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Please view to understand why this is Australia\'s fasted adopting email archiving solution. Highly Functional E-Discovery capability, unlimited storage, zero hardware. Solve your PST nightmare while having real time access to ALL company email.

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  •  The data explosion that has burdened corporations and governments across the globe for the past decade has become increasingly expensive to manage. Most organizations now manage Terabytes, if not Petabytes, of business critical information, the sources of which also continue to proliferate, on-site and in the cloud. And while many organizations have focused on managing the cost of storage, the other costs and risks of managing a growing amount of information are perhaps more significant.  It can be expensive to identify, collect, and preserve electronically stored information for discovery in legal, regulatory, and internal investigations. An ad hoc response to investigations can be both disruptive and time consuming for IT. Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, also poses significant risks if done poorly; for example, one study states that the cost of legal sanctions in eDiscovery increased 271 percent from 2005-2010.1 Large amounts of information also hamper the ability of organizations to migrate to new application versions in a timely manner, be it on-premise such as Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010; or in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365. IT operations are similarly hamstrung trying to manage personal email folders (PST or NSF files) and meet their backup and recovery SLAs.(Transition to next slide)  Source: 1. Sanctions for E-Discovery Violations: By the Numbers, Dan H. Willoughby & Rose Hunter Jones & Gregory R Antine, Duke Law Journal, 15 November 2010
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  • In case of an email server failure, maintenance or downtime, Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloud allows for no disruption in email service preventing allowingUsers to stay productiveNo disruption in customer communicationsElimination of downtime costsNo loss of emailsRapid recovery
  • EV.Cloud Email Archiving

    1. 1. Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud Chris Russell Corporate Sales ManagerEnterprise Vault.cloud
    2. 2. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 2
    3. 3. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 3
    4. 4. What is Driving the Need?Exploding Data Growth, And Rising Legal And IT Costs Worldwide Data Rising Legal Costs Rising IT Costs Growth* (Exabytes) 7910 1227 130 2005 2010 2015 More data Identification Application upgrades From more sources Collection PST/NSF management In more places Preservation Backup SLAsEnterprise Vault.cloud 4 *Source: IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, June 2011
    5. 5. Enterprise Vault.cloud Enterprise Vault Personal.cloud Symantec Enterprise Vault eDiscovery Discovery.cloud Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloud Access Points: On-Premise Cloud Other * *To be featured on an upcoming release .Enterprise Vault.cloud 5
    6. 6. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 6
    7. 7. Why Archive? Reduce Storage Improve Backup Improve Email Costs Performance Performance Archiving Keep Data Readily Simplify Search & Provide Email Accessible to End eDiscovery Continuity UsersEnterprise Vault.cloud 7
    8. 8. Enterprise Vault.cloud: Solution Benefits Simplified cloud-based deployment with cloud email integrations Mailbox management integration with user-defined retention Fast search to enable legal discovery and compliance requirements Provides email continuity during planned and unplanned downtime Enterprise Vault.cloud 8
    9. 9. Enterprise Vault.cloud Benefits Little to no hardware/software Predictable costs Easy to deploy/manage with no upfront CAPEX Market leading SLA’s Automatic updates 24/7 support as standard Easy to scaleEnterprise Vault.cloud 9
    10. 10. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 10
    11. 11. Overview: Personal ArchiveSearch multiple user/employee Powerful search capabilitiesarchives directly from Outlook enables drill-down on search and Outlook Web Access results  Users can quickly find and restore lost or deleted emails and attachments  Better knowledge management  Retain and easily reassign the archives of departed employees Outlook integration does not Access your archive from require MAPI , a desktop plug-in Outlook Web Access and or on-premise components your BlackBerry client natively Enterprise Vault.cloud 11
    12. 12. Overview: Discovery Archive Search the entire contents of Stores and indexes every email, archived emails/attachments in a centralized, online andusing a variety of search criteria tamper-proof repository  Accelerates legal discovery and HR enquiries  Enforces email preservation and legal holds  Search across multiple users and enforce email use policies Online review and tagging Automated legal hold enforcement Enterprise Vault.cloud 12
