Act if gsbi 2010


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Act if gsbi 2010

  1. 1. P U R S U I N G L I G H T I N G F OR U N D E R S E R V E D C O M M U N I T I E S T H R O U G H OP T I M A L E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N C Y, L O C A L T E C H N O - L O G I C A L D E V E L OP M E N T, A N D Q U A L I T Y J OB C R E AT I ON Act/if Electropower - GSBI™ Class of 2010 Headquarters: Mexico City, Problem Statement: Mexico Many slums and rural towns in Mexico have either no adequate Established: 2006 public lighting or no lighting at all. Numerous studies have linked this to higher crime rates, lower productivity and other safety Impact Areas: Mexico, Central risks. Installing public lighting is normally too expensive an en- and South America, Southern Europe, deavor to be self-financed by underserved communities and USA resources are most of the time scarce or hard to access for local Type: For-Profit governments. Sectors: Clean Tech & Energy Staff Size: 13 Annual Budget: $600,000 Major Funders: Self-funded, seed capital loan from Mexican government Theory of Change: Act/if provides energy-efficient lighting and solar power to im- prove the quality of life for custom- ers at the base of the pyramid. Solution: Act/if provides the lowest cost high quality solar powered LED systems for public lighting in underserved Mexican slums and rural towns. Our locally manufactured preassembled solar LED street lamps have a 50% lower cost and allow a 75% reduction in installation time. “Each dollar invested will bring safety, productivity and improved living standards to one person in slums and rural areas. In less than 3 years, nearly 500,000 will be served.” - Antonio Ernesto Schettino Benítez, General Director | | | +1 52 55 5025 6189 |
  2. 2. P U R S U I N G L I G H T I N G F OR U N D E R S E R V E D C O M M U N I T I E S T H R O U G H OP T I M A L E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N C Y, L O C A L T E C H N O - L O G I C A L D E V E L OP M E N T, A N D Q U A L I T Y J OB C R E AT I ON Milestones Achieved: Impact to Date: • 4 indigenous communities in Chiapas with public lighting, 2006: First fund raising accomplished serving 7,000 people through private partnership (now dis- • 195 tons of CO2 prevented from being released into the solved) atmosphere (300 kg/year/lamp) 2007: Government loan obtained • 7 direct and 30 indirect jobs created, 3 in engineering and through seed capital program design 2008: Proof of concept and first 20 solar lamps sold Projected Earnings: 2009: First office LED lighting sold to Bayer Chemicals office in Mexico City 2009: First 200 solar lamps purchased for rural community: Nuevo Grijalva, Chiapas. 2010: First export accomplished (Air- port, Seville, Spain) Growth Plan: 2010: Ship 500 units Projected Social Impact: 2011: Raise $500k working capital; quality managing partner; reach break even 2012: Secure one large deal for 2013 (20k units) “My husband was mugged twice in the alley last year. We were afraid every night when he came home from work. Now it Investment Required: is safer since there is light in the $500,000 in working capital debt at the market rate with a neighborhood.” - Rosa Camacho, 3 year term. Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico This profile was developed during the 2010 Global Social Benefit Incubator™, the signature program of Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology and Society. Updated 8/26/2010. | | | +1 52 55 5025 6189 |