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November 1979 Washington Dossier


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Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash ( was the co-founder and President

This issue features Democratic Rainmaker Esther Coopersmith when she served in the UN under President Carter.

Published in: News & Politics, Travel, Business
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November 1979 Washington Dossier

  2. 2. Dear Washingtonian; As the new owner and manager of the Hay~ Adam , let me extend my greetings and invite you to vi it our hotel and dining room. Until recently I served as Vice Chairman of the French company that operates three of Europe,s most dis~ tinguished hotels: Le Meudce, LeGrand and Le Prince de Galles in Paris, plus the world famous Cafe de la Paix restaurant. My family and I have now come to live in Washington. We feel this city-and The Hay~Adams-perfectly combine the finest American traditions with the elegance and beauty we knew and enjoyed in Europe. We look forward to our life here and to maintaining the 52~year tradition of The Hay~ Adams, as the premier hotel and dining room in the nation,s capital. I intend to apply the high standards of European luxury to The Hay~ Adams. In this dedication, I am joined by my wife, Danielle. Together we will per~ sonally supervise every aspect of operations and service- for your total comfort. Your patronage is deeply appreciated. We trust that our efforts to assure your satisfaction will meet with your approval. Sincerely, Georges and Danielle Masse At 16th and H rreet , N.W. Wa hingron, D.C. 20006 Tel. 63 ~2260
  3. 3. 2501Elite. In recent years that word has taken style rubber floors, microwave ovens andon a negative connotation. Some seem to digital dishwashers you can set like anthink it is synonymous with snobbish. alarm clock. Washer-dryers, of course. Actually, according to the dictionary, Chrome fixtures throughout, with lines soelite means simply the very best. clean they take your breath away. And elite is the only word to describe the Many of the condominiums have fire-38 new penthouse condominiums at 2501 M places, and several open onto terraces.Street. They are, quite frankly, elite. They Residents and their guests enter aare in West End bordering on Georgetown; hushed, private lobby and reach the pent-this has become one of the most desirable houses via a high-speed elevator (separateneighborhoods of Washington. They overlook from the one used for the offices). A door-Rock Creek Park, Pennsylvania Avenue and man is on duty, and underground parkingGeorgetown, and they offer one of the most has been allotted for each condominium.stunning panoramas of any residence in the In this case, elite means somewhatcity. The architect-Vlastimil Koubek of expensive. The condominiums at 2501 MInternational Square fame-is considered by range in price from $92,500 to $235,500.many to be unsurpassed in his field. (However, financing is available, and those N The condominiums at 2501 M are beau- interested in investment should keep intifully situated in the three floors above mind that real estate prices in Washingtonfive levels of prestige offices. The offering are among the fastest rising in the countryincludes handsome studios and and those in this area escalatelavish one-bedroom suites. as well faster than anywhere else inas spectacular two-bedroom, two- Washington.)story homes. Elite also means limited to a Standard features in these very few. There cannot be more~~~~~;in~~~~~~~rf::sce- EUTIS~ will never again ;~e~~up to 1700 square feet ~a~t~~t b~~~~~s~t be-and huge windows condominiums built at 0;~~~ ~~~~r~~~~ B~~~ 6-foot ~h~~e~d~~:~~ ~~er~o~d~Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs. Twenty- JUS~ miniums like this anywhere.four-hour televised security sys- Sales by Burr, Morris andterns. Fabulously equipped St. Pardoe, Inc.Charles kitchens with European- (301) 657-2000. PENTHOUSE EUTE CONDOMINIUMS
  4. 4. WASfiiNGTOJ My grandmother had a difficult early life which included a failed marriage and many years of struggle... " Henry Strong, president of the Hattie B. Strong Foundation, founded 1928 FEATURES 20 Washingtons Philanthropists by Anne AUen Giving away money with style 24 Esther Coopersmith Goes International by Dorothy Marks Democrats Fabulous Fundraiser at the U.N. 52 Gifts: A Special Holiday Wrap-up by Bette Taylor Luxurious or practical: Has Dossier got gift ideas for you! DEPARTMENTS Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring 4 Commentary Jonestown one year later and the new Dr. 18 carat yellow gold 7 Round Sapphires Wt. 1.28 ct. Logans 8 Round Diamonds Wt. .78 ct. 7 Annabelles Dossier File $2 , 100 9 Art and Artists by Viola Drath Another fresh start for the ageless Bader 15 Footnotes by Sonia and Warren Adler Henry the K sends his regrets 29 Along Party Lines Dancing Darth Vaders; a mad tea party 66 Books by Neighbors Ruth Montgomerys "watk-ins" 70 Real Estate TransactionsNavy Sec. Hidalgo, Frances 80 Fashion AgendaBreathitt twirl for Travelers Aid 82 Social Calendar by Maggie Wimsatt COVER STORY "When I was 17, I decided money and money-raising Emerald & Diamond Ring were where the power is." Esther Coopersmith (at left 18 carat yellow gold with Vice President Walter Mondale), known for years 1 Oval Emerald Wt. .29 ct. as the Democrats pull-out-all-the-stops fundraiser, 8 Rou nd Diamond Wt. .28 ct. recently took on a $2 million project with Mrs. Jehan $1,375 Sadat to renovate the Cairo museum. That helped catapult her into the plum appointment of "public member" of this countrys U.N. delegation . On th.e cover, she wears an ancient Israeli coin, given her by an Israeli official, and a scarab, a gift of Mrs. Sadat. (Cover photo by Fred Ward/Black Star; hair by Phil Gravels; make up by Susan Hauser) Copyright 1979 Adler/ International, Ltd . Dossier/November 1979/3
