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IN_Bal Bharati Public School_IX


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IN_Bal Bharati Public School_IX

  1. 1. “WE ARE THE WORLD”WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD” –Technology has taken giant strides in today‟sworld and the world has shrunk into one largevillage to be inhabited by children from allcountries. The spirit of internationalism hasseeped so deeply in our psyche that we nolonger regard ourselves as children of onecountry or one continent. We are all worldcitizens striving for one cause and one goal.Universal peace is one such initiative, wherewe all stand united. Surmounting the divisiveforces, crushing the ugly heads of the hydra ofhatred, children all over the world are takingbaby steps to spread their message of peace,universal love and brotherhood.
  2. 2. Games and sports are big levelers; theyhumanize us – they teach us the virtues ofaccepting defeat gracefully and victory in allhumility. They motivate us to give our bestevery time and all the time and yet accept thatwe may not be the best. They enable us toappreciate the limitations and strengths ofeach individual. New challenges are set, newlandmarks are established and new goals areachieved in our unrelenting quest to do „betterand better‟.
  3. 3. While the world‟s sporting talent converges atone point during the Olympics, it is our duty toensure its safety. In ancient Greece thewarring city states such as Athens and Spartaagreed to a month‟s truce to allow athletes tocompete in the Olympic Games. Since then atradition of invoking the „Olympic Truce‟ at thetime of games is being diligently followed. Itnot only ensures that all participating nationsproclaim truce 7 days before and after thegames, but also allows citizens, pilgrims andplayers to participate in or attend the games insafety.
  4. 4. Heartwarming experiences of watching the 2Koreas walking under one umbrella or nationsof the world answering the clarion call of theUNO to at least stop war for the period ofgames sends a very strong signal to the worldat large that war can be dispensed with andPEACE is possible. From war let us break loose From the necks of our heroes remove the noose Peace and harmony we induce And in the Olympics proclaim the „Truce‟. Thanks & Regards Students of IX Bal Bharati Public School Manesar,Gurgaon (India)