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Be cautious while walking on slippery floors


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Be cautious while walking on slippery floors

  1. 1. Be cautious while walking on slippery floors Protect your slippery floors by using anti slip floor coating
  2. 2. Protect your bathroom floors from becoming slippery Bathroom floors often turns slippery as they remain wet most of the time. Be aware of the phenyle or other chemicals which are used to wash floors. Try to keep your bathroom floors dry. Always use anti slip tile treatment to protect tiles from absorbing excess moisture.
  3. 3. Stairs should also be protected from becoming slippery Stairs are often neglected but they should never be, stairs are prone to become slippery during monsoon. Especially, some cleaning agents reacts with the stair cases and turns them really slippery. Such slippery issues may create really fatal accidents. Prevention is better than cure, so it’s quite necessary to take accurate steps to protect with from becoming risk prone. Now a days, a special kind of protective carpets are available which are quite smooth to walk on. Such carpets are usually termed as safety stair treads which are made in such a way that stairs will never get in direct contact with harmful chemicals .
  4. 4. Floors of Swimming Pools often becomes slippery Actually problem lies in the bottom of swimming pools, normally due to algae, floors of swimming pools becomes slippery . Best remedial measure is to give the pool a good shock which will not only clear the cloudy water it will also prevent the growth of algae. Especially during rainy seasons, it’s good to apply the shock after the sun goes down otherwise sun will just eat up the shock. If that also do not works, then the filter needs to be checked , it may need a good cleaning. Slippery swimming pools are really unsafe for swimming.
  5. 5. Ultimate solutions for all slipperyfloorsContact us 1-888-517-8899 (toll free)/1-(204)-944-2982 (telephone) for any doubts regarding slippery floors. Send us an e-mail regarding your problems and we will provide you the accurate solution as early as possible. Our Address:- 800 - 12550 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami, FL USA 33181 19096 - 115 Street North Gimli, Manitoba Canada R0C 1B0Our services are just a call or mail away