78-1.9                                                                                                                  Co...
Question(Repented)    :    CC        I. am a murderer, doing the rest of my life in prison, solitaire, and I was wonder - ...
this Auaretless i edieetes that many eetiti .es, ie pnesing eve-, Lind a great nee d            to move into that which ma...
This Awareness indicates there has been that situation wherein the angelic host sWere in conflict with the fallen hosts, y...
This Awareness indicates that there is world enough and time for many types o fexperiences ; that the realm of creation is...
plane to allow them to  be rejects from Celestria . This Awareness indicates chat: a information action begins immediately...
This Awareness indicates, for example, light may be filling a space while tha tspace is also filled with sound and that sp...
:hit . .a1L . : :,-:s iadici : .s that the c :ems tier o : -he erra                                                       ...
This Awareness indicates that there are many mansions and many experiences fo rentities to enjoy in the various realms of ...
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Cosmic Awareness 1978-19: A Peek at Celestria


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Cosmic Awareness 1978-19: A Peek at Celestria

  1. 1. 78-1.9 Cosmic Awareness Communication s P . 0, any II!, Otympla, W9rttnrton 99507 COSMIC AWARENESS is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha . Krishna , Mohammed . and other great avatars who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father . and who speaks again today as th e world begins to enter the ,Vou. Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 19a3 Cosmic Awareness has been communi- cating through certain carefully trained channels . liar information contained herein was received from deep trance states an d interpreted by an entity attiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who inherit the New Age . Awareness tells you no t to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness only in- dicates and suggests . Paul . Shockley Trance-Interprete r THE IMMORTAL REALM OFHADE S Editor s note : In many readings in the past, Cosmic Awarenes s has talked about the Plane of Limbo, where there is ri.o pain , no work, only endless waiting between lifetimes . The questio n asked in this reading is the first time, to our knowledge, tha t information on the hell planes of lower. Limbo has been given . Question : We have a letter from P .J•of Wa.upun, Wisconsin . He s . a prisoner, Ill read his letter . His question is in the firs t paragraph . The rest of the letter is rather interesting and ma y bring forth some comments from Awareness . " Dear C .A .C . I know that as a non-paying member I have no right to ask a questio nand expect an answer, but they say a long journey begins with the first step, so her eI am . I am a murderer doing the rest of my life in prison, solitaire, and I was wonder-ing if this blew me all to hell in my spiritual . development? Will that badly affect m ynext life, my karmic life ? "Also, I must tell you that C .A .C . has saved my life . I was going to kill myself, but then I started reading your stuff . It was a blessing . Religions had my head _going crazy. I was always wondering, which was the true one? You saved my life, thanks . S ttin.g i n solitaire, I have multitudes of time for thinking, and about 75°i . is spent on inner lif e in your organization . You should bring more of this into prisons . I feel that mos t people in here are positive people, but lacking guidance and instruction on crimina l matters . lust think of all the energy you could generate if you could get all the peopl e in all the prisons to support you spiritually . The Cosmic Energy would be astounding . I hope you are not under the impression that convicts are all dumb, I tell you tha t there are some great minds and potentials, just some great people in here . Just giv e them a real cause . Sorry, 1 got carried away . Thanks again . " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the contribution to humanity from cereai .n areas o f prisons cannot be overestimated . This Awareness indicates that even this Awarenes s Movement received some of its original impetus from a prisoner in solitary confinement . This entity later assisting Ralph Duby to enter into the deeper levels of trance . This Awareness indicates that the entity having had such experiences in the solit-ary confinement as to he able to assist Ralph Duby in entering those levels t .hereb ythis Awareness could speak through that entity . This Awareness suggests the questio n be repeated , yerntdtcd 5nt nrtntaionr t :ppic . ileosc, onIact tic above l information, tatryrigh1 19-5 by (rusa .4 .,arrn,•d:. C,nwnnu ; nrnn,. . /5, .tgnurmn (lu :rrir .d Cnnrr ,1 Srrr,,, nep,oO .,tun . t.
