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TED Talk Presentation

  1. 1. Jeff HancockThe Future of Lying
  2. 2. Jeff HancockJeff Hancock is a professor of CognitiveScience and Communications at CornellUniversity. His research is focused on verbalirony and deception.
  3. 3. The Future of Lying Hancock discusses that as technology increases; lying decreases. Emails are the most truthful medium of communication Phone calls are the most deceptive Jeff touches on lying in relation to Facebook, Online Dating, LinkedIn.
  4. 4. The Future of Lying cont.Although lying has been in practice sincethe dawn of Man. Lying and the way itspracticed is evolving with our technology.
  5. 5. The Future of Lying cont.Hancock also discusses the new types oflying that exist because of the internet. Forinstance people getting paid to falselyreview products or services
  6. 6. The Future of Lying cont.Or an author that creates a pseudonym togive his own books favorable reviews.
  7. 7. The Future of Lying cont.Or even simple lies that you text someone,for instance. You text someone that youhave work to do even though you don’t,just so you don’t have to communicate withthem. They have no way of verifying yourclaim since their not there in person, so youtend to tell these minimal lies more often.
  8. 8. Hancock and RobinsonBoth being experts in their respective fields,they have a full understanding of theirtopic, are comfortable talking about it andseem passionate about what their saying.
  9. 9. Hancock and RobinsonHancock is active when speaking, walkingacross the stage, gesturing with hishands, and keeps the audience engaged.Robinson also does this but in a moreappealing way. You can tell by Robinson’saudiences response that he has themcaptivated, where Hancock seems to havea harder time building the crowdsenthusiasm.
  10. 10. Hancock and RobinsonAlthough Robinson may be the betterspeaker, Hancock seems more likesomeone you could approach and have aconversation with.
  11. 11. The SpeechJeff Hancock kept his audiences attentionby making his subject matter relatable,using occasional humor and keeping ontopic.
  12. 12. Dynamism3/5Hancock is fairly energetic about histopic, but he does nothing to convey whywhat he’s presenting is important or why itaffects the individual.
  13. 13. AdviceJeff speaks fluently and clearly, doesn’t gotoo much into the details but also givesenough information to let you build anunderstanding of his topic.Following this model, I believe one can bean effective public speaker.
  14. 14. “What makes some of the best speeches orpresentations so memorable is not that theyare perfect or slick, or overly polished, butthat they are human. And to be human is tobe imperfect” -Garr Reynolds