  5. 5. Publisher COVMENTARY David A. Adler Edilor Sonia Adler Associale Edilor In the 1790s, when America was still a their basic idea was profoundly Sharon Congdon babe in swaddling clothes, a certain Dr. sensible. Assislanl lo lhe Edilor Logan traveled to Paris and began to But the fact is that we trek to the polls Lee Kirs1ein negotiate with the French government, every four years to choose someone to passing himself off as an official represent us in our foreign dealings and nesign Co nsullanl Andrew Bornslein representative of our fledgling nation. we pay taxes to maintain a vast His efforts so mucked up our relation- bureaucracy to administer these deal- Arl Oireclor ship with France that Congress was ings. We have, of course, every right to Lianne Uyeda prevailed upon to pass a law in 1798 disagree in whatever vocal or can- C hief Pholographer that prohibited a private citizen from tankerous manner we see fit. Does any John Whi1man dealing with a foreign government in group of us, however, have the right to Conlribuling EdiiOrs the name of the United States. negotiate, under whatever privately em- Viola 1Jra1h. Belle Taylor. Maggie Wimsau, The law, which has been part of our broidered moral banner, for all of us? Anne Drnl<>n Hlair, Kn1hlcrn Burns, Dorothy The fact is that the Logan Act is Mar~. Jacqueline Zanca criminal code (18 U.S. 953) for 172 years, carries a maximum penalty of a "violated" daily, perhaps hourly, by Typeselling $5,000 fine, three years in jail or both. corporations, cartels, ethnic and Julia Young, Ma r; ha Bar rell There has never been a conviction or religious groups, whatnots and Hotten- Adverlising Produclion even a trial under the law; many lawyers tots. The motives of these groups, Bon nie Downs argue that the law is unenforceable, and almost by definition, are so narrow and Produclion Assislants Congress could excise it when they even- parochial that they serve only to il- Jane Knaus tually get around to recodifying the lustrate the weakness of the President Donna Cantor criminal code. and his minions in controlling our Coni roller One wonders, though, if our found- dialogue with foreign governments. Shirley Bartholomew ing fathers, in their wisdom, werent on Maybe instead of ignoring the Logan Circulalion to something very basic to the inner Act, or eliminating it entirely, the Con- Waller Duncan workings of the democratic process. gress should rethink its purposes and Having observed the counterproductive come up with a new law that reinforces Adverlising Sales Director Jon Adler effects produced by self-annointed the Presidents right to make foreign "moral messengers" attempting to policy as representative of the Accounl Executives Deanna Gould, Melanie Kicken negotiate with the P .L.O., we think people ... all the people. Administrative Assistant Karen Flyn n Adverlising Represenlalives The Wamin Jonestown New York: Catalyst Communicati o ns, lnc./Metronet, 274 Madison Ave ., N. Y., NY Failing to heed the stress lines of fatigue Parents whose children have been 1001 6 (2 12) 684-6661. has helped topple many a society before captured by the mind-control tech- Los Angeles: Prestige Magazine Group, 5455 Wilshire Blvd ., Los Angeles, CA 90036 ours. It has been a year since the niques of cults, and who fully under- (212) 933-9283. Jonestown madness and little of note stand the process by which their Advertising and editorial offices located a t 3301 has been done to abridge the growing childrens potential is aborted and their New Mexico Ave .. Washinglon , DC 200 16, power of the cult phenomenon in energies enslaved to perpetuate General Telephone (202) 362-5894. for Social Coverage: Plea e send all invi la tion 10 America. elaborate fundraising schemes or worse, Socia l Secretary, The Washing/on D ossier, 33UI The President has taken no action on so far have been unable to transfer their New Mexico Ave., Washington, DC 200 16 (Please the Fraser Congressional report, 15 anguish or knowledge to a paralyzed send invitations as early as possible to schedule coverage; only a limit ed number of events can be pages of which were inexplicably cen- governmental bureaucracy. Unin- covered .) sored by the C.I.A. which urged a coor- timidated, they continue to raise their For Subscriptions: Please se nd a ll subscrip tio n in- dinated task force to thwart the growing voices relentlessly, powered by the ab- quiries, applications and changes of address to power of the cult empire of the Moon solute certainty that, unless checked, The Washing/on Dossier Subscripl io n Department, PO Box 948, Farmingdale, NY 11737. Prices are organization. Meanwhile, the Guru the cult phenomenon will reach into the $ 12 for I year; $22.50 for 2 years. Overseas $24 Maharaji has gone on a major advertis- homes of more and more American per year. Ca nada $ 14 per year. ing campaign; Hara Krishna, the Photographs for commercial and non-commercial families. use are avai lable for sale. 14-year-old cult phenomenon, has em- For that reason alone, and in the fer- The Washing/on Dossier is published by Adler ln - lerna lional, Ltd . David Adler, Presidenl; J on barked on a highly visible P.R. cam- vent hope that this impending pain and Adler, Vice President; Sonia Adler. Sec reta ry- paign; the Way International has been anguish may be averted, we Treasurer. brazenly training members in the use of memorialize Jonestown. firearms at National Guard outposts in The bells of Jonestown toll for all of Kansas ... and on and on . us.4/November 1979/Dossier