    13. 13. Overview: Archive AdministrationAdd and disable users with ease Manage global retention policies using on-premise tools. across your entire archive.  Disable users without losing valuable data.  Assign user roles and manage users from a single application. • Manage retention policies for all messages and tags in your archive. Manage users and assign roles Run usage reports and logs and rights to your archive. directly from the Archive Administration console. Enterprise Vault.cloud 13
    14. 14. Why Enterprise Vault.cloud? Purely hosted - No mandatory hardware or software to install and maintain - Low upfront investment and total cost of ownership - Flat fee per mailbox per month includes service upgrades Enterprise Vault.cloud Unlimited Storage & Rapid Search - Email Storage Management - Unlimited email storage & retention - Email eDiscovery - Rapid search results from scalable grid architecture - Email Compliance* - Mailbox Continuity - No mailbox size limits for end users Enterprise-class Infrastructure & Security - Redundant, scalable, Tier 4 data centers - Data encrypted in transit & at rest - 24/7/365 support included in cost of the service* SEC/FINRA regulatory compliance with AdvisorMail. Enterprise Vault.cloud 14
    15. 15. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 15
    16. 16. Global FootprintEnterprise Vault.cloud 16
    17. 17. Easy Set Up: Measured in Days Create a 1 journaling contact Create an SMTP 2 send connector Administration Tools  Provides directory synchronization services  Allows administrators to create and Activate 3 journaling deploy personal archive folders in Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)Enterprise Vault.cloud 17
    18. 18. Architecture1 Journal Information to your Archive2 Apply Management Policies3 Provide Users with Direct Access to the Archive ENTERPRISE VAULT.CLOUD4 Discover from the Archive5 Enable Mailbox Continuity/Restore EDISCOVERY EMAIL SERVER CLIENT ACCESS Enterprise Vault.cloud 18
    19. 19. Technology: Enterprise Security Technical Physical Administrative Infrastructure security Data Center security Personal security • Redundant firewalls • SAS70-II/ISO 27001-2005 • Employee screening • Redundant load balancers • Tier-4 data centers • Confidentiality NDAs • Minimum system baselines • Tier-1 networks • Ongoing certifications Application security Data redundancy security Process security • Roles-based access control • Power, cooling, network • Change management • Two-factor authentication • Geographically-dispersed • Access management • Audit history • Data replication • Uptime monitoring Data security Site security System security • Encryption in transit (TLS) • Biometric access control • Intrusion detection (IDS) • Encryption at rest (AES) • Security surveillance/CCTV • SYMC, MSS, SEP Altiris • Encryption of credentials • 24x7 guard service • Qualys vulnerability testsEnterprise Vault.cloud 19
    20. 20. Backend: Secure Cloud Archive SECURESMTP Journaling / Clustered Firewalls Capture Grid Indexing Grid Storage Grid Access Grid S-POP / S-IMAP & Load Balancers Cloud >99.99% Indexing & Proven reliability Multiple Data Real-Time Real-Time Storage Centers Upgrades MonitoringEnterprise Vault.cloud 20 20
    21. 21. Import legacy emailsCollect and ingest data from a variety of sourcesEnterprise Vault.cloud 21
    22. 22. Enterprise Vault.Cloud Data ImportsEnterprise Vault.cloud 22
    23. 23. Always-on Mailbox Continuity Send and receive emails when your primary email system is unavailable Benefits:  Keep business moving  Prevent data loss  Integrates with Symantec AV/AS securityEnterprise Vault.cloud 23
    24. 24. Enterprise Vault Mailbox Continuity.cloudEnterprise Vault.cloud 24
    25. 25. Agenda 1 Today’s Information Management Challenges 2 Archiving & Cloud Benefits 3 Enterprise Vault.cloud 4 How It Works 5 ClosingEnterprise Vault.cloud 25
    26. 26. Benefits summary – Address The Needs of Your Stakeholders End User Legal/HR Compliance  Restore lost and  Streamline eDiscovery  One-click review deleted emails  Easily manage legal  Streamlined  Eliminate mailbox holds supervision quota hassles  Define and enforce  End-to-end audit  Access to any email retention policies support services sent /received IT Management  Reduce email server  Eliminate free-  Reduce backup storage, improve range PSTs/NSFs windows performanceEnterprise Vault.cloud 26
    27. 27. Thank you! Questions and Answers Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Enterprise Vault.cloud 27
    28. 28. AppendixEnterprise Vault.cloud 28
    29. 29. Administration Add-on Components and Integrations Product Component Description CloudLink Used for user synchronization and user access in Outlook / OWA ADFS integration (SAML 2.0) Used for Single Sign On Folder Synchronization Provide users a live view of their folders in the archive Office 365 Sync Used to sync users, domains, and push user access from 365 Enterprise Vault.cloud 29
    30. 30. BlackBerry Integration – Anywhere, Anytime Access • SMS/Pin-to-Pin/Call Log Archiving • Access your whole email archive • Consistent user experience Thick Client Unlimited Mailbox Quick SearchEnterprise Vault.cloud 30