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Gardening sheet lycium californicum


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Gardening sheet lycium californicum

  1. 1. California Boxthorn – Lycium californicum (LISS-ee-um kal-ih-FOR-ni-kum) Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade Family) Native to: S. coast and Channel Islands of S. CA to Baja; washes, hillsides and coastal bluffs, in coastal sage scrub, below 1500'. Rare in nature due to limited (and decreasing) habitat. woody shrub mature height: 3-8+ ft. mature width: 3-8+ ft. Drought-deciduous (evergreen with more water) erect shrub with many spiny branches. Overall shape roughly mounded. Leaves are succulent, small (< ½ inch), arise directly from the branches. Growth characteristics: Blooms in spring (Mar-Jul). Flowers small (< ½ inch across), green-white to purple-tinged, on short stems. Fruits are firm, red, like a very small tomato. Fruits are more showy than the flowers. Blooms/fruits: Uses in the garden: Mostly used in restoration and habitat gardens. Unique addition to the droughttolerant garden. Tolerates seaside conditions. Good under Torrey Pines. Would make a good large shrub, natural hedge or barrier. Edible cooked fruits can be used to make a tomato-like sauce. Sensible substitute for: Non-native drought-tolerant shrubs. Attracts: Excellent bird habitat: provides cover and berries for food. Requirements: Element Sun Soil Water Fertilizer Other Requirement Full sun (coast) to part-shade. Any well-drained, but sandy or rocky best; any local pH. Dry to semi-dry soil – Water Zones 1-2 to 2. None Management: Little needed under dry conditions. Remove dead branches. Propagation: from seed: yes; fresh seed by cuttings: use growth hormone; difficult Plant/seed sources (see list for source numbers): 1, 6, 13, 14 3/28/09 © Project SOUND