  6. 6. "We remember when ...mor e t han a quart er c ent ury ag o, Lewis & Silv er man we r e thenew kids on th e block. As la t e a r ri vals t o the po s t- warWashington r ea l es t a t e s cen e , we we r e eager to please . W ewent out of our way to gi ve our pro s pect i v e cl ie nt s t h oselittl e extras . . • court esy , t i me , unde r s t andi ng , coun se l-ing a nd prof e s s iona l he lp. Word got a round t ha t t he peopl e of Lewis & Si lve rman(ther e wer ent too m ny of us th en ) we r e pe opl e. you could adep end on . As our r eput a t i on gr ew--s o did our bu s in ess . Inf a ct, we gr ew s o much t ha t to day we r e the l a r ges t sal esag ent of new hom es on t he Atl ant i c Coas t , a nd t he se condlarg est in the ent i r e na t i on! Not quite th e n ew k ids on th e block a nymor e . But ourgrowing numb er of sa l es ass oci a t es a r e s till encouraged totreat our client s as we di d mor e th an 25 y ea r s ago . Toinsure that our age nt s a r e prof ess iona lly tra ined a ndskilled to mee t the n eeds of to day s knowl edgea ble con-sumer, we ha ve develop ed on e of th e fine s t tra ining a ca d-emies in the country. We a l s o prov i de our sa l es as soci a te swith company- s ponsored progra ms s uc h as our Gua ranteedEquity Progra m a nd Touch-Up Pro gr am to ass i s t their clientsand customers . Because we r e l a r ger and more experi enc ed, were betterequipped tha n eve r to sati s fy your n eeds . Wh ether its a new h ome, condo or townhouse, or a r e sale home, we can help you ma ke the be s t po ss ibl e choice . So, being bi g isnt ba d a t a ll. The import a nt thing is, we r e s o bi g you don t even know it •• . a nd tha t s th e way we wa nt to keep it. Wh e t he r your e t h inking ab out se lling your hom e or look i ng for a n ew one , we d we lcome a n opportun i ty to sh ow you tha t our company phi losophy is not j u s t s omething we talk a bout . W ere s t i ll th e n ew kid s on the block • . • j u s t grown up. " ~~~~ La rry Silve rma n , Pre sident Beth esda- Chevy Chase Rockvi ll e, Md (30 1 ) 654 -3700 (301) 340-3311 Gai th e rsburg. M d . Sp ringfie ld , Va (301 ) 9 4 8-4 670 (703) 978-2000 Oln ey, Md . Tyso ns Corn e r, Va. (30 1 ) 924 - 4 520 (703) 821 - 1 227 Poto m ac, Md . Execu t ive O ffices (30 1 ) 299-2000 (30 1) 656- 1323
  7. 7. Hechts Oriental Rug Gallery at Tysons Corner Listen ... let me tell you why I bought my Oriental Rug from Hechts Tysons Corner. WelL here it is own Oriental Rug. Ive always wanted one ... l couldnt be happier. I bought it here, at Hechts Tysons Corner. But then thats no surprise. I usually shop here when theres a question of where Ill receive the best value. Im happy I bought my rug now ... you should consider it too. The selection at Hechts is the finest.. . Ive looked. The prices are the most reasonable ... I know. And the profes- sional staff is the most helpful. .. ! can vouch for it. Look at my rug, its a beauty ... I bought it here ... at Hechts Tysons Corner. Its a real value. But, I expected that ... Add an oriental rug to your investment portfolio.HECHT·swhere the excitement is For Information Telephone: (703) 893-3003
  8. 8. Annab ellS Largest Selection Of New and AntiqueDossier ~de Oriental Rugs From All Over The World In Metro Area @tjisman J;f;fjtifu~ THE PUZZLING LIBYAN CON- exports. With population increasing at NECTION: Observers of State Depart- ment intrigue are puzzled by reports from the Libyan underground alleging the appalling rate of 3.2 percent a year, the country, still a democracy, is gird- ing for an uncertain future. InteriofDesign that David Newsom, undersecretary of POLITICS: Kennedy pros secretlystate for African affairs, spent the day gathering up lists of Carter defectorsand part of the night huddled with Col. for revelation at big announcementMuammar Qaddafi during a trip to time. Some names will be shockers,Libya last June. since Carter people still think theyre Newsom, who was our ambassador on the Carter wagon ... but with insideto Libya from 1964 until one month Carter polls beginning to show Cartersbefore the coup that put Qaddafi in "going-to-the-people approachpower in 1969, is said to have had a working, plans are to increase theclose prior relationship with Qaddafi . strategy and take bigger potshots atThat coup, which resulted in the clos- Washington (the place, the ambience,ing of the big American air base, etc.) ...Wheeler field, and ensconcement of a Non-ideological professionals, theruler who has bankrolled terrorism, hired political guns, think John Con-supported brutal African dictatorships nallys strategy of making foreignlike that of Idi Amin and who is policy in advance sheer suicide. ThePresently engaged in intrigues and plots political axiom of the challenger: "At-to subvert the Israeli-Egyptian peace tack the incumbents policy. Neverinitiative, also has been of considerable make your own. " Theyre beginning tobenefit to certain favored U.S. oil com- write him off. .. The pros also thinkPanies. The Newsom-Qaddafi connec- Ronald Reagans age might wind up ation, which oddly has escaped the plus factor. As inflation goes up, fixedscrutiny of the big investigative incomes