Promoting Your Favorite Band


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An assignment for Microsoft Publisher for middle school students

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Promoting Your Favorite Band

  1. 1. PROMOTING YOUR FAVORITE BAND Using Microsoft Publisher Photo Courtesy of Casting Crowns YOUR JOB You are the Promotions Manager for your favorite music artist. You are to make a 2 page newsletter using Microsoft Publisher promoting your band to the outside world. Don’t just give facts…convince your audience that they NEED to become a fan! REQUIRED CONTENTS OF NEWSLETTER  Members of the band – a little about them individually  Background – when they started, when they made it big, type of music they play, etc.  Names of popular songs  Current news of the band/upcoming events/tour information Don’t feel limited to just the above 4 topics…you may certainly include more. Be sure, though, to get at least these covered. You will also be required to turn in a separate Works Cited page showing where you obtained your information. Cite each page that you use. If you use the band’s official website, cite each page of the website that you use, not just the main page. THINGS TO REMEMBER 1. Cite pictures on your Works Cited page and also cite underneath the individual picture. (See my example above.) Use either a copyright notice (© 2010 Microsoft) or Photo Courtesy of _____ if it’s not copyrighted. 2. Be careful where you obtain the information about your band. Many “fan websites” may not contain correct information or pictures that they have permission to use. 3. Don’t forget about Flickr for some good pictures! Google is OUT…who knows who owns those pictures?