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Da Vinci Wearable Tech Flip Book


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Leonardo da Vinci is credited with creating the pedometer, making him the father of wearable technology. How would his famous Vitruvian Man look today if he was outfitted with wearables?
What do you think of the balance of form and function? What would da Vinci think?

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Da Vinci Wearable Tech Flip Book

  1. 1. Da Vinci Wearable Tech Flip Book © Carol Torgan, Ph.D. 2015
  2. 2. Leonardo da Vinci is credited with creating the first pedometer, making him the father of wearable technology Here’s how his famous Vitruvian Man might be outfitted with wearables today … © Carol Torgan, Ph.D. 2015
  3. 3. ©CarolTorgan,Ph.D.2015
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  16. 16. ©CarolTorgan,Ph.D.2015
  17. 17. This series of images is adapted from a keynote presentation given at INTERFACE: The Future of Health, in Vancouver, BC Products shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply endorsement © Carol Torgan, Ph.D. 2015
  18. 18. Pedometer: Generic Underwear: Generic pair, featuring screen-printed amperometric carbon sensor arrays, from Yang et al. Sock: Sensoria Fitness Sock Chest strap: BioFusion from Biopeak Patches: Metria from Avery Dennison, ZIO XT Patch from iRhythm Technologies, Leaf Patient Sensor, AmpStrip Shirt: Hexoskin Shorts: Mbody MShorts Wrist trackers (left to right): Apple watch, Basis watch, Xiaomi Mi Band, Withings Activité, Pebble watch, Disney MagicBand, Garmin Vivofit, Bodymedia Armband, Leap, Polar Loop, Empatica Embrace, Samsung Gear 2, Mio Fuse, Jawbone Up Shoes: Adidas F50 adizero miCoach, Lechal Tattoos: Tattoo-based potentiometric ion-selective sensors, from Wang, et al., Epidermal Electronics from Rodgers, et al. Jewelry: Ringly, Tory Burch and Fitbit necklace, Misfit Shine and Swarovski necklace, Beltie from Emiota, June from Netatmo Helmet: Lazer Lifebeam Glasses: Google Glass Product links available at: © Carol Torgan, Ph.D. 2015 Wearables shown (in order of appearance)
  19. 19. Thank you for viewing For more on wearables and tracking, visit Curated Wearable Tech Board Carol Torgan, PhD, FACSM Kinetics Consulting Twitter @ctorgan