go down. The vast army ofAmerican media, raises some in- retired , who suffer the most by spiral-teresting questions. ing costs, could go in one vast block . Block voting by any segment with a MORE FOREIGN INTRIGUE: The single interest is a powerful electoral Sales • Repairs • CleaningAmerican U.N. delegation got only instrument. .. Kennedy forces scouting Appraisingtwo observer seats for the Fidel Castro for a Midwesterner as veep, a Senator.U.N. "speech" while the Cubans got But watch out for trial balloons. Furniture ShoWroom & Gallery200, another symbolic nail in the coffin 7034 Wisconsin A venueof American U.N. policy. Many BITS AND PIECES: Iranians ap- Bethesda • (301) 654-8989legislators are seriously reconsidering palled by what Ayatollah Khomeini istheir commitment to pay 25 percent of doing to their country are forming an 4835 Wisconsin A venueUnited Nations costs ... Iranian Freedom Foundation to serve Washington • (202) 686-1112 Those big black cases carried by as a rallying point to restore some san- ~Castros bodyguard contained Israels ity. The tO-member council is headed Open Daily 9:30-6Uzzi machine guns, also used by the by a former official of the embassy, Ali Open Mon and Thurs Evenings til 9U.s. Secret Service ... Colombia, our Tabatabai. . . Donations are being Open Sunday from 12 til 5Principal pot supplier, is undertaking sought to build a Jewish museum inonly token resistence to stop the flow Cairo. Jews have had a long and rich Your investment is not wise- too much money at stake: its the history in Egypt.. .Elizabeth Taylor if your price is not fairPrincipal source of their foreign ex- Warners weight loss in Palm Aire spachange, now worth more than coffee has boosted business there. Dossier /November 197917
  9. 9. American. Vital. Original. Recognizableanywhere in the world. Albert Nipon s tender dress. Pristine white. Ruffled. Enchanting. Sizes 4 to 14, 270.00lord & Taylor, Washington-Chevy Chase, Falls Church, White Flint
  10. 10. [ Am andAQTI&T& The no· needles Oepllatron Method of Hair Removal can help you look your best . Almost any area of the face or body can be safely cleared of unwanted hair without unpleasant side effects. Theres no skin irritation swelling, scabbing or chance of permanent scarring or Infection . Be· isnt magic, just an up-to -date solution to an age-old problem. ANY LOCATION FOR MORE INFORMATION OR A FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION <il•llr•)f(e)O DEPILATRON CENTERS 1925 K Street /Suito 302 - (nrar Farragut Metro stations ) VISA" • . N . w. Ws~~m" · D . c. 5432 Mac Arthur Blvd . 7023 Little Proud of his new gallery, Franz Bader is congratulated by Adelyn Breeskin, noted art con- (near Maryland lin e) ( Ann and ale N. W. ~~sg_i~~~~n, D. C. noisseur and consultant on 20th century paintings and sculpture. Another Beginning for Gallery Pioneer BaderBy Viola Drath talent at the Whyte Brothers Gallery. ranz Bader dispells the myth that Not surprisingly, Baders blossomingF life ends at 40, 50 or 70 years. At 76, the indefatigable art gallerist, book dealer, collector and 40-year career in the fine arts is a reflec- tion of the historical rise of interest in the arts in our national capital, for they Photographer of note was not afraid of are linked. His pioneering exhibitions in Yet another beginning when he moved the forties have been an influence. his headquarters into the brand new When he arrived, the National Gallery E.I.A. building at 20th and I Sts. It is a of Art existed only on paper. The Cor- handsome space and, with everything coran showed off its collections. specially designed, undoubtedly the "Modern art" could be experienced most professionally equipped private only at Duncan and Marjorie Phillipsexhibition area in town. gallery. At Whyte Brothers, Bader con- It was a daring move and an expen- ducted virtually the first commercial artsive one, regardless of the gallerists gallery in town.time in life. But Vienna-born Bader, As demonstrated by the current in-Who came to these shores as a refugee in augural exhibition of the works of a1939, has much experience with new dozen artists-most of them discoveredstarts in life. by Franz many years ago-his taste is When he opened his own gallery in eclectic. His acceptance of the concept1952, his total investment amounted to of many styles and directions, from$7,500. Under the circumstances, it was abstract to surrealism, was not populara crucial and risky step. Washington among his peers during the heyday ofwas anything but an art-minded town in abstract expressionism and pop.those days. To be sure, Bader had "I dont want to push people into thisPreviously gathered, encouraged and or that direction," he comments. "I tellexhibited the most promising local them to buy what they like, to trust their Dossier/November 197919
