Best of CET Designer Awards - Best Success Story


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Best of CET Designer Awards - Best Success Story

  1. 1. 2012 Configura User Conference Best Success Story Submission
  2. 2. The ClientClient: Roadtown Wholesale Trading CompanyLocation: Tortola, British Virgin IslandsFirm Type: Food Importer
  3. 3. The ProjectType: Corporate HQ fit-outSize: 15,000 square feet
  4. 4. The Project Scope Workstations for 89 employees Private offices for 15 employees 617 lineal feet of moveable wall 13,056 square feet of raised access flooring Installation of underfloor HVAC Integration of plug-and-play modular electrical Installation of carpet tile throughout
  5. 5. Challenges Client 2,000 miles away from dealership Local code loosely follows British standards Decision making by “large” committee Scope included never before done approaches Needed an effective way to communicate as project developed via webinar vs. on site Needed a tool to help client visualize every detail When on site, we needed to make changes on time, department by department (12 of them)
  6. 6. What CET Designer Helped Us Do We won… against great odds. Competitor was a local island dealer located in the same parking lot as the client but our design process trumped all As seen in the following pages, we did multiple design charettes via webinar and save thousands of travel dollars Designer met on site with 12 department heads and made changes to each department and provided visualization and confirmation on the spot
  7. 7. Initial Planning Phase – Using AlternativesIn the beginning phases of the project, CETallowed the designer to quickly create options forworkstation design by utilizing the “alternative”feature. The designer was able to effectivelycommunicate in both 2D and 3D the optionsavailable to the client with out taking an intenseamount of time to do so.
  8. 8. Initial Planning Phase – 3D VisualizationWith the realistic capabilities of PhotoLab, the designer was able to make thespace look as close to real life aspossible by adding scenes, lighting, andmaterials. The rendering time is quickcompared to most 3D renderingsoftware which allowed the designer tocreate multiple renditions for clientselection.
  9. 9. Initial Planning Phase - SelectionsInstead of using catalogs and websitesto describe to our client what theirreception area would look like, thedesigner was able to utilize acombination of CET’s extensivefurniture library, Project Specextension, and SketchUp to effectivelyshow the client various option. Wewere able to get instant feedback onthe overall design by using suchvisually detailed renderings.
  10. 10. Overall Floor Plan – Partially FrozenBy utilizing the “freeze” tool, CET allowed the designer toisolate the various departments and make changes tothat specific area without disrupting the entire plan. Eachdepartment was able to focus on their workstationsonly, without being distracted by the other departmentlayouts.
  11. 11. Workstation Material SelectionCET provided the designer the ability to makequick material changes, thus enabling her toeffectively show a client what their decisions looklike immediately. This allowed our client to feelconfident in the selections they were making andmade our design development phase of theproject much more effective with the limitedamount of time (2 ½ days) we were able to spendonsite.
  12. 12. Design DevelopmentMuch of the space planning work was done prior to the designer’s arrival onsite. WithCET, the designer was able to make any of the changes quickly, which allowed for anaccelerated turn around time on this fast paced project. This allowed the designer to onlymake one site visit to finalize the layout of each department. Utilizing the split screencapability provided by CET, The client was able to watch their department evolve as thedesigner worked in the 2D view. All decisions were made more confidently, knowing theycould see exactly what they were getting, which cut down immensely on the “back andforth”, via emails, that can often happen in a project of this size with this large a distancebetween dealer and client.
  13. 13. Thank You We are proud user and supporter of CETDesigner and without you, this project could not have been WON !!
  14. 14. Next CET Designer User Conference?Anyone who wants to see the project is welcome…