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Top 5 diets that work


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Top 5 diets that work

  1. 1. ==== ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @,%20weight_loss==== ====Out of the thousands of diets that have been written over the years 5 really stand out as being themost effective. One of them, Weight Watchers, has been around for over 40 years, while theothers have been introduced more recently. One of them, the 9th Law Diet, is only a yearold.  Although each diet has philosophical differences on the best way to lose weight, theyall are effective and have shown to be safe.Here is a summary of each diet. Each summary includes information about the generalphilosophy, type of foods, overall expense of each diet, as well as the most commonly attributedpros and cons. The diets are listed in no particular order. These are just the top five weight lossdiets this decade based on the formerly listed criteria.Skinny Bitch: This diet was written by two fiery and passionate best friends who are proud to callthemselves skinny bitches. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin call Skinny Bitch, a no-nonsense,tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous. SkinnyBitch is definitely telling it to you straight.  The way your best girlfriend would tell you over acocktail.These girls make no apologies for the attitude, wit, and even the language found in this colorfulguide to basically getting your ass in gear once and for all. They refer to sugar as the devil, andthemselves as pigs, and encourage you to get a sweet ass. They love food just as much asanyone. But, they have also learned a successful way to enjoy food and enjoy eating withoutdepriving themselves and maintaining sexy little bodies.The diet lets you eat all the carbohydrate packed goodness you could ever want including bread,potatoes, pasta, cakes, cookies and muffins. Of course, nothing good ever comes for free, so whatis the catch? No dairy. No meat. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sound a little vegan? That isbecause it is, and Skinny Bitch is even endorsed by P.E.T.A.These skinny girls dont like to feel hungry and they dont like to feel like theyre being deprived.And they know youre the exact same way. There is plenty to eat when you decide to make theswitch to Skinny Bitch. The basic premise is simple: being skinny means being healthy. The twoideas are not independent of one another. They come right out and show the flaws of some of themore popular diets around, probably some you have followed yourself. They say in the end, thosediet programs are quick fixes that will never help you get a grip on your overall health andwellness.Skinny Bitch will educate you about the foods youre eating, how and why they have the effects onyour body that they do and where you have been going wrong all along. They release you
  2. 2. from the constraints of counting calories, but tell you to start reading all of those food labels. Theexpense is the cost of the book, Skinny Bitch. The book itself is an entertaining, albeit brash, read.The diet is perfect for vegetarians or vegans. The book can be purchased online and through allmajor booksellersSouth Beach: If you are looking for a diet plan that has grown wildly popular over the pastfew years, gives your eating habits a dramatic makeover, and shares the name of one of theworlds favorite beaches, then the South Beach Diet is for you. Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist,created this friendly contrast to other prohibitive weight-loss plans and offers a chance to achievesuccess where you might have previously failed.The South Beach Diet differs from its low carbohydrate competitor Atkins, in that it restrictssaturated fats, which are linked with health problems like heart disease and high cholesterol. Itpromises that cravings for sugars, sweets and other carbohydrates will disappear as you go alongbecause the diet is supposed to keep blood sugar levels maintained.The South Beach Diet has three separate phases in which in each phase, you wean yourself awayfrom certain foods and incorporate other South Beach Diet friendly foods. The diet promises thatyou will lose 8-12 pounds in the first two weeks as long as you adhere to the guidelines.The South Beach Diet supports a clean way of eating that is void of refined sugars and trans fats.It also has thousands of satisfied clients, updated research in the 2008 release South Beach Diet:Supercharged, and a maintenance plan after weight loss goals have been achieved.A problem is the fact that many South Beach Diet food products contain sugar-alcohols, whichmay cause diarrhea and other GI tract problems. The best recommendation is to adhere to the dietwithout consuming all the specially made products.The diet has various phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks and has you remove starches likebread, pasta and rice, potatoes, fruits, milk, yogurt, honey and baked goods. Sugars arecompletely eliminated. During the first phase of South Beach, you will enjoy three balancedmeals and some snacks that should include lean meats and fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, freshvegetables, beans and nuts.Phase two of the South Beach Diet will allow you to slowly re-introduce fruits, whole-grain breadsand pastas. You will choose just one carbohydrate and include that in one meal each dayfor one week. Phase two will continue until you meet your goal weight. You will begin themaintenance, or third, phase of South Beach once you have met your goal weight. It is here thatyou will put to practice all that you learned in phases one and two.The cost is the price of the book, South Beach, which is available online as well as all major bookoutlets. There is also a complete line of South Beach Diet foods that can be purchased in yourgrocery store from cereals to frozen meals. But many of the nutrition bars and snack items containartificial sweeteners, which have been known to induce gastrointestinal problems.The 9th Law Diet: This is a relatively new diet that has been sweeping across the country due toits simplicity and overall effectiveness. The 9th Law Diet was created by a physiology professorout of the St. Louis area. He is well known on the web as Professor Jay, but his real name is Jay
  3. 3. Snaric.The diet was formally created after a student of professor Jays lost over 90 poundsfollowing his weight loss guidelines.  The student convinced the professor to get it into thehands of so many people who really need it.  Professor Jay created a website wherehe gives the diet away for free, as well as offers on-going email support.  The rest is history,as the 9th Law Diet has swept across the country and around the world in record time. Thousands of people have lost major weight and have changed their lives with the 9th Law Diet.The 9th Law Diet emphasizes cutting out what he refers to as negative carbohydrates andfats, and incorporating more positive carbohydrates and fats. Its emphasis on fruits, vegetables,lean proteins, and heart-healthy fats is an eating plan that is full of vitamins, minerals and essentialfatty acids Support for this diet comes from the science provided by Harvard Medical school andother predominate members of the medical science community. Professor Jay Snaric himself hasstudied human physiology, nutrition, and health at New York University, The Medical University ofSouth Carolina, and University of Southern Illinois.The 9th Law Diet does not just promote dieting, but overall behavioral and lifestyle changes. Asstated earlier, you can get the 9th Law Diet for free at  The cost iszero.  At the very least this diet is worth a read, and subscribing to Professor Jays mailinglist is well worth your time.  Its not coincidence that this diet has grown is popularity so fast.Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser: The biggest loser background Fitness guru,Jillian Michaels, known for her tough approach for losing weight on NBCs The Biggest Loser, haswritten a guide on how to drop those pesky last 10 or 15 pounds in 30 days. Making the Cut: The30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You sets itself apart from the myriad offitness and weight loss books at your local bookstore because Michaels program uses theprocess of oxidizing as a way to determine what kind of a metabolism your body has in order tolose weight effectively.Michaels takes you through the steps to determine what kind of an oxidizer you are: slow,balanced or fast. Your new body classification then dictates what you will eat supported by Jilliansown menus and recipes. She promises that you will feel comfortable in a bikini if you commit to herdisciplined fitness and diet regimen. As part of Making the Cut, you must take a body fatpercentage test and a "fit test" before starting the program as a measure to evaluate your pre andpost self.Michaels does not under estimate the power of the mind in the battle to lose weight. She includeshelpful tips and advice for how to improve self-esteem and confidence. The book is also full ofvarious exercises to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Michaels also unveils some well-kept celebrity diet secrets to get your body prepared before a big event.The diet is Inexpensive and personalized.  The program focuses on the mentalaspect of losing weight in addition to the exercise and nutrition components - Jillian Michaels is apopular weight loss coach with nearly 20 years experienceMichaels supplies a list of recipes and menus for each of the three oxidizer classifications. As partof your commitment to the Making the Cut program, you are supposed to adhere to her menu and