  2. 2. Question(Repented) : CC I. am a murderer, doing the rest of my life in prison, solitaire, and I was wonder - ing if this blew me all . lo hell in my spiritual development? Will that badly affect m y next life, my karmic life ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this shall have its effect upon you for some time to come . chat: wherein complete remorse is experienced by you on many levels, then there shal l be that opportunity given whereby you may have the chance to pay penance and to mov e into other activities unaffected by this event and situation . This Awareness indicates that until you reach that level of consciousness whereb y you can not possibly over again harm another, the effects of this action shall continu e to have influence over your life . This Awareness wishes you to understand that even i n the realms of after life, the stigma of having harmed another will remain with you . The Nature of t-he . Kingdom ofHade s This Awareness wishes entities to understand that even that which has been calle d the Kingdom of Hades , that. which in Christian philosophy is referred to as Hell , wherein the fallen angels dwell . ihi.s Awareness indicates that this Kingdom of Hade s does not actually appreciate entities who have caused great harm to others . This Awareness indicates, however, this Kingdom of Hades has agreed to take thes e entities in service to work off their karma and their frustrations, guilt and hostility . This Awareness indicates that as these entities begin to clear through this kin d of service, they are given opportunity for spiritual growth and advancement, even i n that realm . This Awareness wishes you to understand that this is not intended as a judgment or statement or directive that you shall be sent to that Kingdom of Hades . This Awareness indicates this as determined after the completion of your life upon thi s plane and as a summation of your experiences . This Awareness indicates that the movement toward the more beautiful realms suc h as the Blue Planet or Celestria, that which has been called Heaven or . Nirvana ; thes e realms, as well as Hades, chaos ; in these other realms, entities stil l have a kind of freedom of choice and growth whereby they may advance or retard them - selves in their development , This Awareness indicates that at every moment throughout eternity entities hav e those opportunities for repentance and for changing the course of their life by att- uning themselves to that force which is associated with good, that force which is nex t to this Awareness ; that Force which is mated to mercy ; that force which is known a s love . This Awareness indicates there are no living souls which cannot be salvaged fo r higher and more beautiful purposes than what are presently experiencing . Thi s Awareness indicates there are also no living souls which cannot fall into greate r degradation and sorrow . . This Awareness there are very few souls who become so totally corrup t that their experiences in life, or in the after life, cannot bring them back to tha t which is integrated, harmonious, merciful and loving . This Awareness indicates that the prison on earth, the hell entities experienc e upon this plan e ; allows an opportunity for burning off much of the karma that woul d otherwise be added to their sentence in the immortal realms by the keepers of th e gate, the warder of the bridge, which allows entities to move toward that which ma y he called Celestria, or which may be called Hades ; wherever the entity best fit s according to that entity s development . skills, behavior and inclinations . Page 2
  3. 3. this Auaretless i edieetes that many eetiti .es, ie pnesing eve-, Lind a great nee d to move into that which may be called Hades for further growth and development, an d such entities would be bored in the areas of peace and harmony in Celestria . This Awareness indicates that the stories of hell which have been given ar e greatly exaggerated in an effort to scare the hell out of entities . This Awareness indicates that it is a question of how much hardship you need i n the immortal realms to teach you mercy, kindness and love ; for the area of Hades i s designed, not only as a place for the social misfits from Celestria from th e created worlds, but is designed also in a way whereby various levels of experienc e can be created, whereby entities may have the opportunity to totally experience th e other side of the crime which they have committed against others . This Awareness indicates that entities who have violated others and have brough t great harm to others, when entering this realm, are given that opportunity to exper- ience that violation for themselves until they have completely experienced and under - stood the error of their violation . This Awareness indicates that entities upon this earth, who can experience th e remorse--totally--for their errors, may find that they need not move into those level s in Hades for that kind of discipline, or punishment . This Awareness indicates this is not considered as a punishment in Hades so muc h as a lesson being taught . This Awareness indicates that wherein you can completel y experience the remorse necessary upon this plane of creation, there is still the poss- ibility whereby entities may move into other higher realms of existence in th e immortal realms . Life in the Immortal Realms Between Lifetime s This Awareness wishes entities to understand also, that once entering these othe r realms, it is possible for entities to return to the realm of creation to be bor n again in the physical . flesh, reincarnated for further experiences and testing of tha t which entities have learned . This Awareness will give further information on the various realms of creation , as entities are reaching that level wherein this may be of need in terms of presen t philosophical gaps . This Awareness suggests that other questions may be asked regard- ing this, or the general questions may continue . (question ; I d like Co ask Awareness if that realm referre d to as lades is the lower planes of that which Aware - ness has previously referred to as Limbo ? COSMIC AWARENESS ! This Awareness indicates that . Limbo is one plane within the realm of Hades . Thi s Awareness indicates that which has been called heaven in the Christian philosophy a s that which this Awareness refers to as Celestria . This Awareness indicates that whic h has been called as that which this Awareness refers to as Hades, This Awarenes s indicates that these terms need not be used for this description, but that these term s as having less polarized images than the terms heaven and hell . . This Awareness indicates entities, having heard terms of heaven and hell, have ate. certain types of images related to these terms, which in both cases are greatly exagg- erated, as these being somewhat mythical concepts rather than reality levels . This Awareness indicates that, likewise, the concept that the deities of Celestria , or heaven, are in conflict and at war with the forces of darkness, the followers o f Lucifer ; this also as having been greatly exaggerated . Page 3 .
