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The VR Medium

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The VR Medium

  1. 1. The Virtual Reality Medium and Creations Jeff Shaw VR Developer - VRX Virtual Reality is a New Artistic Medium with Examples
  2. 2. Introduction  Jeff Shaw – VR Developer  VRX – Virtual Reality eXperiences (VR Studio)  30+ years experience in VR  Singer Link Flight Simulators  Intel VR Development  VR HMD and other Patents  Oculus Kickstarter  VRX started, full time VR  The Virtual Reality Cafe  Computer Graphics and 360 Video creations
  3. 3. A Brief History of VR  1792 – First Panoramic Painting- Edinboro  1838 – Stereoscopic Photos and Viewers  1929 – Flight Simulator (Edward Link – Singer Link)  1950’s - Sensorama  1965 – Ultimate Display (Ivan Sullivan)  1987 – “Virtual Reality” term Coined (Jarad Lanier VPL)  1991 – Virtual Group Arcade Machines  !992 – The Lawnmower Man Movie  1995 – Nintendo Virtual Boy  2012 – Oculus Rift Kickstarter  2015+ - HTC Vive, Playstation, +++  2020 – Alyx – Half-Life VR
  4. 4. Different Types of VR  Photographic 360 video – Photographic detail and realism, no interactivity or freedom of movement, quicker and easier to generate.  Computer Graphics – interaction and freedom of movement, CG graphics apparent not real. Interactive controllers.  *Lines blurring - Fusion of CG and Photographic – Green screen, Photogrammetry, LIDAR
  5. 5. Ways to See VR Today  Rotation - 3 degrees of freedom (DoF) means you can view any direction in an experience by rotating and turning your head. But you cannot move around in the experience by moving around in real life.  Rotation and Movement - 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) means you can view any direction AND you can move around in virtual reality space by moving around in real life. Platform Examples The Degrees of Freedom (DoF) of an object represent its ability to move around in a space. In total, 3D space has six degrees of freedom. Three of them represent rotational movement (yaw, pitch and roll) and the other three represent translational movement (elevate, straff, and surge).
  6. 6. Capabilities and Limitations  Capabilities - Audio Visual - Combines elements of audio and visual artistic expression like a fusion of painting, sculpting, photography, film making, music composition, Story Telling, +  Limitations – Other senses – Touch, Smell, Taste, Orientation/Velocity (the gap is slowly closing).  Small Audience/Market - A very small market right now, difficult to make money selling apps to end users and having wide visibility of work.
  7. 7. Challenges  Elements of composition (Visual direction, balance – many principles are based on a frame)  Telling a story in VR  Immature technology – Expensive, Bulky, Limitations (Sensory, Cost, Bulk, Audience Size)  Simulator sickness Complete EnvironmentUsers View
  8. 8. A documentary style VR experience about the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch Examples: The Eye of the Owl A mix of photographic and CG elements in 3D VR harmony. Combined fantastic fantasy locations, creatures, and choreographed dance and music. Fantasy Dance & Fashion Playing with ultra-realistic psychedelic liquids in zero gravity on the International Space Station Liquid Space
  9. 9. The Eye of the Owl A documentary style VR experience about the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch Examples:
  10. 10. Bosch VR Project Goals  To make a documentary style VR experience to accompany the Bosch documentary film.  To present the actual Bosch masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights in a realistic way without rendering or animating the painting content.  Integrate a soundscape into the painting  Provide expert narration  Provide a guided tour and free exploration functionality  Provide multiple languages  Distribute on multiple VR platforms
  11. 11. Making a VR Application - Development Tools & Methods  Bosch VR Tools/Methods  Agile development – frequent iterations  Game Engine - Unity 3D  Programming - C#, JavaScript  Audio Recording – Blue Yeti + Audacity  Graphics Rendering – 3D Max, Blender, Sketch up  3D Assets – Turbosquid, Unity Asset Store  3D/Binaural Audio Plugin – Two Big Ears, Unity 3D
  12. 12. The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch Exterior – Shutters Closed
  13. 13. Bosch VR Scenes  Owl Flight  Bosch’s Studio  St Jan’s Cathedral in Den Bosch  Art Historian Laboratory  Prado Museum  Interior of Tree Man
  14. 14. Owl flight The owl flight over the market square into Bosch’s studio
  15. 15. Research – Market Square Layout Satellite Image of Den Bosch VR Market Square Building Layout
  16. 16. Studio Interior The Garden of Earthly Delights has just been finished inside Bosch’s studio Available on Steam:
  17. 17. Studio Interior The Garden of Earthly Delights has just been finished inside Bosch’s studio (Gear VR Version) Video Prototype Example:
  18. 18. Research - Studio Setting Creating the painters workshop from the period
  19. 19. VR Magnifying Glass Use the magnifying glass to see minute details and brush strokes Select areas for magic carpet miniaturization exploration
  20. 20. Magic Carpet Shrinking Observer Shrink to a fraction of your normal size and perceive levels of detail like never before. See into the cracks in the painting and brush strokes. Stand with the characters in the individual scenes
  21. 21. Bosch Painting Soundscape Sounds are placed in 3D position on the painting.
  22. 22. Research – Bosch as the owl The many faces of the owl
  23. 23. Research - Butt Song A musical score is printed on a characters rear end and played in period instruments in the VR soundscape.
  24. 24. Research - Binaural Sound A binaural “microphone” exhibiting head blocking.
  25. 25. Controls – Navigating in the VR World The standard Samsung controller provides an automatic setup and usable interface to map your controls The Vive Controllers for interaction. Movement is natural with the Vive.
  26. 26. Video Clips of Demos Gear VR Prototype 360 Video from Vive Prototype
  27. 27. Using 2D Sprites and simplified animation. Flat and no character animation rigging. Bosch 500 - H Bosch VR App Similar Applications
  28. 28. Similar Applications Castle VRuin Photogrammetric reconstructions with a RC helicopter Walk around a ancient castle reconstructed in VR
  29. 29. VR application renders Van Gogh’s Painting to a 3D world we can explore ( Video Demo – The Night Cafe Similar Applications Van Gogh VR Application – The Night Cafe
  30. 30. Van Gogh VR Application – Reviews Disappointing negative criticism for this wonderful creation. Everyone has different views. Listen to those who don’t share your views.
  31. 31. A new musical instrument which creates synesthetic visuals as you create music The Sonotrope Examples:
  32. 32. An online platform where two participants use avatars of animal deities. An art installation by Artist Faysal Mroueh exhibited in Amsterdam Set Animal Examples:
  33. 33. Green Screen in 3D VR Mixing 3D 360 video with Computer Graphics for Victoria Vitalie Fashion SF
  34. 34. A mix of photographic and CG elements in 3D VR harmony. Combined fantastic fantasy locations, creatures, and choreographed dance and music. Examples: Fantasy Dance & Fashion
  35. 35. Interact with ultra-realistic liquids in zero gravity on the international space station. Liquid Space Examples:
  36. 36. Apollo 17 - Moonbuggy Examples: Other VR Projects this Year (Steam) Pumpkin Smasher VR Garage
  37. 37. Do your thing!  Follow your passion!