  11. 11. own taste. I let them live with a work of art. " He did not come to art to be a Leo Castelli whO- creates certain trends and artists and then pushes them as in- vestments. He shows the works of art- ists he respects, regardless of style; among them are the haunting images of Peter Milton, the lyrical impressions of nature by Lee Weiss, the dreamlike seascapes of Herman Maril, the tor- tured figures by Michael Platt, the abstract collages by Clare Ferriter and the surrealistic oils by Anita Bucherer, harking back to medieval themes. eanwhile, a few paces from Du- M pont Circle at 2009 Q St., N.W ., a gallery with a very special concept celebrates its inaugura- tion. Appropriately, it is named "Du- pont Space." It is international in outlook with an accent on Latin American art . The exciting and unique part is that it promises to blend some of the aspects and activities heretofore reserved for museums and their curators with the traditional tasks of commercial galleries. The program of exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations is indeed a novel mix. So is the introduction of new talent by art critics, museum curators or an established artist. For openers, there is a perusal of " The Mechanics of the Art Market, 1960-80," a project executed with . the assistance of Sotheby Parke Bernet and the Wall Street Journal. Other items of interest are "The History of the Frame from the Baroque to the Light Beam," carvings and paintings from the famed Peruvian "Cuzco School" or the contemplated survey of contemporary art in Cuba, " Cuba 1980." If all this sounds very ambitious, it is. Obviously, this new gallery space is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ enlivenedandbackedbycldhands.A~- tually, it is the brainchild of Luis Lastra, partner in the former Pyramid Gallery. As the official program direc- ~()Ctnn~~d Is for those w ho w ant fine jewelry tor, Lastra devised the schedule, raised the money and hired the talented ar- chitect Joan Roshko to redesign the with unsu rpassed styling and meticu lo us space and James Van Sweden, the craftsmanship in ka rat go ld and quality gems imaginative landscape architect, to make the place look presentable and give it visibility from the street. Far from just bringing to the "atten- Village Green Shopping Cen ter 529 West M aple Avenue tion of the Washington area public the Vienna . Virginia works of prominent artists" of local (703) 281 -1370 and national stature, such as Robert In- Master Charge • Central Charge • Visa diana, Rockne Krebs (the laser-beam "There are times when only REAL GOLD w i/1 do " sculptor), Tom Downing, Efrain Guevara and Gay Glading, it is going to10/November 1979/Dossier
  12. 12. rur ~ro~ucts labele~ to s~ow countr~ or ong1n While Ill!I, k!OSIDOIOO,Iirglond 1!!-1!00 I.magnIn
  13. 13. feature the works of internationally ac- one of our extra claimed luminaries like Yacov Agam , special imports- Roberto Matta, Jose Luis Cuevas, gorgeously Wifredo Lam and Carlos Merida. engneered Washington has been notoriously dress and coot short on commercial galleries interested knitted with subtle in the inclusion of non-American art. shots of lurex, The Janus Gallery and the World basically block or Gallery, which consistently have looked terra cotta. beyond our borders for exceptional talent, are the exception rather than the rule. The efforts of the seasoned Du- pont Space professionals in that direc- tion are highly welcome. They con- stitute another step away from the nar- row confines of provincialism that still tend to characterize considerable parts of the capitals art scene. Mindful of the fact that this condi- tion has contributed to the art-buying trips to the Big Apple by local collec- tors, Dupont Space tackles the problem sells from still another angle: A Mecenas beautiful clothes Exhibition." This examination of the taste of private collectors is scheduled for next May. WHITE FLINT 770-4422 ne of the great joys of ANNAPOLIS 263-6437 (Plus The Erno Laszlo Institute-Annapolis 0 Washingtons art scene has been the exquisite exhibitions of 19th century American painters works, all only) of them museum quality, at the Adams Davidson Galleries. Whether devoted to the American landscape, to still lifes-with stunning compositions by William Harnett and trompe loeil ef- fects in the works of John Haberle and John F. Peto-or to the "American Art in the Barbizon Tradition," like the cur- Mrs. Katharine Reeside rent show, they all are full of delightful of surprises . Included are landscape paint- ings and drawings by George Innes, Van Slycke & Reeside Sanford Gifford, John La Farge, Ralph requests Blakelock, William Morris Hunt and the honor of your company Alexander Wyant, executed between to discuss your 1850 and 1895. personalized travel Often these peaceful scenes, inspired requirements by the French artists Millet, Corot and Rousseau, focus on certain aspects of nature and therefore take on anVan Slycke & Reesic1e astonishingly subjective quality. Inness masterpiece "The Beeches," painted in [Y~~., .fne. the last year of his life (1894), is the most intimate study of a beechwood Whether its a step up to your elegant imaginable. Resembling a close-up, it Serving The Washington A rea townhouse from your shop or place of powerfully draws the viewer into the For Over 40 Years business, or a step up to the exclusivity depths of its luscious, shimmering of a Georgetown address, 3301 M Street greenness. It is priced at $150,000. But is the correct step to take . the other entries sell for well under Forty-two hundred square feet of busi- $20,000. Samuel Colmans delicate ness and retail space topped by ten stylish townhouses off a private , watercolor "Ausable Chasm" (1870) as elevated courtyard . Your choice, one or well as Aaron Draper Shattucks en- R.S.V.P. (202)362-7301 both, is now available for lease through chanting drawing of a "Farmington John F. Donohoe and Sons, Inc. River" scene (1865) carry price tags of Please inquire at 333-0880. $2,800 each. ODDIll November 1979/Dossier
  14. 14. 2109-2l25 0 Street. N.W • Fifteen new townhomes. several with private-entrance guest suites. From $298.500.Telephone Mr. Richard Mason at Burr. Morris and Pardoe. Inc.. 657-2000. for a brochure and/or an appointment.