  4. 4. This Awareness indicates there has been that situation wherein the angelic host sWere in conflict with the fallen hosts, yet these conflicts have been greatly resolve dand there is now a kind of universal agreement, or pact, between these realms whic hallows for the proper placement and determination for the movement and care and expres-sion of the souls of creation when they pass from the realm of creation into th eimmortal realms , This Awareness indicates that entities often move from the earth plane directlyinto the planes of Limbo, Purgatory, and other realms of great despair, such as th eLake of Darkness . These entities move to those places according to the vibration o ftheir own being and the magnetic attraction of their soul to that which they hav eattuned themselves . This as a karmic action, not created by the judgment of any entity ,but created by natural forces of the universe, and created by the free will of a nentity to develop that magnetic core of one s awn soul ; that core being drawn to th evibratory level for which it was attuned . The Lake of Darkness and Other PurgatoryLevel s This Awareness indicates that when the entity enters the plane of Limbo, th erealms of the Lake of Darkness, or any of the purgatory levels, the entity still ha sa choice of changing his or her vibratory rate . This Awareness indicates it is mica more difficult to make these changes an dadjustments on the immortal side, for the physical body is missing, It is much easie rfor entities to change their vibratory rate, their spiritual growth, on the create drealms, such as on the planet earth, whereby the entity has more opportunity fo rphysical sensation, pleasure and pain, and the entity is capable of creating thos echanges in growth, spiritual growth, much more quickly , This Awareness indicates the implication of this is that when entities move int olevels of Limbo, Purgatory, or into the Lake of Darkness, they may wait for what feel sto be eons of time while they attempt to change their vibratory rate in order t oleave these areas . This Awareness indicates that essentially the forces of light desire that entitie smove toward the light for their own joy and for their own good . These forces inCelestria are capable of creating what is needed by their own thought force, by th epower of their mind . The forces in Hades, in order to create what they wish, mus tuse great energies , This Awareness indicates that Hades was created incomplete and is being complete dby those who go to that area, and by those, who, like pioneers, must work physicall yand with great effort to make the changes necessary to bring about comforts in ever yday living conditions . This Awareness indicates that the entities of ;fades recognize their role and place ,these being the natives of Hades, recognizing that their purpose is to build and com-plete that incompl.eted creation of Hades, and these entities recognize that they nee dmore resources, more energies, and such entities in the immortal realms do not repro -duce their own kind, and therefore must rely on entities from the created realms o fearth and other planets in order to supply themselves with the human resources, o rthe soul forces, necessary to complete the working force of their realm . This Awareness indicates that for this reason, there is the desire by those fro mHades to tempt entities into those kind of activities which would forbid them fro mentering Celestria ; for Celestria simply cannot, and does not, wish to cope wit hentities who create disturbances, violence, or hostilities in the Paradise which the yexperience, Therefore, since Hades desires to use this work force, and since Celestri acannot cope with these entities, an agreement has been reached between the immortal .realms to allow these entities to move into Hades as a work force, to assist i nfinishing the creation of Hades . Pave +,
  5. 5. This Awareness indicates that there is world enough and time for many types o fexperiences ; that the realm of creation is but one of many realms of existence i nthe Universe . How the Forces of Hades Effect Earth Entitie s Ouestion : Would Awareness please explain how these entities on Hades exert this energy i na manner that entities on the earth plane are affected or influenced ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates entities from the i .rmnortal realms, whether. Hades o rCelestria, are capable of moving into physical form into the created realms, or movin ginto astral forms, or simply moving consciously into the bodies of entities upon thi splane . This Awareness indicates, in this manner, there are those actions which may b econsidered as possession by demonic forces, or, possession by angelic forces . Tha tentities upon this plane have the opportunity of creating within themselves a forc efield that will not allow such possession, or may, by feeling guilty or feelingdifferent ty p es of self