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Efffective Demonstration - Sports Coaching


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Efffective Demonstration - Sports Coaching

  1. 1. Sports Coaching Technique’s : Effective Demonstrating
  2. 2. Effective Demonstration Advantages 1) Demonstration can be used to teach skills that are accessible to all types of learners e.g. kinaesthetic 2) When people learn form demonstration they can pick up the actions and movements which aren't available from just being told verbally 3) Also learners are able to use the technique that has been shown to them and which allows the correct technique to be seen and then put into practice 4) Encourages peer learning 5) Allows the coach to use other students to demonstrate the technique which promotes confidence in the other students
  3. 3. Rugby Demonstration Posotive: Coach is using a member of the tam to demonstrate a technique Negative: The position of the coach and performer the rest of the team may not be able to see the technique and therefore it could be practiced with the incorrecttechnqiue
  4. 4. Disadvantages of Demonstrating 1) The technique could be overcomplicated which makes the demonstration hard to understand 2) Incorrect technique demonstrated which is then picked up by the performers 3) Oral discussion about the technique may be discouraged 4) The practical session that is taking place may not be appropriate for the demonstration technique 5) May be hard for the teacher to demonstrate the technique as well as explain it 6) The position of the coach in this picture shows a bad demonstration because the swimmers can only see the front of his y not his arms and his body which he is using to demonstrate the front crawl breathing technique.