  15. 15. [ A new column by Sonia and Wa"enAdler President Carter signs an autograph for an unidentified military man at an outdoor din- ner for Congress on the White House lawn. Presidents Portillo and Carter enter the White House, representing a more intense focus on Latin America. While their meetings were marked by extreme cordiality, upon Portillos return to Mexico, the price of that countrys oil was raised. The three most re- cent secretaries of state are shown at their State Department reunion.I n the quest for the quintessential exhibited to the upper crust of our events and potential calamities. historical moment, the recent event countrys corporate might, many of Responding to the urge to broach the at the State Departments whom have donated priceless antiques forbidden questions, "What wentdiplomatic reception rooms for four se- to the excellent collection assembled by wrong? What is going wrong? weQuential secretaries of state might Clement Conger. listened with awesome disbelief to aQualify as a primary clue. Looking remarkably fit, the three gregarious Kissinger privately expound- . The secretaries, Rusk, Rogers, Kis- formers seemed almost sprightly com- ing on his regrets without the inhibitingsmger and Vance, representing 20 years pared with the weary, careworn aspect cloak of "a high State Department of-of steady decline in Americas world in- of Cy Vance, a decent, honorable man ficial," which he used so artfully in hisfluence and power, were on hand to be caught in the meatgrinder of unwelcome secretary years. Dossier/November 1979115
  16. 16. According to Kissinger, the principal Ifyou dont want your holiday meal to be a turkey, regret of his tenure was not urging "maximum violence" in sanctuaries of try our roast suckling pig,Canadian quail, com fed Cambodia and Laos in the early months geese, pheasant,venison, dover sole, octopus, milk fed of the Nixon administration. He bitterly faults Lyndon Johnson, who had veal rib roast,mckof lamb orchateaubriand. greater political Hcense, for not taking Great holiday meals start with an Fresh, plump birds, specially selected that tack early on, pointing out that we outstanding entree from the for Washington Beef. Kosher & are now paying the price for that Washington Beef Company store. barbeque turkeys, too. Please place failure. "Never commit American power unless you are prepared to use From prime aged beef to exotic your orders by November 13th to it," he said. game, youll find beautiful meals for insure delivery for Thanksgiving. Citing the "deteriorating situation," holiday entertaining. Including, of Call 547-82 71. Delivery service he characterized the Russians as course, the Thanksgiving turkey. available. Or visit the company store, "ruthless bastards," expressing suc- just east of the intersection of cinctly the bedrock frustration of every New York & Florida (on 4th St., N .E.) American secretary of state since World War II. The only other party to these Plen of parking. Open Sundays. revelations, a professional Kissinger- I . watcher, merely shrugged. He had ap- parently heard it all before. The more formal part of the evening was less pessimistic, laced with wit and enjoyed immensely by the 165 paying guests who included movie producer Joseph E. Levine, former U.S. am- bassador to the Court of St. James Walter Annenberg, Sen. and Mrs. Frank Church, Chief Justice and Mrs. Warren Burger, and the board chairmen of General Motors, Northrop, MCA, Armco, Henry McNeil from McNeil Labs and J. Seward Johnson from Johnson & Johnson. resident Carters White House P reception for members of Congress also offered clues, less to the historical moment than to the im- mediacy and mystery of political com- petition. Missing among the guests were the two most powerful persons in Con- gress, Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd and House Speaker Tip ONeill. Ted Kennedy, too, was understandably elsewhere as were Sens. Percy and Javits. Percy, at an event later in the week, shrugged off his absence: "Con- sidering the Bert Lance matter, I doubt if I was missed." While the event was good-natured, as guests shared the commonality and trivia of a political gathering, there were some unspoken undertones. Lucie Ar- naz, for example, was the featured singer. It was for Miss Arnaz that publicist Barry Landau, one of Ham Jordans current thorns, extracted a congratulatory telegram, complete with Presidential signature, from one of Jor- dans secretaries on the occasion of Ar- nazs Broadway opening. The secretary ~ .. alleged Landau pestered her until she~·.WI relented, casting odd doubts on the way such missives are obtained.16/November 1979/Dossier
  17. 17. WEATERS TAKE ON NEW AllURE Its all in the drama of color, - texture, shape T he every- which way patterned cardigan. So imaginative, theyre no two alike. Multicolor - wools, 250.00. T he angora V-neck with pointed peplum. Blue, purple, - black. 200.00. By Barbara Hokanson for Whodunnit. - P.S.M.L. Place Elegante Sportswea1 on 3, White Flint.PLACE ElEGANT£ SPORTSWEAR AT bi<Dmingdale•s TYSONS CORNER, McLEAN, VA (703)893-3500. WHITE FLINT, 11305 ROCKVILLE PIKE AT NICHOLSON LANE. KENSINGTON, MD. (301)468-2111. OPEN LATE MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 10:00-9:30. SATURDAY TILL 6. CLOSED SUNDAY.