admonition, such entities may open up their consciousness t oallow such demonic possession . This Awareness indicates negative thoughts, negative attitudes, hostility, guilt ,as well as excessive use of drugs and drink, (this in terms of alcoholic drinks) ,these things can allow a weakening of the aura whereby the lower forces may enter ;but entities, in understanding this, can also, by using certain drugs, particularl ythe psychedelics, entities can . also open themselves to allow angelic, or celestria lforces, to enter . This Awareness indicates that entities ever and always have the opportunity o fsetting the stage within themselves for being channels of that which is constructiv eor that which is destructive .ft matters not whether entities use drugs or drink, thesituation is the same . The use of drugs and drink simply weakens the aura to allowinvasion to occur more quickly . This Awareness indicates that negative attitudes, hostilities, condemnations ,self-righteousness, these also weaken the aura to allow greater invasion . This Aware-ness indicates that fear itself is that which is the greatest force for invitin gnegative, or Hades agents, into ones consciousness . This Awareness indicates ther ehave been stories given in legends and told as truths wherein entities have mad econtact. with alien beings, and wherein entities have even signed contracts with th eso-called Devil . This Awareness indicates, often these are indeed true, wherein entities Fro mHades have come into physical manifestation and have attempted to have entities sig na contract whereby they would receive riches now at the expense of their soul later ,which would then be brought to Hades as part of the work force . This Awareness indic-ates that this kind of agreement and contract has now been outlawed on the immorta lrealms and is no longer conducted by agents from Hades ; that the Hades agents no wsimply tempt entities to do activities which would make them unacceptable in Celestria ;that agents of Hades may even tempt entities toward murder so that they can be brough tto Hades when their life has terminated upon this plane . This is one way whereby the yreceive their work force . This Awareness indicates that another way is by convincing entities that there i sgreat challenging work to be done in Hades, and that Celestria is totally boring, an dfor those who have no personal initiative to do anything . This Awareness indicates that once entities enter into the realms of Hades, al lhostilities, violence, greed, and those qualities which the agents of Hades have en . -couraged upon this plane ; those qualities are deeply frowned upon in Hades, and thes eentities are put into those levels of Purgatory whereby they shall be stripped of thei rgreed, hostility, and rebellion, and those attitudes which had been encouraged upo n Page 5 .
  6. 6. plane to allow them to be rejects from Celestria . This Awareness indicates chat: a information action begins immediately when entities enter Hades, and in this reform-ation the entities are disciplined severely, so that they may begin to become mor eintegrated and obedient to those who live in lades . Why Thosein Hades Do Not Rebel. This Awareness indicates that there are no entities upon the earth who are capableof having control in the ,Balms of Hades, for their work is perfected, .and they under -stand how to break the wills of entities completely, regardless of how strong an entit yfeels himself or herself to be . This Awareness indicates this as an action of purification, a purgatory, whic hstrips these entities of those qualities of lust, greed, hostility, violence and decep-tion, so that they may be used more fruitfully for the labor force . This Awareness indicates that many entities enter Hades because they do not fee lworthy of going to Celestria . These entities often have imaginary guilts related t osocial moralities and religious programming, such as guilt over sexual experiences o rdesires, guilt related to Pertain Morality taboos, which, in the immortal realms, ar eof little significance . This Awareness indicates that Hades accommodates these entities in ridding them -selves of the guilts, and allows such entities then to reincarnate upon the earth an dto begin again . A Peek at Celestri a This Awareness indicates that there are also entities who move into Celestria wh oare simply deeply troubled, having very little confidence in themselves and needin gsomeone to lean on . This Awareness indicates the entities of Hades do not have tim efor this kind of tender loving care and mercy that these entities require . Therefore ,these entities are often shuttled into Celestria until they have a greater confidenc ein themselves ; then, they too, may return to earth for further experiences . This Awareness indicates this not necessarily earth, but the created realms, regard -less of what planets these entities live upon . This Awareness