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Fb daily news wednesday 25 april 2012- v1.00 vs 250412


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TCL software testing daily news

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Fb daily news wednesday 25 april 2012- v1.00 vs 250412

  1. 1. Daily News W e d n e s d a y, 2 5 t h A p r i l 2 0 1 2 Tech NewsApple Profit Rises 94% on Grow- IBM Boosts Stock Buyback by AT&T Profit Beats Estimates oning Global IPhone Demand $7 Billion, Raises Dividend Wireless BoostApple Inc. (AAPL) profit almost dou- International Business Machines AT&T Inc., the largest U.S. phonebled last quarter, reflecting robust Corp. (IBM), the world’s biggest company, posted first-quarter earn-demand for the iPhone in China and computer-services provider, ings that beat analysts’ estimatespurchases of a new version of the boosted its stock-buyback plan by after wireless subscribers spent more Google Drive Goes for a SpiniPad, allaying the growth concerns $7 billion and raised its dividend to on browsing the Web, downloading [HANDS-ON]that sliced shares 12 percent in two return cash to shareholders as earn- video and sending e-mail. How to Spot the Futureweeks. ings increase. Facebook deals may add a weekGroupon Is Said to Seek New Hewlett-Packard Appoints John to IPO timing Oracle confronts Googles Schmidt about JavaDirectors After Restatement Schultz as General Counsel Facebook recently agreed to buy Google to Sell Android PhonesGroupon Inc. (GRPN) is seeking to Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) said it photo-sharing start-up Instagram for Online Again After Flophire at least two new directors to its promoted John Schultz to executive about $1 billion and on Monday the Hey, Tim Cook: Rememberboard as it attempts to regain inves- vice president and general counsel, company said it would pay $550 mil- When People Said The iPhonetor confidence following a restate- permanently filling a job vacated lion for hundreds of patents from Would Fail Because It Did Too Many Things?ment of revenue last month, two when the company’s top lawyer Microsoft Corp. The deals camepeople familiar with the matter said. weeks before Facebook was ex- What to Do When Your Web- stepped down in December. site Is Hacked pected to enter the final stages of... Testing News U.S. eyes broader cyber-threat pact with companies Testuff Software Management Suite Selected to Replace IBMs Solution on Colleges Veracode Study of Software Related Cybersecurity Risks in Public Companies Finds that Majority of Applications Are a Risk Satyam, TechMa in pact with CA Tech Bourses give go-ahead to Satyam-TechM merger Testing Blogs Blog Name: QA Hates You Blog Author: Brian J. Noggle Sample post: Important Lessons from the Titanic Blog url: I realize I’m a little late to the annual celebration of a maritime disaster, but back when it was timely last week, Popular Mechanics did a piece called Why We’re Still Learning the Lessons of Titanic about how even the most up-to-date engi- neering can fail catastrophically. A taste: In one respect, little has changed. As the recent loss of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia demonstrates, bad decision making can overcome even robust engineering. Virtually all man-made disasters—including the Three Mile Island nuclear acci- dent, the space shuttle Challenger explosion, and the BP oil spill—can be traced to the same human failings that doomed Ti- tanic. After 100 years, we must still remember—and, too often, relearn—the grim lessons of that night. No disaster is a single event. Complex systems rarely fail without warning. Instead, accidents are the product of decisions made over hours, days, and sometimes years. Those choices are shaped both by the culture of the organization—whether it’s NASA or the White Star Line, which owned Titanic—and by outside pressures. When you’re mapping out, building, and testing applications, remember the human failure element. Remember the peril of the badmins. And when you’re doing your risk analysis about whether critical-but-unlikely bugs need to be fixed or what extreme conditions you should test for, you and everyone else needs to remember that unlikely is not impossible, but catastrophic is always catastrophic. Testing video: Crowd Source Testing, Mozilla Community Style Editor’s Pick: Coming Soon: Planet Earth, Live-Streamed from Space [VIDEO] Condensed Wisdom: Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods ~ C.S. Lewis