  18. 18. Many Congressional guests, too, seemed reluctant to pose for pictures with the President and surreptitiously moved a side as photographers converged . The President himself, wandering around somewhat bemused, seemed to be obeying his political direc- tor s caveat by paying special attention to the distaff side. He complimented Muska Brzezinski on her cooking, Shirley Metzenbaum on her scrimshaw necklace and Betsy Farly, States liason • for Latin American affairs, on her hairstyle. Staff men monitored him carefully, expressing praise at his command of public humor, which was well - performed, and private banter, which showed room for improvement. Ob- viously girding for the impending Ken- nedy bout, one insider insisted that campaign oratory will excise both demagoguery and any references to Chappaquiddick. "Well deal only with issues," the staffer, a true believer, in- toned. "We expect him to do swim- mingly," another staffer quipped. ut away from the drumbeat din B of presidential criticism, something positive could be observed at a reception bidding farewell to Horacio Sevilla, the outgoing 37-year-old ambassador of Ecuador, who was returning to his country to take up a new post especially created by the CONTEMPORARY CREATIONS new president, Jaime Roldos, and pat- with CABUCHON STONES - terned after the U.S . one currently filled rubies, sapphires, and emeralds by Zbigniew Brzezinski. - mixed with diamonds and set At the reception attended mostly by in 14K yellow gold - producing an exciting look in high members of the local Ecuadorian com- fashion jewelry - just the munity and Sen . Edward Zorinski, who right combination of color heads the subcommittee of the Foreign and styling for the coming Affairs Committee of the Senate deal- holiday season! ing with Latin American affairs, the outgoing ambassador lauded the Presi- dents Human Rights initiative as being the central force that helped restore democracy to his country. According to the ambassador, the impact of that in- itiative is being felt all over Latin America and may well be the most significant achievement of the Carter administration. QUOTABLE QUIPS: Sen . Jack Javits, evading the inevitable question of whether or not he will run again for his Senate seat: BOON[ 0 SONS, INC. Reporter: But what would you do if you were not in the Senate? Javits: Run away to a desert island WASHINGTON JJIElVIEIL IEIPJ f CHEVY CHASE 5530 WISCONSIN AVENUE with a beautiful woman. 1730 K STREET, N.W. 785·4653 657-2144 Reporter: What about Marion? Javits: She can watch./3/November 1979/Dossier
  20. 20. nas h" dton S T ~, th~~":~y :th,o~h~:~~gi: 1-Z f By Anne Allen "I thIll6 roplsts• tl true. Why, the rest of us may ask,PhI aD • give large sums of money away when you could just ~ easily and more profitably start a Swtss bank account, buy gold bullion or collect fabulous works of art? Givin Throughout Washingtons history, however, some of the citys wealthy citizens have confounded their peers and other observers with their generous, wi ... even lavish, expenditures on behalf of civic, cultural, educational and other worthwhile, people-oriented causes. One of these was Morris Cafritz, the Washington real estate tycoon who in life and, through his foundation, since his death 15 years ago has given away millions of dollars. As a poor boy living in Georgetown, Cafritz tried his hand at a variety of jobs. Somewhere along the line, he bought a house and sold it at a profit; that early transaction led to a real estate empire which included the building of thousands of private homes, mostly in the Petworth area of Washington, as well as office buildings, apartment houses and shopping plazas. This real estate bonanza has accrued to the largest foundation in the city, the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Founda- tion, which disburses some two million dollars annually to a variety of projects in the Washington area, as well as the La Scala, Bolshoi and Vienna Operas, making possible their visits to the Ken- nedy Center. The Calder stabile at the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology, as well as the Henry Moore sculpture at the entrance to the new East Wing of the National Gallery of Art, are further examples of Cafritz generosity. But the elusive in- tangible-why Morris Cafritz left his money to this city-remains with him. A partial answer is offered by Martin Atlas, vice president and treasurer of the foundation, who explained: "Mr. Cafritz loved Washington. He made his money here and he felt a stong sense of community in the city." The American political system pro- vides a place for private initiative in correcting social ills and improving Some of the citys most prominent gifts and givers: Buildings society. Philanthropists are often quick (from left) are Hillwood, donated by the late Marjorie to realize how much they can ac- Merriweather Post; the Mormons Washington Temple, to complish with private funds, since they which the J. Willard Marriotts contributed substantially towClfd construction costs; and the new East Wing of the National tend to be rugged individualists who Gallery of Art, donated by Paul Mellon. Philanthropists are thoroughly understand how the (from left) Katharine Graham; Austin Kiplinger; Jean Kennedy American system operates. Smith, Sen. Edward Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver (trustee, Eugene Meyer, for example, had president and executive vice president, respectively, of the Kennedy Foundation); Mr. and Mrs. J. Willard Marrioll; Paul been a Wall Street financier. He and his Mellon; Charles Smith; David Lloyd Kreeger; and Mrs. Joue/1 wife, Agnes, had a strong sense of com- Shouse. mitment to social causes. Mr. Meyer Dossier/November 1979111
  21. 21. bought the Washington Post, where his Mall; Marjorie Merriweather Post, a daughter, Katharine Graham, is now supporter of the National Symphony; chairman of the board and his grand- and David Lloyd Kreeger, who has con- son, Donald, is publisher. Mrs. Meyer tributed greatly to Arena Stage ... all of had a variety of interests, one of which these individuals have given generously was the betterment of public school to the city in their own way. education. But many philanthropists still Their foundation reflects the Meyers choose the foundation as the most effi- philanthropic philosophy of awarding cient means of administrating and grants for charitable, scientific and distributing income. They appoint educational purposes in response to the trustees and the affairs of the founda- changing needs of the Washington com- tion are managed by a professional munity. Over the years, their gifts to the staff. The appointed trustees represent city have reached the $20 million mark. family, friends, close business Everywhere you turn in Washington, associates and sometimes experts in a you can find signs of the beneficence of particular field. the Meyer legacy. The overriding consideration of most he trustees of the Cafritz Foun- philanthropists seems to be to help peo- ple who