mother’s car looked around, looking for Ryan. There he was across the street on his bike, and hit him on the road flat. Won’t die because he’s as hard as a rock. He resting on a poll. There was something in his hand. Something familiar. just shattered into pieces so that he won’t be able to bug her life again. Something thick and square shaped. Something with blue hard covers with “Ryan, will you give me back my notebook?” She said in a low but white laces and pink alphabet on it that wrote EMILY. hard voice – shaking actually because she was trying her hard to hold her Her diary. patience. She ran to him and tried to take it back from him but couldn’t. He “There’s no magic word.” was too fast. He rode on his bike again and laughed. “Ryan, PLEASE, would you give me back my notebook. I need it. “I got your diary! I want to take this home and read on my bed. Tomorrow we’re going to have Mr. Alan’s class and I need that notebook Take it from me if you can!” for his class.” “Ryaaaannnn!!! Give me bacckkk!!!” “That is nice.” Ryan said smugly. “But not satisfy enough. So I There was a small drop of tears at the corner of her eyes. Not a sad won’t give you your book back. See you later Lily!” drop. A mad drop. He kicked his foot on the ground and rode on his bike. He was now moving slowly and circling around her with a jerk’s smile on his face. Night at the park Emily put both of her hands on her waist and rolled her eyes. Dear Diary “Ryan, give me back my book.” “No.” He said. He then stand on his bike and paddled it as fast as There’s a boy just moving in our neighborhood today. He’s in my every he can to the end of the road until the shadows of him gone. Emily didn’t class which is weird. What a coincidence. I tried to smile at him every time have enough energy to shout that day. She was too tired so she skipped that he looked at me but couldn’t. I was too shy and scared. He’s a new kid so game. She walked slowly back to her home. But at the middle of the road, he must be popular by now. Everyone wants to get to know a new kid she could hear a noisy whooshing sound coming near. She looked on her immediately. By recess, everyone was talking about him. Every girl in my left side and saw Ryan, riding on his bike standing proudly and moved so class whispered about him, saying that he has a cute face. It is true though. fast towards her. He is cute. Her hands automatically dropped everything that she was holding on the ground and covered her eyes. There was no sound coming out from Love, her mouth. But she could hear her heart screaming. Emily.
  6. 6. Dear Diary, Dear Diary, I was wrong about yesterday. Erased that from your mind and deleted Tell me why did God create him to this world? Maybe for some purposes everything nice about him that I said. He’s not cute. He’s evil. Today he but why did He place him here near me? I hope one day when I open my came to my desk and snatched my pencil case. He put it on the cupboard at eyes on one morning, I found him gone. the back of the class where I couldn’t reach for it. No one there wants to help me. They ignored me, how stupid. And while I struggled to take it back, To Ryan : Go wherever you want to go but not here. Please. jumping here and there, he watched me and laughed. He had a great time. Luckily Miss Adams came in soon after that. She saved the day. In mess, Emily Full of hatred of the new boy, Emily Dear Diary, Dear Diary, Mr. Gibbs was mad at me today. He shouted so loud to my face and it was all Ryan’s fault. He threw paper planes at the back of my head when Mr. Today mom baked cookies. She taught me how but I still don’t get it. I hate Gibbs wasn’t looking. I can consider one or two but the game continues baking or cooking to be honest and never can learn because my heart not until the twentieth plane hit on my head. That was when I lost my control. I into it. I feel very sorry for my mom. She seems eager and excited and I was turned back, collected all the planes and threw back at him. Unfortunately, her only child. I’m more into writing which no one knows about it. By now, Mr. Gibbs was looking. And Walla! I have about thirty short stories in my computer. In more mess, PS : Ryan annoyed me again today. Urgh. Emily Love, DEAR DIARY, Emily I HATE RYAN HARRISON! YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HE’D DONE TO ME TODAY. HE HIT ME WITH HIS STUPID BICYCLE! AND
  7. 7. PUSHED ME OFF MY SWING. MY NEW WHITE SKIRT GOT DIRTY “Lily!” AND MOM WAS MAD AT ME. SHE SCOLDED ON MY FACE AND DAD Emily’s eyes grew bigger. She couldn’t believe her ears when she COULDN’T HELP. heard that name behind her back. Immediately, she turned around. “Catch this!” Ryan said as he chucked his ball to her. RYAN’S HATER, It was too fast, Emily didn’t have times to blink her eyes or catch EMILY that hard round thing. It hit her face. Her head felt dizzy for a moment before she opened her eyes back “That was a lot about me in here,” Ryan said to himself as he continued to and shook her head. “Ryan, would you please…” read another page. “I’ve told you to catch it.” He said with moaning voice. “Stop blaming me on everything.” On the swing at night Emily looked at him, settling himself on a swing beside her. That Emily stopped swinging herself on the swing by her feet. She then sighed was weird; the way he talks, the sound of his voice and the look on his face. and pulled her very long hair into a messy bun and clipped it with her She knew it. He read her diary and feels offended. That worried her a bit. favorite daisy shaped hair clip. In her mind, she was thinking about her OK. Not a bit but so much. diary. What happened to it now? Has Ryan read all the things she wrote? “Amm…” How does he feels? There’s a lot of mean stuff she said about him in there. Ryan lifted up his face and looked at her. It struck her heart, Will he get hurt or offended? making she looked down on her lap instead. Ah well. He deserved it anyway. He needs to know what I think of “What?” He asked. him; her little heart said to make she feels better. She tried to ignore about Emily closed her eyes and opened it again. Her fingers shivered her diary and Ryan’s feelings after he read it, but couldn’t. It bothered her together on her lap. She felt nervous and guilty at the same time. “Did you too much, she doesn’t even want to go back home. read… Did you read my diary?” What if, he doesn’t read it? A question prompted inside her mind, “Of course I did.” He answered her calmly. “Why?” making she smiled a bit and feel relieved at the same time. But knowing “Well…” Emily looked at him and bit her lips. “Amm…” Ryan, he was a guy full with curiosity. He will read no matter. Besides, he “There’s a lot of stuff about me in that thing.” He continued, told her that evening that he will spend his night reading her diary on his ignoring her. “Do you like me that much?” bed. Hope he got itchy problems. Hope he forgot to take his bath with the “What?” soap. “Do you like me that much?” He asked again.
  8. 8. Emily could feel hot blood swarmed around her face. “What do you mean by that?” He laughed to the sky. “I like that about you. Your face easily burned red.” He told her calmly as he grabbed his bag and took out something from it. “Here” He handed something at her. Emily looked at it. It was an ice cream. She rolled her eyes. “Who do you think I am? A kid? You cannot buy me with ice cream.” “You are a kid. Go on.” Ryan said. “After all these years, you always said that when I give you this but you take it anyway.” She bit her lips. The problem was, she couldn’t resist ice cream and Ryan always been so insisting. So she took it and unwrap it. “You always buy this flavor.” “It’s your favorite.” He said as he eats his ice cream; the same flavor as hers – Lime on outside and vanilla on the inside. Emily crooked her eyebrows. “When did I tell you that this is my favorite? I never taste this before. It was you who introduce this to me.” “Well, by now this should be your favorite.” Ryan said. “Right?” She looked at him with disbelief. But it was quite true. She began to like that ice cream. So that night, the both of them just sat on the swing, eating ice cream and said nothing. The surrounding was so quite, until they could hear the sound of the dead leaves singing as the winds blew them and small drop of rain. That was the perfect time for the rain to come. And oh, she didn’t get her diary back, and her notebook. Part 1 - Fin