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Lift Up Through Literacy Common Agenda


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Lift Up Through Literacy Common Agenda

  1. 1. Introduction and Welcome These RLTCs were created to create a common vision and language for educators in the area of literacy and deliver quality professional development and standardized trainings in the foundations of literacy. RLTCs have trained thousands of teachers in the foundations of literacy (LETRS, DIBELS, MLPP, etc). They also house a highly qualified cadre of literacy trainers across Michigan due to this infrastructure and these efforts to work together. The RLTCs are now expanding their focus and energies to create a free web- based system to address adolescent literacy. The “Lift Off to Literacy” is in its infancy, but is growing to be a critical tool for middle and secondary teachers to assist struggling readers. This grassroots approach to adolescent literacy and learning will put Michigan in the forefront for improving K-12 reading achievement. This website has been deliberatively constructed to allow a dynamic and continuous interaction between literacy professionals. Once you are trained today on this protopage, you are expected to carry the word to colleagues near and far.
  2. 2. Sample Day 1 Agenda for Lift Up Through Literacy I. Overview of the Day Goals Resources/Materials Activity: Misunderstood Minds ading.html II. Michigan’s Mission Possible: Adolescents Literate and Learning - Lift Up Through Literacy Big Picture Vision III. Reading Comprehension IV. Stack the Deck Text: “In Response to Executive Order 9066” V. Socratic Circles Link to Example: Break VI. Critical Reading Profundity Text: “Victory” VII. 10: 45 – 11:30 Website Preview Welcome/General Resources VIII. Computer Lab Exploration and Application Additional Resources: