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Lycium brevipes


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Lycium brevipes

  1. 1. * Baja Desert-thorn – Lycium brevipes (LISS-ee-um BRE-vi-pees) Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade Family) Native to: S. Channel Islands & western Sonoran Desert to N. Mexico; bluffs and canyons, below 2000’ – often coastal. woody shrub mature height: 8-12 ft. mature width: 8-12 ft. Large woody shrub with shape largely dependent on available water – large & more upright in garden setting. Dense, hedge-like foliage is evergreen (with occasional water) or drought deciduous. Bark gray. Leaves small, succulent pale-green to gray-green. Stout thorns at branch ends typical of the Boxthorns (Lycium spp.). Growth characteristics: Blooms in spring, often Mar-May in our area. Flowers small, white to lavender, in hanging masses. Flowers are pretty but small - not as showy as the bright red fruits that ripen in late spring or summer. Fruits are edible – use like tomato for sauces, dried in soups, stews. Blooms/fruits: Uses in the garden: Most often used in desert-inspired landscapes but useful elsewhere. used as a large shrub, screen or hedge plant. Excellent choice for dry slopes. Usually Good habitat plant. Sensible substitute for: Non-native shrubs like Oleander. Excellent all-round habitat plant: flowers attract native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds; provides dense cover, nesting sites and fruit for birds. Provides cover for ground dwellers. Attracts: Requirements: Element Sun Soil Water Fertilizer Other Requirement Full sun; takes reflected heat Any well-drained soil; local pH including moderately alkali Occasional water – Zone 1-2 to 2 None needed Inorganic mulch best Management: Little maintenance required. May be pruned to natural or semi-formal hedge. Propagation: from seed: easy in spring by cuttings: divisions (spring); half-woody in summer Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 1, 6, 8, 13, 14 7/29/12 © Project SOUND