Jess the vampire house


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Jess the vampire house

  1. 1. The vampire house By JessOne afternoon in a small house by a river, four foster sisterscarried their suitcases upstairs. “Race you there!” Angelcalled, breaking into a run. She won the race, obviously. Theoldest girls, Angel, who was 15, and Amelia, who was 14,claimed the largest room in the house. 13-year-old Alice andtwelve year old Aelita, the two more sensible sisters,reluctantly managed to fit all their belongings in the tiny boxroom.They settled into their rooms. Even though it was small,Aelita fit in quite well, as she was only twelve. Alice was smallfor a thirteen year old so she just about fit. Angel squeezed into the room and smirked at them. “I don’t know how you’llsurvive living in this room,” she told them, flipping her hairand laughing. “But anyway, I heard there’s a haunted houseon the hill…”Aelita stopped and the CDs dropped out of her hands, andsprawled out on the floor. Alice knocked some books off hershelf, but none of them cared. A haunted house?Alice broke the silence by saying, “Ghosts aren’t real, Angel. Ithought you knew that.”Aelita let out a sigh of relief.“No, it’s in the newspaper, look.” Angel waved thenewspaper in front of their faces. Five 17-year-olds enterhouse on hill and have never been seen again. They gasped inshock. “M-Maybe…” Alice stuttered, but nothing sprang to
  2. 2. mind. There was no other way. They lived downhill from ahaunted house.“Doesn’t mean there are ghosts,” Aelita said. “It could besomething else. Maybe they got trapped in the basement.”Angel shook her head. “Let’s go. Get your jacket,” she toldthem both.Aelita frowned. “Why are we going if they were never seenagain?”Angel smiled mysteriously and left the room. Aelita sighedand put on her jacket. Alice did the same. They left out thefront door after informing Amy, their foster mother, thatthey were going to the park.When the girls left the house, Amy’s eyes flashed red and shedisappeared.They trudged up the hill and saw the sinister house, whichthey had never been near. Cobwebs covered the front door,but Alice didn’t mind cobwebs and wiped them all away.Angel knocked on the door one, two, three times. The doorslowly creaked open, revealing a long dull corridor.“Come on!” Amelia said, now taking lead.Alice saw a portrait, and tears filled her eyes. Aelita realized itlooked exactly like her mum, who died before Alice was putin a children’s home.Aelita comforted Alice and they carried on. They heardfootsteps, thudding gently upstairs.
  3. 3. “Maybe it’s those people who got lost in here!” Angelexclaimed. “We could win pots of money!”There was a sinister laugh, and the creaking of a floorboard.“They’re trying to scare us!” Amelia added.There was a box, stuffed to the brim with jewels and goldcoins. They looked around. “Look! A real diamond, and realgold! An emerald!” Angel and Amelia were chanting, enjoyingsearching the box.“Let’s go,” Alice suggested.“No! Look, here, you can have the sapphire if you want.Aelita, you have this…um, this garnet.” Angel took thediamond and Amelia took the gold. They both took anemerald each.“Rubies!” Angel said.After they had finished with the box, the footsteps grewlouder, and louder, and louder…A long claw reached out and then suddenly disappeared intothin air.Aelita and Alice screamed. “Chill!” Angel said. “Probably justsome of the effects in this place. Obviously, they’re trying toscare us. The laugh, the claw, and they tempted us with thejewels.”The girls went upstairs. There was a large room, and the doorwas locked.“Anyway, I was just thinking, as they’re in the house rightnow, we could just stop joking around with them and justtempt them in here.” It was the voice of Amy!
  4. 4. “Slow and steady, Amy. Now, transform!” A deafening growlfilled the eerie palace.“Perfect!” the voice said again. “Now, let’s open the door.”The door swung open. The girls, who were hidden, duckeddown even more.“I can sense them, here, hiding!” the voice said again. “Comeon…”Angel jumped out, followed by Amelia. The other twoclimbed out of the darkness as well.When the man jumped forward, he dragged his sharp nailsalong each of them. Then Amy grabbed Alice and locked herin the room.The girls screamed and ran, down the stairs, to the frontdoor.“Quick, the window!” Aelita yelled, still feeling really worriedabout Alice.They each punched the window very hard, and it smashedopen. They clambered out one by one, and bolted down thehill, occasionally falling over and rolling down even further.Finally they got home. They rang the police, and told themthat their foster mother had left and they needed a new one.They were assigned to different foster homes. But they knewthat they would never go near a haunted house again! The End