cannot help themselves. The purposes of the Hattie B. Strong Foun- T dation, for example, are a star- studded cast of Washington notables: William P. Rogers, former dation mirror that concern for the in- secretary of state in the Nixon administra- dividual in need, according to Henry tion; Daniel J. Boorstin of the Library of Strong, foundation president and Congress; Rep. John Brademas; J. Carter grandson of the founder. Brown, director of the National Gallery According to Strong, his grand- of Art; and S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of mother "had a difficult early life which the Smithsonian. included a failed marriage and many The Meyer Foundation has two years of struggle to support herself and family members on its board, Dr. her son. At one point, she spent several Eugene Meyer, Ill, brother of years as a doctors assistant and steam- Katharine Graham, and her daughter- ship ticket agent in Alaska during the in-law, Mary Graham. Eugene Meyers gold rush." She married Henry Alvah concern with the problems of Strong, co-founder and first president Washington is reflected in the appoint- of Eastman Kodak. ment of trustees: John W. Hechinger, Mrs. Strong spent the rest of her life former city councilman; Mrs. RobertS. helping others less fortunate than McNamara, chairman of the board of herself. "She had a concern for young Reading is Fundamental; Judge Aubrey people and their opportunity to get an E. Robinson and Charles A. Horsley, appropriate education," Strong says. who was President Johnsons District of Mrs. Strong endowed the foundation Columbia expert. with approximately $1 million for The Strong Foundation also boasts scholarships. In the past 50 years, the representatives on its Board of Trustees foundation has given away more than who are experts on this city, headed by $12 million. Dr. Bennetta B. Washington, former There are some 26,000 such founda- mayor Walter Washingtons wife; Olive tions in the United States today. These Covington; and John A. Nevius. philanthropic organizations give away While the professional staffers of a more than two billion dollars a year to foundation do the necessary legwork about a half-million recipients. The na- for the philanthropist and the trustees, tions capital is home to just over 300 of it is the donor and the trustees who these foundations. eventually must begin to cut up the But, while the vehicle by which most philanthropic pie and award grants.Other bequests to the citys heritage (from left, philanthropists give their money away is All of us have dropped money in thetop row): the Charles E. Smith Center at the foundation, some individuals, even church plate, given to our alumniGeorge Washington University, the National in the computer age, dispense with for- association or supported a similarGallery of Art, given by Andrew Mellon, mal organizations like foundations and charitable cause, so it is natural for usAmerican Universitys Library and Resource insist on doing their own thing.Center, built in large part by the Bender to have grown up with the belief that theFoundation; (bollom row) Joseph Hirshhorns Mrs. Jouett Shouse, who gave the na- easiest thing in the world is to give awaynamesake, the Hirshhorr. muse•1m; and Arena tion Wolf Trap Farm, the only national money. Not true. In a complicated,Stage, built with private and corporate grant park devoted to the performing arts; fast-moving societ~ like ours, givingmoney, and which continues to receive David Paul Mellon, who donated the magnifi- away money is a lot of work. And theLloyd Kreegers support. (At left) The Cafritz-donated Henry Moore sculpture at the entrance cent East Wing of the National Gallery; more you have to give away, the more~the East Wing; Gwendolyn Cafritz, Joseph Joseph Hirshhorn, whose collection of trshhorn, Henry Strong and Roger Stevens. paintings and sculpture enhances the (Continued on Page 61) Dossier/November 1979113
  22. 22. Esther CoopersmithGoes International onThe Democrats Fabulous Fundraiser Moves Prominent individuals on the American and world scene have peopled Esther Coopersmiths world. (From left) (I) During the presidential campaign of Lyndon Johnson, shown here with Esther and her brother, Chuck Lipsen, she put on 13 Texas -s tyle fundraising barbecues for 2,000 people. (2) The late Sen. Estes Kefauver, here with Esther and the late Tallulah Bankhead, served as an early mentor, bringing her to Washington from Wisconsin to work in politics. (3) Esther confers with Mrs. Sadat in Cairo about their mutual efforts to restore the fading Cairo museum. (4) New U.N. Ambassador - - - - Donald McHenry joins Esther in front of the U.S. Mission. (5) She has worked with Senate Majority .A.JIM.Aallllit.ll. Leader Robert Byrd in many political fundraisers
  23. 23. By Dorothy MarksIf the hundreds of Democratic politi- regulars and not just those loyalists whocians for whom Esther Lipsen went for Carter in the 1976 primaries.Coopersmith has held fundraisers in the The four Coopersmith children, all ofPast 30 years were laid end to end, they whom are as turned on to politics aswould probably fill the vast hall of the mom, delight in her designation asUnited Nations where she now sits as "The Honorable Mrs. Coopersmith."President Carters appointee as public So does her always-supportive husband,member of the U.S. delegation to the Jack. But the subject of all the attention34th session of the U.N. Assembly. says: "What impresses me is that it is Yet, Esther Coopersmith believes it is the first paying job Ive had in 21not those "millions and millions of years."dollars" she has raised for the politi- For the three months, she is beingcians, but the $2,000,000 fundraising paid on a per diem basis at the rate ofProject she has undertaken with Mrs. $50,000 a year. With the job comes useJehan Sadat to update the shabby Cairo of a one-bedroom apartment atMuseum which landed her the Beekman Towers, a three-block walkPrestigious three-month appointment. from the Assembly. June Hechinger,It is an office filled in the past by whose husband, John, served in theEleanor Roosevelt, Adlai Stevenson, position a couple years ago, describesDaniel Patrick Moynihan, Coretta Scott the apartment as "genteel seedy," butKing and Shirley Temple Black, among adds that "theres a beautiful view ofothers. "Were getting nothing but the East River if you stick your head out&ood vibes from the Hill on this ap- the bathroom window."Pointment, you can be sure," observes What is responsible for EstherEvan Dobelle, who heads the Coopersmiths phenomenal suc-Presidents re-election effort. "Im cess as a fundraiser? Lee Kim-delighted shes on the job," says Vice che, who heads H.E.W.s In-President Walter "Fritz" Mondale, a stitute of Museum Services,longtime friend. has worked with her on pro- Everybody seems happy, even those jects in years past. "Foron Capitol Hill who grumble that the one thing," she explains,White House is mighty late in getting "theres Jack. Esther en-around to rewarding oldline Democratic joyed the fruits of