indicates that which has been called the Land of a-Thousand Rainbow sas that which also is the land of Celestria . This Awareness indicates that the Blu ePlanet as also being Celestria, The Blue Planet as that which fills the entire Universe .The realm of Hades as that which also fills the entire Universe . The created realm a sthat which also fills the entire Universe . That each of these is a different densit yof creation and each of these has a different vibration, wherein there are definit eborders in consciousness which requires certain agreements and transitions to mov ebetween the realms . That entities cannot move from one realm to another without agree- -meat of certain forces and without the understanding of the necessary transition . This Awareness indicates that in every particle of space in the universe, on everyparticle of matter, there is the realm of Celestria, there is the realm of Hades, an dthere is the created realm . These inhabiting the same space, yet, each being on a diff-erent vibration, whereby, when an entity is in one realm, he or she is incapable o fseeing the other realms . This Awareness indicates this as likened unto three differen toverlays of the same space, but whereby one image is made invisible to another . Pane 6_
  7. 7. This Awareness indicates, for example, light may be filling a space while tha tspace is also filled with sound and that space is also filled with matter ; the samespace containing sound, light and matter ; the same space may also contain heat . Thi sAwareness indicates chat neither of these needs to depend so much on the other, fo reach as having its own kind of independence, and each as being capable of penetratin gthat space . This Awareness suggests that heat, light and sound, penetrating a certai narea of space, may each be oblivious to the others presence . in the same manner ,Celestria, Hades and the created realms may be oblivious to each other s presence, an d it takes a certain type of expanded consciousness for these entities of one realm t ohe attuned to the entities of the next . This Awareness indicates the entities of the realm known as Celestria and th erealm known as Hades find it much easier to watch and enter into the created real mthan for entities of the created realm to enter into these other realms . This Awareness indicates that for an . entity to enter the immortal realms, th eentity must drop the carcass . Whereas, an immortal entity may enter into the create drealm and create a carcass, a physical form in which to move about for the purpos eof that mission . This Awareness indicates often these entities, moving from the immortal real minto the mortal realm, will move through the normal birth cycle for their mission ,but occasionally these entities prefer to simply manifest a body or an astral for mwith which they may carry out their purpose briefly and then return to the immorta lrealms, This as related unto many areas of unexplained phenomena whereby entitie shave had visions, hallucinations, apparitions and strange incidences of entitie sappearing before them, seeming to be physical and yet appearing and disappearin gbefore their eyes . The Influenceof Hade s After the Fal l of Lucife r ?? Question : 1?i Awareness, does the force, the energy exerted by th e combined energies of entities in Hades also have an infl- uence on those entities in Celestria, and is it possibl e that influence could get so great it could pull some o f these entities from Celestria into the Hades realm ? 1`I t i~ ;r _ COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially this occurred at the beginning of th edivision wherein Rhvee, or Lucifer, separated from Consciousness . This Awareness ind-icates that essentially the separation was set up in order that entities may bette rsee their owe, soul ; that those who wished to seek power and those who wished to hav econtrol and to create on their own, using their own personal power and control ; thes eentities followed Lucifer into that banishment known as Hades . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the banishment was part of the intende dpurposes of this Awareness . Essentially, the separation of Lucifer from that portionof consciousness which remained, known as Isis ; this was the intended purpose of thi sAwareness . Essentially, this Awareness chose Lucifer to rebel, to move out and to tak ethose with him who would be capable of surviving on their own through that rebelliou sattitude, in that uncompleted realm known as Hades . This Awareness indicates that this purpose was to expose all entities to them -selves, to lay bare their souls to themselves, whereby they might : discover who, i nfact, they really are . This Awareness indicates that those who remained in Celestri awere those who had nothing to prove, who felt no great ambition to create for control ,who were satisfied to love one another and to be who they were . Page 7 .