  4. 4. calorie plan. During Making the Cut, you will take a fit test which is outlined in thebook. The test establishes your level of fit-ness and you are then required to exercise about 5hours each week. Michaels provides you with various exercises to do. She also has her own lineof exercise DVDs that can be purchased at an additional cost over the book.The cost is $14.95 for the book. Many online booksellers sell new and used books fordiscounted prices.There is no refuting Michaels knowledge and training expertise when it comes to getting in shapeand losing weight. Her 30-day promise, like any similar promise is no guarantee but it packs athree-pronged approach of diet, exercise and mental awareness to help you to lose those lingeringpounds. The clinical science behind her oxidizer theory is scanty but her belief that the road toweight loss is a personal journey that begins with changes in behavior, lifestyle and self-motivationis an important component that many diet plans disregard.Weight Watchers: It has been more than 40 years since Weight Watchers came on thescene and started helping people live healthier lives. Weight Watchers helps members create afoundation to introduce healthier choices and physical activity into their lives.The original Weight Watchers plan invites members to weekly meetings where they hold groupsessions, helping dieters form a network of support with people sharing similar experiences. Uponarrival, each person checks their weight privately. Meetings are conducted by a trained MeetingLeader who motivates and offers the group support through information about nutrition and fitness.Members are also welcome to join the Weight Watchers community online.  From thecomfort of their homes, members can form virtual support groups, monitor progress and accesshundreds of approved recipes, like Blue Cheese Muffins, Sweet and Sour Pork, Grilled BeefFajitas and even delectable treats like Chocolate Mint Brownies. If its not convenient to preparethe approved meals at home, they offer a wide variety of frozen meals and point-complimentingmenu items at Applebees.Weight Watchers was made popular by a points system called Flex Plan. A point value is assignedto each food on the comprehensive list of more than 27,000 foods. The Flex Plan allows you to eatthe foods you like. Just stay within your daily points and you can still enjoy fried chicken and DietPepsi. It is an easy plan to follow, offers great flexibility and has proven successful for morethan 40 years. Read this full explanation of how Weight Watchers Points work, or use our freeWeight Watchers Points Calculator.Weight Watchers emphasizes eating more wholesome food through its Core Plan. Members dontcount points, just choose a balanced combination of whole grains, lean meats, fruits andvegetables, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy. Whether you choose the Flex Points or Core Plans, youcan find hundreds of delicious, satisfying and good-for-you Weight Watchers recipes right here atDiets In Review. Weight Watchers Online helps its members with 60 workoutdemonstrations. There are fitness recommendations for all skill levels. As little as $5 a weekwith their 3-month plan. Weight Watchers is a trusted diet company with 40+ yearsexperience - Programs to suit men, women and all adult ages - Flex Points or Core Plan programs- Choose one-on-one counseling or the online program for anonymity and convenience -Comprehensive Web site membership - Provides exercise guidance - Thousands of recipes and
  5. 5. meals to choose from - Partnership with Applebees to make dining out morehealthful. Counting points can be time-consuming - Web membership detracts from thetraditional social aspect of Weight Watchers meetingsWeight Watchers is a tried and true veteran of the weight loss industry. With a variety of methodsto choose from for both men and women, youre almost certain to find the right path for yourweight loss journey. Weight Watchers provides support from every aspect of weight loss- so yourenever left without information or support. Food is one of the primary concerns of any dieter andWeight Watchers goes above and beyond most other weight loss programs with thousands ofrecipes that anyone, dieting or not, will find tempting and delicious. If their style appeals to you, gofor it.Overall, all of these diets have proven to be very successful for many people, and have changedmany lives.  The key is finding the diet which works best for you.  Obesity increasesyour risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  Obesity is an epidemic.  We needmore diets like these to help people get their health back.Dr. Kimberly Lee has been studying and guiding on health, fitness, and diet for over 15 years. Sheworks as a nutrition expert consultant for several major companies.Article Source: ====For Part 2 of this article, videos and more information on latest diets and weight loss programs,please download a report @,%20weight_loss==== ====