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Sports Coaching - Techniques & Coaching Concepts is a private sports coaching company connecting ambitious athletes with top-tier private sports coaches in the UK.

This presentations illustrates concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and illustrates some of the best coaching techniques & concepts (ABC Model, Bridge Model, Score Model) that can be used by sports coaches in every discipline to develop skills within their coachees & allowing them to be responsible for their own actions and choose the right steps to reach their goal.

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Sports Coaching - Techniques & Coaching Concepts

  1. 1. Sports Coaching Techniques & Coaching Concepts
  2. 2. MODULE CONTENT 1.  Sports Coaching at WhatACoach 2.  ABC-Model 3.  Beliefs & Values 4.  Coaching 5.  The Bridge Model 6.  The Score Model
  3. 3. Sports Coaching at WhatACoach connects ambitious athletes with top private sports coaches in the UK. Coaches join the leading private sports coaching platform in a few steps and start building their own professional coaching business. But what are the basics of “Coaching”?
  4. 4. The ABC-Model Experiences, memories & incidents Beliefs, norms & values Attitude Behaviour Results COACHING
  5. 5. Beliefs, norms & values Beliefs, norms & values Results Behaviour Attitude Beliefs Transactional Change Transformative Change
  6. 6. Beliefs, norms & values A. We are responsible for our own situation - it lies within us B. Beliefs can influence our skills and therefore how we perform C. Manage yourself the right way: Do not (always) pick the easy way! D. Take your situation as it is - make the most out of it E. Everything is possible, if you manage to influence your own beliefs Beliefs, norms & values
  7. 7. Sports Coaching Sports coaching is a valuable must have! Sports coaches help people reach their full potential Sports coaching allows people to recognize, that they are responsible for themselves and that all answers lie within them. The best sports coaches in the world develop skills within their clients, so that they are able to think for themselves, make their own decisions & reach their goals. “At one point of your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t” – Andy Roddick
  8. 8. The Bridge Model Situation Cause Result Effect Solutions
  9. 9. The Score Model The Process in 5 phases: 1.  What is your desired result? What is your desired situation (goals)? 2. If you would achieve what you want to achieve, what meaning would that have for you, for your life? Why is this important for you? 3. What is your current situation? Where are you at the moment? 4. Why is it like this? 5. What do you need to go from your current situation to your desired situation? What do you think you need to do (actions) to help with the change (solutions)?
  10. 10. Tips for Coaching ●  Be interested in the person you are coaching ●  Focus on the future and be goal oriented. What’s in for you or your client? ●  Ask GREAT questions (Why?, How?, What?, When?) ●  Adjust your body language to your client ●  Use NLP
  11. 11. WhatACoach is looking for private sports coaches in the UK. Interested? Apply Here .