  8. 8. :hit . .a1L . : :,-:s iadici : .s that the c :ems tier o : -he erra i d tr . ; at 3ee or Viah c eallowed the forces of light and darkness a stage on which they could merge and wor kout their differences ; a transition point whereby entities from the fallen angels an dthe realm of Hades might wish to step so that from that transition world of the morta lrealm they could return to Essence, return to Celestria and to this Awareness . How Many of Us Now on Eart h Recently Came from Hades , and How Many of us Here No w Can Plan on Another Sojourn ? Question : One final question in relation to this . Would Awarenes s give us an approximation of the percentage of entities o n this plane, at this time, whose last incarnation, or, wh o KEEP recently came from the realm of Hades, as against the per- centage of those entities who came from Celestria ; and wha t SMILING percentage, or what are the odds that those entities, afte r passing over from this life experience, will return to thos e particular planes ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that basically the realm of Hades is improving and i snot that much different from certain levels of experience upon the earth plane . Thi sAwareness indicates that the earth itself is somewhat of a laggard in comparison t oother planets of the mortal realm . This Awareness indicates that Hades is somewha tbehind the other planets of the mortal realm, that there is great technologies an dgreat civilizations on many of these mortal planets that far surpass those incomplete dexperiences in Hades as well as of the earth . This Awareness indicates that entities moving from earth level into Hades ; th eexperience might be likened unto entities moving from the present time on earth to atime of approximately 2000 years previous . This Awareness indicates that in Hades there are no machines to speak of, (thoug hentities understand machines . There basically are occupations whereby entities wor kby hand, for there is much time in Hades and machines are not necessary for the wor kat hand . This Awareness indicates that, therefore, many of the entities from the eart hplane who enter Hades do not find it to be as hellish as they might have expecte dfrom stories given to them by their earthly religious teachers . This Awareness indicates that upon this earth at this present time, many of th eentities on the earth have existed in Hades many different lifetimes . The percentageas being approximately .60%% . This Awareness indicates that likewise, some of these entities who have existe din Hades, have also existed in certain lifetimes in Celestria . This Awareness indic-ates this being approximately 10 to 20 per cent . This Awareness suggests that 45% t o50% of the entities on this plane as having existed at one time or another in Celest eria . This Awareness suggests that this number has increased during the past twent yyears by double . This Awareness indicates that previous to this present time, wherei nmasses of entities are moving from the planes of Celestria into the earth plane, tha tthe earth plane was dominated largely, mostly, by entities who have experienced life -times in Hades . This Awareness indicates that you must understand, however, that thes eexperiences in Hades and Celestria are those experiences between lifetimes, ratherthan as lifetimes . This Awareness indicates that many entities upon this plane have experienced life -times on other planets in the mortal realm, and some of these entities upon the eart hhave spent most of their lifetimes on other planet :s in the mortal realms . p aaa R
  9. 9. This Awareness indicates that there are many mansions and many experiences fo rentities to enjoy in the various realms of creation .Question : Thank you . Does Awareness have a closing message? rF ^COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes entities to understand that It loves the troubled soul . It loves the guilty soul . It loves the evil soul . It loves the downtrodden soul . It loves those who are good . It loves those who are had . It loves those who hate . It loves those who love . It loves those who are merciful . It loves those who are hostile . It loves those who rebel against It. . It loves those who work close with It . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that It loves all of Its creatio nand all entities within Its creation and all of the immortal realms as well a sthe mortal realms . It loves those who followed Lucifer and those who remained behind to await fo rLucifer. t s return . This Awareness indicates that Lucifer was the Prodigal Son, and the purpose o fthe separation was to allow entities to discover their own individuality as well a sto discover the workings of the creative forces for themselves . That there were thos ewho loved to be obedient and to follow . There were those who loved to rebel and t ostrike out on their own , This Awareness indicates that all of these have had the opportunity for complet eexpression, and in that expression, have been given many lessons and many experience sfrom which to learn . This Awareness indicates that there has been much tragedy, sorrow and suffering ,and that it now is time whereby entities begin to discover for themselves, withou thaving to rely on authority, without having to be obedient to authority, withou tneeding to bow and worship a Divine King outside of themselves : It is time that entities know the Truth, that they are all ONE, and that lov eand mercy, kindness and sensitivity of one to another, brings about the greatest typ eof joy in being ; and that the joy in being is the ultimate experience . This Awareness indicates that this lesson cannot be taught, but that entitie snow are capable of discovering this for themselves . (The Law of Gratitude )* For more information on alcohol..and drugs and closing auras, se eRev, of Awareness #77-13 & 78-9 .(Awareness pronounces Hade sas Haydees) . At+ ctrl ruN Ioka•n of t h e rrdcmpt ion,,I man . REV FLAT IONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness tnnrnurnicarians . P .O . Box 115 , Olympia, Washington 98507 . Rates and n Tl l rship information available upon request .